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Old Mar 11, 2002, 12:22 PM   #1
Rocky Raccoon
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Default Round Robin, Beatles Style. Jump in!

For reference, 'round robin' is where people get together and one of them starts a story, then they leave it off at a cliff hanger. Then someone else starts in and so on and so on. Here's one about The Fab-Four I started writing... Jump in with your own style at the end!! Any type of rating or content. Let's jus' keep it under NC-17. Shoot for R at the highest.

Beatles at the Fair.

John sighed and pulled his hat low down over his face. "Ringo, buddy? Are you sure this is the right place???" he asked the shorter man beside him.
Ringo scrunched up his face and took a long look around him. "Ooops."
John rolled his eyes. "What do you mean, 'ooops'?"
"Me thinks Ringo's done an' got us lost." George stated from behind them.
"Good job." Paul commented. "I told you, I should have led the way!"
"George nearly burst out laughing. "You, Macca? You lead us?! If I can recall, YOU are the one who got us lost in New York City, last time."
Paul narrowed his eyes at George. "That's not fair. I was drunk. That doesn't count!"
"Seems as though it does, Paulie." John stated. "Ring, where exactly are we goin'??"
Ringo shrugged, "I thought this was where the White House was!" The four young men took a look around them.
"Nope, nothing but trees and streets named after the ones that were cut down." John said.
"Hey, you guys! Look over there!" George pointed toward a strand of trees that lined the sidewalk. The Beatles followed the trees until the sidewalk ended. And at the end they discovered the entrance to a large festival.
"John! Paul! It's a fair! Can we go?!" Ringo hopped delightedly up and down.
"Well, I dunno... What you say, Macca?" John asked.
"I'm fine with it, as long as Ringo promises never, ever to jump in my presence again." Paul replied.
"Alright, then. Let's have a go. It might be fun!" George declared.
Little did they know what was in store for them......

Alright, Now... You're turn. Turn it evil, funny, or jus' downright stupid. It's everyone's story now!

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Default Re: Round Robin, Beatles Style. Jump in!

The four paid their admission fees, and thanks to some big hats, fake moustaches, and other disguises, they were able to wander around the fairgrounds without being molested by their fans. They bought lemonade and greasy funnel cakes with powdered sugar at one of the food booths. As they ate, a steam organ began to play. John ambled over to listen. "It sounds like the smell of sawdust," he told the others. They knew him well enough to figure out what he meant. "We should use it in a song sometime."

"Think the fans would ever go for something else besides guitars and drums?" George asked.

"If we like it, they'll learn to like it. Can't play 'She Loves You' for the rest of our lives, can we?" John brushed the powdered sugar from his mustache. "Right. Let's see what's here."

They skipped the animal exhibits and made short work of the 4-H projects, exchanging witty whispers about some of them and laughing so much people started staring at them. They left before someone recognized them.

"How about trying the rides?" John asked.

"Bumper cars," George said, pointing.

Paul looked past the bumper cars and grinned. A girl in a red dress circled to the beat of a tambourine, her long black hair flaring behind her. "Think I'd rather get me fortune told. She can read my love line any day!"

"Hey, fellas! There's a funhouse here!" Ringo said. As he ducked in, the others sighed and followed him.

Although there weren't any alluring gypsy girls inside, there were a maze of distorting mirrors. They all laughed to see Ringo stretched out tall and thin and Paul shrunk to short and fat proportions.

"All right, now the bumper cars!" George said once they emerged into the sunshine again.

"No, the fortune teller!" Paul said.

Ringo looked around, then stared back into the funhouse. "Hey, where'd John go?"

They retraced the maze, but John wasn't there.


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Miss O'Dell
Dr. Robert
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Default Re: Round Robin, Beatles Style. Jump in!

"Ah, well." said Paul when they didn't find him.
"What'll we do now?" asked Ringo
"Learn to sing trios" said paul shamelessly stealing from Yellow submarine
"Serve tea" said George also gulty of plagerism.
"Na," said Ringo. "Lets have a go on the bumper cars. "
"I always wondered which one of us would be the first to go solo" said George as the walked towards the dogems.

"How much?!" said paul as he looked at the prices for a measely thirty second ride in a plastic car. "We may be multi - millionaires but I'm not paying that!"
"Thats day light robbery" agreed George "Lets go home and wathc Monty python videos"
"Again?" sighed Ringo who really wanted to go on the ride. "If John was here he would want to go on the cars"
"I wouldn't be so sure" said Paul with extra added mysteriousness, "Look over there!"
"Where?" said George and Ringo wildly looking above thier heads as if to see John flying around the sky.
"Over there" said Paul grabbing there neck and pointing them in the direction of where John was stood talking to...............

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Who's got nothing to fear...
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Default Re: Round Robin, Beatles Style. Jump in!

...a couple with a pregnant basenji!

The other Beatles ran out to join him. They had never seen a dog quite like this one!

The basenji started to yodel. Paul said, "She's a beautiful dog, mate. What kind is she?"

"A Basenji," said the man as he stroked the little black and white dog with the double curl in her tail. "She's an expensive African dog, what with her unusual abilities. Her puppies are purebred and will sell for a fortune."

"Gerron," said George. "She looks like a wrinkle faced dog to me."

Just then the basenji started to shed tears.

"Aw, what did you go and do that for," challenged Ringo. "You made her cry. Poor thing. I never saw a dog that shed tears before." Ringo wiped the dog's eyes.

"You're a mean man, all right," said John. "Picking on a dog like this." He slipped the dog a cookie, which she eagerly wolfed down.

"She's an exotic dog," said the man. "My children have been clamoring for a dog for years and we can only keep one pet in the flat. I went on line and learned about basenjis. They don't shed, smell, or bark. Females only come into season once a year. They laugh and shed tears, too."

"Yeah, I know," George said remorsefully. "Poor thing. I was wrong. You really ARE an unusual little dog."

The basenji perked up and wagged her curly tail. Paul scooped her up and started petting her. She licked his face and began serenading the Beatles with her distinct yodel. The little dog's wrinkled brow was quite prominent as was the big smile on her face. "What's her name, mate?" Paul asked.

"Pippi," the man said. "My children named her."

"Aw, look, Paulie, she loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah," Ringo joked. "Look at that smile on her face."

"You've got a way with dogs, son," said John. "Think she'll be good for the act?"

"You'd smile too, if you were in Paul's arms," said George. "What female wouldn't?"

The basenji wagged her tightly curled tail and licked Paul's face. The moptops began to sing an impromptu tune and the basenji joined in with her melodious yodel.

Just then Paul spotted a man in a blue overcoat carrying the evening newspaper...

Then we will remember things we said today. Yeah.
-- Beatles, 1964


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