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For those who may find it of interest...

A fans' review of the Somerville, Ma gig.


WHAT A SHOW - this is probably THE best concert experience i have had to date in a small venue. When i think back to all the shows i have seen both in large venues and intimate ones, Fistful of Mercy is high up on the list of 'bests to date'.

It was a incredibly impressive, enjoyable, humourous, rip roarin' grand time. The crowd we had in attendence in the Boston area was great and responded well to everything. At some moments, they added to the overall experience of the night and the Band seemed to get a nice buzz off that.

Below is my rave reveiw, with some set insights and answers to some of the ponderings i was having prior to the gig.
If you wish to be pleasently SURPRISED when you see the show, use caution reading below as SPOLIERS are present regarding the set list somewhat.

Those interested in a humble fans' opinions and observations of what went on in Somerville last night...READ ON....

Fistful of Mercy were absolutely wonderful! Such a GREAT vibe in the venue that night, and the Band were really adding to that. In all seriousness i truly feel this is a combo that has a good future ahead. I also have to say that i strongly feel this is a very beneficial enviorment for Dhani. You could tell they were all gelling exceptionally well...and really gave the impression that they were literally surrogate brothers. It was truly wonderful for me to witness a supporter of Dhani's musical ventures, and my own personal impression is this has been a huge step up into a better world for him. A joy to behold this last night. The palatte of music, and the arrangements of said music, had massive appeal. I loved every second of enjoyable.
I hope the three of them continue to combine talents as they were incredibly enjoyable as a live act. Joe was awesome, and Ben was equally awesome. This was my first time seeing either of them, having only recently been introduced to them via my interest in Dhani's works.

The venue ( Somervilly Theatre, Somerville MA) was a fantastic place to see these guys perform, as it is a very nice old-style performance theatre with beautiful arcitecture and comfy seats. I had the perfect seat...11 rows back right in front of where Dhani was located for the evening. Sitting here, on the aisle, allowed for being close enough to the performers to see them play and make eye contact, but far enough away so you were not spending the whole night with a bent neck. It was probably the best seat i have ever had for show. It felt like Joe was singing to me most of the i swear he was looking at me during a lot of the songs, but of course i seriously doubt that was the case. It had probably more to do with him just looking out into the center portion of the seats...but it still felt that way!

To my surprise they had a OPENING ACT which i was not aware of until that night. Forgive as i do not remember his name...but he was interesting as he played a guitar made out of a cigar box. It sounded a lot like a ukulele at points, and i could not help but be reminded of George's love of the instrument and it's sound. This gent also played some elaborate and speedy acoustic guitar. First time hearing anything like was almost too many notes to register at once but was enjoyable and even a bit surreal. A finger-plucking style enabled him to do these tricks, and besides playing 'uke' he also at times sounded like a madolin. Jessy, who plays voilin for 'Fistful of Mercy' joined him about half way though his set, which was nice and added more to the performance i thought. So this was a interesting way to begin the evening.
He played for about an hour, then a short break for the roadies to set up for Fistful of Mercy's set.

When they took the stage at about 8:40pm, the crowd went nuts. The performance was top notch with some lovely surprises. It was fantastic right from the very start: Dhani's brightly happy greeting of "Hello!" really put you in a friendly state of mind. They played all the songs from their debut album, and i have to say that hearing the live renditions really added even more appeal to their collection. You could hear how much more refined and polished the songs were now that the Band has had much more time to play around with them. In additon to playing the album songs, they also played a solo effort of Joe's, Ben's and Dhani's together. There was also a couple of cover songs played...a great catchy Bob Dylan tune ( name escapes me as i know little Dylan material) and a mellow Velvet Underground song ( again...i cannot recall what it was called). Joe was sporting some really cool looking guitars with what looked to be custom paint jobs he had done himself. His hollow-body electric in particular really looked beautifully trippy. Joe also played a very small basic drum kit..mostly for the kick drum to keep the beat on some songs, and another foot pedal for a tamborine sound. All i could think of was those small 'Rock Band' pretend 'drum kits' they sell...particularly the 'Beatles RockBand' one.

The Band also played what they introduced as a brand new song they created together that has yet to be recorded. It was bouncy so they asked the audience to get up and dance to it, which we all happily did. Dhani played bass on that one, and jumped around like he had springs on his feet. It really gave the tune a lot of visual energy, and the audience lapped it up. It was amazing. Dhani was kicking some serious butt on that black bass. They also did a encore with another musical segment, perhaps something of Ben's, before playing yet another tune ( another cover?) and then finishing off the evening with a 'unplugged' version of 'For Whom You Belong'. Details below...
-* - Now see George Harrison's music come to life in a most extraordinary NEW way... - * -
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