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Default Bangkok Beatles Fest 2005

Bangkok Beatles Fest 2005

Come together

Beatles cover bands get set to bring the Fab Four to Bangkok

Now that the only remaining Beatles are Paul McCartney and - sadly - Ringo Starr, cover bands are the only way for diehard fans to get their live fix of the Fab Four.

But even fans who haven't spent hours playing records backwards or scrutinising album covers trying to figure out if Paul is dead should enjoy the upcoming "Bangkok Beatles Fest 2005". The three-day concert gets underway October 28 and runs until the 30th at Seacon Square on Sri Nakarin Road.

Bangkok's first Beatles festival will feature performances by the most popular Beatles cover bands in the country - The Betters, The Lennonwise, The Isn't and The Duo. There will also be a special show by a newly minted Brit-Thai hybrid aptly named the Britthai Beatles. The event also features a Beatles seminar and a display of Beatles memorabilia

For those living under a rock for the past 40-odd years, The Beatles were a rock group from Liverpool, and are generally considered to be the best such group of all time. From their early pop anthems like She Loves You and their infamous appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show to their darker, more mature work on albums like The White Album and Let It Be, the band shattered sales records and had more than 50 top 40 hits.

The Betters

Perhaps Bangkok's only Beatles cover act, The Betters were formed in December 1999, although the only remaining original member is Aisoon Thivavarnvong.

Initially, Aisoon was The Betters' answer to John Lennon. His voice was widely considered to be the closest to Lennon's and he was happy to play the role. But in the latest incarnation of the band, the parts of John, Paul and George are shared among the band members, although they do have their preferences.

Today, The Betters features four talented musicians: Aisoon (guitar and lead vocals), Odd Pharoe (guitar and lead vocals), Penn Priyachet (bass) and Hasanai Lertmahakiat (drums and support vocals).

Guitarist Odd Pharoe of The Betters band.

Robert Simpson (left) from the London Beatles tribute band Imagine the Beatles will perform alongside Thai musicians from The Betters.

Aisoon Thivavarnvong covers John Lennon in three bands.

The Lennonwise

After the success of The Betters, a plan was hatched to commemorate John Lennon's stellar work as a solo artist. But after a close listening to the Legend album, Aisoon didn't know if he could pull off the tough vocals Lennon recorded in his post-Beatles career. After some hard work, Aisoon decided it could be done and began rehearsals with The Lennonwise in October 2004.

The Duo

Formed in 2000, The Duo features Krongthong Tassanapunt and Sopon Juntaramittrees. Krongthong was a well-known singer in the '70s and is the daughter of the famous Thai music composer, Somyod Tasanapunt.

Sopon Juntaramittrees is a guitarist with a Bachelor's degree in music from Chulalongkorn University, and has been a professional musician since he left school. He majored in blues guitar and, naturally, also has his own Clapton tribute band.

The Duo will cover the Beatles unplugged for fans looking for a laid back afternoon.

The Britthai Beatles

Headliners The Britthai Beatles will feature guest singer Robert Simpson from the London Beatles tribute band Imagine the Beatles as Paul McCartney. Simpson will perform alongside Thai musicians from The Betters - Aisoon as John Lennon, Pharoe as George Harrison, and Danai as Ringo Starr.

Robert can sing in all the same keys as Paul's songs, which tends to be the toughest task for a cover singer. Also, his voice and diction are so incredibly close to Paul's that you can almost feel his Beatles spirit.

Because The Betters are best known for their John Lennon, it will be interesting to see how they balance the performance to achieve the perfect mix of Lennon and McCartney.

The Britthai Beatles - put together especially for this event - may embody the perfect combination of East and West and will undoubtedly put on one of the best performances of the festival. RT

The "Bangkok Beatles Fest 2005" will take place at Seacon Square, ground floor, on October 28-30 from noon-6:30pm. The concerts and other events are open to the public free of charge, though seating for the shows is limited. For free tickets, call 02-719-0077/9, fax 02-300-4395 or visit
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Wow... I didn't know that they had one there! That's awesome! Thanks for posting about that! It's so great to see that the Beatles music really is loved all over the world. Dang... I'd go if I could... ah well... we'll have our fair soon enough out here in San Diego (hopefully it will happen again next year, since we didn't get one this year...!)

Anyway... thanks so much for sharing about that! I really enjoyed reading up on it, and seeing what they had planned as part of their celebration of our boys over there!
Peace, Love, and Beatles!
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