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Old Jul 13, 2003, 01:23 AM   #1
Dr. Robert
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Default BBR: "Down In Havana"

OK, heres this weeks Beatles Bootleg Review, of..
The Beatles: "Down In Havana"- Secret Tracks 2001
Track Listing:
Down In Havana 0'47''
Step Inside Love 1'31''
Los Paranoias 3'49''
The Way You Look Tonight 1'15''
Jamming (White Album Noise) 1'14''
Can You Take Me Back 1'09''
I Will (Take 1) 1'53''
I Will (Excerpt) 0'06''
I Will (Take 68) 1'46''
Hey Jude (Take 1) 6'16''
Hey Jude (Take 2) 4'23''
Hey Jude (Take 7) 0'27''
Hey Jude (Sessions) 0'16''
Hey Jude (Take 8) 1'25''
Hey Jude (Take 9) 5'55''
Hey Jude (Take 10) 5'03''
Hey Jude (Excerpt) 0'18''
Hey Jude (Sessions) 1'08''
Hey Jude (Sessions) 0'15''
Hey Jude (U.K. Promo) 7'03''
Hey Jude (U.S. Promo) 7'10''
Hey Jude (RM '95) 7'00''
I decided to take a look at this contoversial boot instead of "The White Album Sessions", since for one, theres that controversy, and second, many of the tracks on "Sessions" plainly come from here. Several of these songs find their first release here, particularly noteworthy is "Jamming", or "White (Album) Noise Jam" as I titled it. Some feel this is not the Beatles, but I beleieve it is, and possibly from either the sessions for "Helter Skelter" or "Yer Blues". The bulk of the first part of the CD is the recording of "I Will" with John, Paul and Ringo. Odd jams ensued quite often for some reason, including "Down in Havana" and "Los Paranioas", less true songs than goofball jams. What was tolerable on "Anthology 3" with "Los.." is unlistenable on the full recording. Its Paul pretending to be a trumpet.
"Can You Take Me Back" is indeed that mystery track before "Revolution 9", but this is more of it, but strangely not including the bit on the white album. I'd think that was cut out of the recording reel instead of copied. "I Will" itself doesnt really change much from the first take to the last.
The rest of the CD is devoted to the "Hey Jude" rehersals. The band went thru the song many times at Abbey Road before moving to Trident for proper recording. Several tracks here feature copious surface noise, which is a problem when things get quiet. Theres a lot of funny discussions, like when Ringo complains his pants are getting in the way. John tells him to "take 'em off!". Theres also a montage of Hey Jude breakdowns, which feature bits of "Las Vegas Jude" ( which sounds just like that) and "I Hate To See The Evening Sun Go Down", apparently a fave of Pauls. Also lots of aimless tuning from John which prompts Paul to let him know "OK lads,we're on!". Very funny, someone stuck an old quote of Georges in here: "and two crates if you do Twist and Shout!"(?!?). Some of the versions of "Jude" are pretty good, and dont differ all that much from the single; Paul just has a hard time finding the correct phrasing of certain lines. And even he poops out during one of the long 'na na na na"s, passing it over to John! (Whether Lennon enjoyed this is hard to tell, his pronouncement at the end of the track: 'Boogie woogie, boogie wooogie!!')
The disc winds up with 3 different mixes of the "Hey Jude" promo film,some featuring more heard from the singles vocal track. Either way, its nice to hear The Beatles basically do a live version (or versions actually) of the song.
SUMMARY/RATING: 2 1/2 stars. Not one for everybody. Kind of a haphazard release actually, I mean, who said "Lets have a disc of a lot of Hey Jude and I Will"? Yes, Paul would love it, you may not. Again, the sound quality varies, but not overwhelmingly. Its actually kinda nice to hear surface noise on a CD! "Down in Havana" is OK, but certainly not reccomended. You'd do better with "The White Album Sessions", and by the way....
I know, I did it again!! Saying I'd do one and not. Partially the reason why is I found out the "Sessions" is a 4 disc set, and mine is apparently a sampler. But if you still wanna hear about it, tell me.
I'll be away from the net during the week for some time, only here weekends, so if you wanna let me know something, expect a wait till Friday nights. OK, Legs, lets go.. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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Old Jul 13, 2003, 06:29 AM   #2
Sun King
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Default Re: BBR: "Down In Havana"

Looks like a good compilation, at least it is nice to have all the Hey Jude versions together, I am always searching for a version, "oh that one is over there, and oh that bit I have on that bootleg and yet another bit on another one". Yes not for everyone, I have a similar disc where apparantly someone said right lets make a bootleg with lots of different versions of Blackbird!
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Old Jul 13, 2003, 04:39 PM   #3
Old Brown Shoe
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Default Re: BBR: "Down In Havana"

[img]graemlins/thinker.gif[/img] That's strange...I thought Take 7 of "Hey Jude" was longer - about 5 minutes or so. I've got a complete take of "Hey Jude" where John shouts "YES!" after the first verse, and there's a lot of goofing around during the "na na na" part. ("Goo goo g'Jude!) [img]graemlins/teeth1.gif[/img]

I had thought that was Take 7, but maybe I'm mistaken? Is that take on this album (maybe it's really Take 9)? [img]graemlins/help.gif[/img]
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Old Jul 13, 2003, 04:43 PM   #4
Dr. Robert
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Join Date: Sep 25, 2000
Location: Tulsa, OK USA
Posts: 1,359
Default Re: BBR: "Down In Havana"

I dont have it with me right now, but it seems like they scrwed up take numbers on here with 8 and 9, which I think are the same takes, just seperated for some reason. Shoulda mentioned that!Yes, the googoogajude was funny!
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