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Old Sep 01, 2011, 01:48 PM   #1
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Default Ukuleles

So I'm thinking of buying a ukulele. My acoustic duo is doing a couple of uke songs and I hate being "the chick singer", so I want to learn to play uke too. Anybody play? What do you have? What size do you recommend? And will I have any trouble switching the strings over so I can play lefty?

Right now I'm leaning towards an acoustic only one from Musician's Friend that runs $'s got good reviews and it's "concert" size (bigger than a soprano, smaller than a tenor or baritone)...most of the cheaper ones get lousy reviews, don't hold a tune to save their lives.

My boyfriend really wants an acoustic/electric uke after playing one last night at a music school...anybody know anything about those? He's got a soprano acoustic, but it's so tiny that his rather large fingers have a tough time with it, so he wants maybe a tenor.

Any info you can give will be appreciated.
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Old Sep 04, 2011, 06:05 AM   #2
El Gos Coix
Wild Honey Pie
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I cannot be of much help here, I'm afraid. All I can tell you is I don't think you'll have any problem switching strings, at least on a soprano ukelele (it's the one I have). In fact, you won't even have to switch them, since they are all the same, with the same gauge, so all you'll have to do is re-tune each string to the note you want. My ukelele was the cheapest one (30 euro), and the strings are common fishing line, as I said, of a fixed gauge, but maybe more expensive, better models are otherwise, I don't know.

I didn't consider buying other sizes, because I wanted the most standard model to begin with, and although at the beginning it seemed as if there wasn't enough space for the fingers, after a while I got used to it. After all, I think strings are more wide apart than in a guitar (or maybe not, I don't have a good visual memory).

I cannot speak badly of my uke, in spite of its cheapness. Perhaps it's because I've never played a better one, and I cannot really compare. When I bought it, I was horrified, because it couldn't stay in tune for a whole song. But then I tightened the screws that hold the tuning pegs, and now it's never out of tune.
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Old Sep 04, 2011, 02:50 PM   #3
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I have one and taught myself to play. Easy as!!! GET ONE RELL! So much fun. You can take them anywhere!! I can't really advise on the best one to get to use on a professional level because mine is just a little cheap Maholo one - good quality mind you! Come to think of it, you will have met kitty the uke in person a couple of years back! She's dark purple and extra special since she's been signed by Sean Lennon and Jack Black.

I don't know anything much about the acoustic/electric....just that one of my fave shops on Denmark Street has one and I want it....a little Les Paul style one.
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Old Sep 05, 2011, 07:16 PM   #4
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Join Date: Nov 15, 2000
Location: Chicago, IL USA
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Thanks you guys. I'm probably buying one next week! Will let you know how I like it. And Lucy, I saw that little Les Paul style's so cute and it got really good reviews on-line regarding its sound quality. It's about $100, but I really wanted a traditional looking one.
I go back so far, I'm in front of me...
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