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Old Mar 07, 2003, 09:44 AM   #1
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Default Most favourably-critized rock albums


Hello music lovers and list freaks!

My name is Henrik Franzon and I'm from Stockholm. I have a very bad conscience cause I've been sitting on a whole bunch of lists for quite a
long time. But here I am writing to you, finally.

In 1994, I came over a couple of best albums lists and put together an ultimate list out of these. When I discovered Julian's rock lists page I was overjoyed. But I also became frustrated, I didn't find any easy way to compile all lists. For example, I didn't want the UK artists to climb in the ultimate list just because I came over a new list from a UK magazine, and how
would I compare new albums with old ones, they didn't have a chance to be in the old lists that I already had.

I started working as a statistician in 1997 and I've always been very fascinated by lists of all kind. After a couple of months I became familiar
with the statistical package SAS, and after a while I started thinking if it could be possible to write a programme that took all parameters I've been thinking about into account. After many months of work I recently became satisfied with my program, and the results are attached.

I have only included lists from critics and other people working with music, so therefore I use the term "most favourably criticized". All readers lists and even the Virgin top 1000 have been neglected. On the other hand I have included both all-time lists and best-of-year lists. In the album lists I have excluded jazz artists and vocal artists like Frank Sinatra. I would gladly have included them, but since most lists are compiled by rock critics these artists would be underestimated. All kinds of greatest hits albums are also omitted. For the singles lists I have excluded singles that have been released after the artist's next album release. Examples of singles excluded according to the rule are Bowie's "Life on Mars" and Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free

Of course I've been thinking of why I've been doing this and what I want to do with it. But I just want to share my lists with anyone who's interested. Unfortunately, I don't have a homepage, so feel free to present them on
your pages if you want to.

The albums in the all-time top 10 albums list is incredibly equal when taking all lists into account. One new list can actually change the top 10 dramatically. The top 30 lists from US, UK and the rest of the world on page 17 give an indication of this. I find it very interesting to divide the criticism in world parts. See for example that the US and UK critics' opinion
differ much more regarding the 80's and 90's albums. That's why e.g. Stone Roses, Oasis and Lauryn Hill don't reach so high in the all-time list. It's also interesting to see that some UK artists are more favourized in the US and vice versa. For the decade lists, I have not divided the singles lists in world parts, the lists are too few, e.g. the 50's lists are almost only based on US critics lists.

To find your own favourite artists I recommend a look at the 500 best albums and singles sorted by artist. This is also the ultimate guide to what to go for when you want to discover a new artist. I hope you'll find your favourites here!

If you want more information about how my programmes work or have any kind of questions, please don't hesitate to contact me, I'll be happy to answer you.

Below you will find lists that I've found on the internet. Lists that cannot be found on the net anymore are attached. Lists that I've found somewhere else (mostly Swedish lists) will be sent to you later.

All Music Guide best albums from each year e.g.
(a very good year) must-have recordings

Max magazin (Germany) top 50 albums of all time 1997, international jury of 50

Soundi magazine (Finland) top 50 albums of all time 1997

Showbizz (Brazil) Discoteca Básica top 100 CD's, April(?) '99 issue.

I think only albums before the 90's have been taken into consideration. In the November issue a 100 best albums of the 90's is presented, but I can't find it on the net. best music by decade top 10 album lists
ry.html/ top 100 editors' picks from 1999

"Th e Seventies Reconsidered: 50 Essential Albums of the Decade" by Steve Pond
Essay for the 1990 Rolling Stone Seventies retrospective issue.

Panorama Musikk (Norway) best albums and singles of the year 1970-99

Toronto Sun 25 BEST CONCERTS, FLICKS, ALBUMS, THEATRE AND TV from the last 25
years (1996).

Pause And Play (USA)
Songs and albums have been inducted into a Pause & Play time capsule.

100 Best Albums (1975-1995) Compiled by The BigO Crew

Iguana magazine (Sweden) 25 best albums of the 90's

Viceversa magazine (Italy) 100 albums of all time 1996?

Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame 500 songs that shaped rock and roll

VH1's list of the 100 greatest rock 'n' roll songs, which polled 700
music-industry professionals (USA).

Best regards


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Default Re: Most favourably-critized rock albums

I'm going to move this to Not Only A Northern Song, because it doesn't just pertain to the Beatles.
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