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Default Heather Mills McCartney speaks of overcoming obstacles

April 21, 2005 -- The News Journal (Delaware)

Heather Mills McCartney speaks of overcoming obstacles

The rumors had swirled for weeks. Paul McCartney might pop into the DuPont Theatre in Wilmington on Wednesday to visit his wife, Heather Mills McCartney, who was in town as a speaker in the Smart Talk Women's Lecture series.

While the Beatle did not make an appearance, many in the audience showed they were not let down. They laughed at his wife's self-deprecating humor and applauded her message of perseverance.

Curiously, she spoke of the rumors of her husband's appearance soon after taking the stage. She talked about misconceptions of how the public should act around Paul.

Mills McCartney, 37, said that someone told her: " 'We've been told not to look into your husband's eyes. We must hold our heads down as we walk by."

"It's funny to see how these things get started," she said.

Long before she met Paul, Mills McCartney was an up-and-coming model. She was making quite a success of it when in 1993 she was struck by a police motorcycle and lost her left leg below the knee. She kept a positive attitude and soon resumed her career. She also became an advocate for amputees, delivering prosthetic limbs to war-torn countries, which earned her a Nobel Peace Prize nomination.

She showed off her prosthetic leg on stage, turning her ankle this way and that and waving her hands downward as a model would do to show how real the limb looks.

"We created this leg, which you have to admit looks pretty fantastic," she said.

She spoke of two incidents when her prosthetic leg came off unexpectedly.

The first time was five months after leaving the hospital while on a skiing trip, of all things. While sitting in the ski lift, the leg slipped off and went dropping far down to the snow below.

"This German guy is freaking out," she said. "And I said, 'No, no, no, don't look. There's no blood.' "

The second time, she was in a posh restaurant on a hot day when the leg went flying off while she was walking. The elastic of her stocking caught the leg and it came back like a yo-yo on a string. It was such a hoity-toity restaurant that no one even stopped eating. They acted as if something like that happens all the time, she said.

Mills McCartney is perhaps most identified as a patron of Adopt-a-Minefield. She has worked for years to raise funds and awareness to ban land mines. She screened a video about land mines near the end of her talk that depicted some of the worldwide devastation and reported that 28,000 people are killed every year by land mines - a third of them children.

Linda Lee Fuski, of Claymont, said she was anticipating hearing Mills McCartney because she admires how she overcame adversity.

"So many of us give up after something bad happens and they have a hard time with life," she said. "You just have to persevere. You can't give up, and you will be a happier person."

Lisa Brand, of Delaware City, and her mom, Helen Reagan, of New Castle, came to see Mills McCartney because they are big Beatles fans. They both said it would be nice if Paul dropped in.

"That would be great," Brand said. "But I don't think he'll do it, though. He's the kind of person that, if it's her night to shine, he's not going to take it away from her."

Both are looking forward to seeing Paul McCartney when he visits Philadelphia Sept. 22 on his recently announced U.S. tour.

Paul first met Heather Mills at a charity function in 1999, a little more than a year after his longtime wife and Wings musical collaborator, Linda, succumbed to cancer. The musician and model/activist were married in 2002 and have a 1-year-old daughter, Beatrice Milly McCartney.
"But the day will come, Jenny Wren will sing
When this broken world, mends its foolish ways" ~ Paul McCartney, 2005 ~
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Originally Posted by Cecilia
'We've been told not to look into your husband's eyes. We must hold our heads down as we walk by."
BWAH! That cracks me up. Not that Paul doesn't have an ego, but come on, let's stay in the realm of reality here. I've looked him in the eyes and lovely eyes they are at that.
I go back so far, I'm in front of me...
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Old Apr 21, 2005, 10:03 AM   #3
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This German guy is freaking out," she said. "And I said, 'No, no, no, don't look. There's no blood.' "
Whom does she mean with it??
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Old Apr 21, 2005, 10:10 AM   #4
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I've heard her tell the story of the German guy on the ski lift on TV, I think she told it either to Oprah or Larry King a long time ago. It was pretty funny, too, I have to say! I was hysterical, I was laughing so hard! (The story's funny, but I have to say that as I recall it, her delivery was also pretty funny!)

The story is, to clarify, that she was riding on a ski lift someplace in Europe not too long after she first had a prosthesis. She does ski and run and all that with a prosthetic, I think she even has a special one for skiing. Anyway, for some reason, whatever it is that holds the prosthesis to her leg came loose, and the leg came off as the ski lift was going up, tumbling down the mountain. She happened to be sitting next to a German guy on the ski lift, and he freaked out, started yelling at her in German about her leg, completely falling apart, and it was all she could do to calm him down and make him see that it wasn't her REAL leg and that she was okay. He wasn't anyone special, just some other person who was there to ski who happened to be German.

The story is a LOT funnier when Heather tells it, trust me.
"And this I believe: that the free, exploring mind of the individual human is the most valuable thing in all the world. And this I would fight for: the freedom of the mind to take any direction it wishes, undirected. And this I must fight against: any idea, religion, or government which limits or destroys the individual." - John Steinbeck

"When we blindly adopt a religion, a political system, a literary dogma, we become automatons. We cease to grow." - Anais Nin

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next Month come she to germany
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I'm sorry, is it me or is that a god awful picture of Heather? They could've at least used one in which she didn't look like she's impersonating a pirate!
For tomorrow may rain, so I'll follow the sun
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Actually Heather was here in town tonight, wonder if there will be a write up in the paper tomorrow?
"the love you take, is equal to the love you make"

~ Nancy ~

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