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Default Yoko Chat Transcript

Portsmouth, Va.: What do you consider your biggest achievement?

Yoko Ono: It's yet to come.


St. Simons Island, Ga: What do you want John Lennon's legacy to be?

Yoko Ono: A person who worked for the betterment of society through his music.


Seattle WA: When oh When are you going to release you and John's art films from the 60's? Also, how about an anthology on dvd of your music and art?? I would love to own it!!

Yoko Ono: It's very sweet of you to think about it. Maybe one day, but I'm too busy to get around to that.


Seattle WA: I always enjoyed your art (especially the piece where you had the audience cut pieces of your clothes off). Are you still actively invovled in the art world?

Yoko Ono: I'm not performing that piece at this point in my life? I'm very active in my work in the art field as well.


Downey, CA: What music do you listen to these days (do you like bands like Radiohead, who are so obviously influenced by John and the Beatles? How about Aphex Twin and other noise enthusiasts?)

Yoko Ono: Hedwig and the Angry Inch is very good, and also Eminem, and my son's songs.


tulsa,ok: How does it feel to be back on the charts? Do you think it took this long to understand, and appreciate your music? Who are some of your favorite mainstream young artist? What do you think of Rap?

Yoko Ono: I'm very happy that it's on the charts, naturally. I'm pinching myself. It's a miracle.


Houston, Texas: Dear Yoko - First of all, thank you for protecting John's interests, especially in the disagreement of 'who comes first' in the composer credits of Beatles songs. The Beatles are very important to millions of people and I think that any re-writing of their history is wrong, even by those who are part of the history. I've read that when you first met John, you didn't know who he or the Beatles were. If that's true, can you tell us when it dawned on you just how big a celebrity John was and what your feelings were?

Yoko Ono: Being in London, I immediately realized afterwards that he was a big star.


New York, NY: I'm a huge fan of your gallery shows. are you currently working on any of the new 'instructional' art pieces that you made famous a few decades ago? where do you find your inspiration from now? and do you think you'll ever work on any interactive music/art pieces with your son sean lennon?

Yoko Ono: I am still doing a lot of artworks; for instance this year I have a museum show in four countries. I'm doing new works also. I'm very comfortable with having a good relationship with my son in the creative field.


stoughton mass.: what was your most un-forgetable moment, as a artist

Yoko Ono: There are so many I don't know which to pick! Each time I get an inspiration and am able to realize a work, it's an unforgettable moment.


Stuart, Florida: Yoko: I visited your exhibition in North Miami recently and after all these years, I finally understood where you are coming from. I was also overwhelmed by your use of white...and wonder what it would be like if you were let lose with an array of colors. Please do it.... Robert

Yoko Ono: I haven't yet!


Pittsburgh, PA: Yoko -- I am so happy that your music is finally being accepted. It is long overdue. Any new music projects on the horizon (not remixes)? By the way, I'd love to hear a remix of "Mind Train" (although in its 16 minute version, it is almost a remix anyway)!

Yoko Ono: I'm trying to finish my next album, which probably won't be finished until early next year because of all the activities I'm participating in. But it'll come.


Melbourne, FL: Wasn`t Walking on Thin Ice the song John was working on the night he was murdered?

Yoko Ono: Yes. John and I were working on the production of the song the night he passed away.


Deering, NH: Do you seek a spiritual life, and if so how do you express that in your art and life?

Yoko Ono: I think all our lives are spiritual, actually, and a manifestation of our spirituality.


Chandler, Arizona: How is Sean and what is he up to these days? Rainbows to you and Sean.

Yoko Ono: He's busy making his next record.


Greensboro, NC: Do you still play chess everyday?

Yoko Ono: Not every day anymore, because I'm so busy now!


Williamsport, PA: I agree with your outrage at Paul McCartney's decision to reverse the order of the Lennon-McCartney songwriting credits, and I admire your overall efforts to safeguard your late husband's legacy. You are doing what any loving wife would do, but because of who your husband was, your deeds have always come under intense scrutiny. How do you deal with a public that has often been less-than-sympathetic towards your actions?

Yoko Ono: Well, I just have to deal with it, and hope that I'll survive.


Winston-Salem, NC: Will your recorded work with Paul McCartney ever be released?

Yoko Ono: That was just for the Hiroshima anniversary, and it will stay as such at this point.


Stephenville, Texas: What is the future of peace?

Yoko Ono: I think we're getting there, it's just that there are some moments we think we're not.It's like dialogue, and through the dialogue we'll get there.


Atlanta, GA: Given all you've done/been in your life, what will you want to be rembered for? What would you want the highlights of your obit to be?

Yoko Ono: I don't feel that I've done all that I can do, so I don't know if I want to be remembered for anything at this point. I hope I'm remembered kindly.


Seattle WA: I really wish you would tour again - when are you coming to Seattle?

Yoko Ono: Yes, I'm planning to tour next year when I finish my next record.
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Default Re: Yoko Chat Transcript

Thanks for posting this, shyGirl!
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L'Angelo Misterioso
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Default Re: Yoko Chat Transcript

Thanks shyGirl! [img]graemlins/thumbsup2.gif[/img]
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Default Re: Yoko Chat Transcript

Originally Posted By shyGirl:
What would you want the highlights of your obit to be?
<font size="2" face="Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif">LOL...way to make a person who's 70 start to wonder about those things.

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