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Default DVD about the Beatles Label APPLe in March( Germany) April(US)

A New DVD about the Beatles Label APPLE March 9 in Germany and America April 24

In 1968, under a haze of publicity, The Beatles opened their collective door to all manner of musicians, writers, artists, film-makers, inventors, designers, freaks and more than a fair share of opportunist sharks. But, despite a hefty investment, little of substance was forthcoming from these assorted misfits outside of the music that emerged from one division of the potential empire; Apple Records. Even discounting those Apple platters that featured as artist the collective or individual names of the company's bosses, music that stands the test of time superbly was released under the stamp of this enterprise. Music which remains available still and both popular and exciting more than 40 years after the majority of it was produced. Strange Fruit- The Beatles' Apple Records is the story of a record label which came to exist under extraordinary circumstances, produced extraordinary records and was operated under extraordinary guidelines. Featuring new interviews with former label M.D. Tony Bramwell, members of Badfinger, The Iveys and Elephant's Memory, Jackie Lomax, Brute Force and David Peel, plus musician and Beatles expert Chris Ingham, author and journalist Mark Paytress and Apple biographer Stefan Granados. The film also includes archive footage of Apple artists and the organization for which they recorded as well as interviews from the vaults, location film, rare photographs and of course, the music upon which the label made its name.

Running over 2 Hours

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Thumbs up

Sounds interesting, thanks for posting this Uncle_Albert!
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Maia 66
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I just watched this DVD and I give it an enthusiastic .

Very good analysis of Apple Records from a historical and business standpoint. After all these years, people tend to have a very cynical view of the launching of Apple, but this doc does a great job reminding us of the very good intentions behind the label and the sense of optimism and idealism that reigned in the pre-Allen Klein days. Not everything was chaos and mayhem.

An interesting point is how the Beatles' own negative feelings about touring prevented the Apple execs from arranging tours or club dates for the acts, which is one of the major reasons why they weren't as long-term successful as they should have been. Also, they talk about how an act needed the stamp of approval of one of the Fabs before being accepted by the label, but that became more difficult as tensions mounted among the lads and so a lot of great talent (Yes, T. Rex, Bowie) eluded Apple.

Overall, a very illuminating doc. There's no mudslinging or personal axes to grind... well, none that I could see anyway. Tony Bramwell figures heavily into the film, but he doesn't really get controversial. And the interviews with Jackie Lomax and two of the members of The Iveys/Badfinger add a great deal of credibility and invaluable perpective to the project. It's over 2 1/2 hours long, has special features (haven't watched those yet), and really covers the history of Apple Records pretty thoroughly. It is a story of missed opportunity, really.

For those of you who who are completists, I think this one should make it into your collections. But hurry up before Apple Corps slaps an injunction or cease-and-desist order on it.

[EDIT: The extra features suck. But the rest of the DVD is excellent!]

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