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Default Louise Harrison and special friend meet Paul and Heather

This story was on Abbeyrd's Beatle Page and I thought it was a great read. Here is the story and the link to see the picture is at the bottom:

The Flashback Weekend concerts that ran this past April 5-7th brought together a nostalgic gathering of Beatle fans with American English. Nostalgia also played a major part in the joining of another great success story in the life of American English, as a significant "Beatle" bond was made between Martin Scott and Louise Harrison.

Following the performance at the Pickwick Theatre, Louise told Marty she was moved to tears by his performance, and when she heard him sing, she felt that George was with her again. Throughout the weekend, they spent hours and hours together in conversation into the wee small hours of the morning. "It was very surreal, and we got along so well, she really is the sweetest woman in the world."

After the weekend ended, Marty invited Louise to stay at his home for the next four days to accommodate her, as she would be attending the Paul McCartney concert in Chicago. "It was great, we stayed up every night and talked and bonded as she reminisced about her life and childhood with George. She even shared some rare tapes of George's participation in her radio days from the sixties. We sang together, laughed a lot and really had a great time together. She definitely has one of those unique Liverpudlian sense of humors."

The kinship and exchange of respect was kindled between Louise and Marty, and evolved into a dream come true as Marty was given a personal invitation by Louise to accompany her in a private meeting with Sir Paul McCartney himself!

On Wednesday, prior to the concert, Marty and Louise dined privately at Rosebud in Chicago. TV stations ABC and WGN caught up with them and were amused by the pseudo kinship the two had formed. At the United Center, about an hour before the concert, Marty and Louise were escorted back stage to meet Paul. Waiting in his private dressing room, the door opened and there stood Sir Paul. "I got the very best introduction I could have ever imagined getting. Louise told Paul that I played George in American English, the very best tribute band in the world, and that we've become the dearest of friends. She even told him that she's since adopted me as her baby brother. It was a bit embarrassing actually." Paul had already been aware of the band through Sam Leach's charity re-creation of "Rockestra" at the House of Blues with former Wings members.

Marty was awestruck by Louise's introduction, and was further amazed when Paul suggested they all sit down and chat. "How bizarre it all was. At first Paul and Louise were talking about the last time they both saw George the week that he passed. It was very sad. Then, the conversation just opened up to everything. We talked a bit about The Beatles, Paul's tour, American English, children, his latest projects and all kinds of stuff. It was amazing how real and down to earth Paul was. At one point, Paul got on the subject of kids and how the Beatles One CD has created a whole new generation of Beatle fans. I told him that it has made an incredible difference at American English shows too, as far as the amount of children in the audience. Now, all the kids seem to know every detail about the Beatles. I told him a story of a recent show where I walked out in my Pepper suit, and a seven-year-old girl yelled out "Hey, where's your mustache?" Paul had a good laugh about it."

"It was really great, his road manager would come in about every five minutes and tell Paul he had to wrap it up and Paul would just say it was ok and would send him away. He did this about three times and I am sure it was out of respect to Louise. Another time, Paul got on the subject of how he keeps forgetting the lyrics to his songs because he hadn't sang some of them since he recorded them so long ago. I told him that he should do what we do and just look out at the crowd and read their lips, because THEY ALL know the words! He seemed to be amused by that."

When Heather entered the room, Paul made Heather guess who Louise was, and asked her who she looked like. This is exactly how Paul introduced Linda to Louise, many years ago. Only Linda had gotten it right years ago, but Heather being a bit younger, needed a little help from her fiancÚ. After Paul whispered in her ear, Heather said, "You must be a Harrison."

After photos were taken, Marty humbly asked for an autograph, and as Paul was signing he said, "Marty with a Y, right, like Marty Robbins?" and proceeded to sing the Marty Robbins hit "El Paso." "I know that song so well because it's my dad's favorite song, so I joined in with him and sang harmony in the chorus. I didn't realize how cool that was until I was walking out because I had to be held up by Louise, realizing that I just sang with Paul McCartney! About a week has gone by now and I'm still walking on "Cloud Nine."


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Default Re: Louise Harrison and special friend meet Paul and Heather

I've seen various reports on this, I think BBC also had it and even some newspapers.

Thanks Shygirl and I love your signature, hope you don't mind me taking that too.

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Default Re: Louise Harrison and special friend meet Paul and Heather

Very cool story, ShyGirl, thanks for posting! I've met Louise, she's very nice...and I think it was great that she invited Marty to meet Paul with her!

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Default Re: Louise Harrison and special friend meet Paul and Heather

Marty's a good friend of mine, actually. He's a great guy and was genuinely in awe after meeting Paul. I talked to him two days later and he was still flying around in the clouds somewhere. His first words to me were "Do you hate me?"

I guess he didn't really want Louise to tell Paul what exactly he did for a living, but oh well....

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Default Re: Louise Harrison and special friend meet Paul and Heather

Great story, shyGirl! Thanks for posting it!


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Default Re: Louise Harrison and special friend meet Paul and Heather

Yeah, thanks!

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Default Re: Louise Harrison and special friend meet Paul and Heather

Thanks ShyGirl!

Nice story! Paul & Louise are both great people to meet! I'm glad Marty got to have the experience of meeting them!


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