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Old Feb 14, 2010, 08:25 AM   #1
Dr. Robert
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Default New Decca Audition

Among other things:

Over the years, many bootleg companies have issued the Decca audition songs, and some of those releases have been pitch-corrected. Still, the man behind this 2010 release by "Remasters Workshop" is claiming that:
"Despite what they all said about their Decca Tapes being speed-corrected, they were all wrong. These tracks have always been at the wrong pitch on every single issue - Deccagone, Circuit, Yellow Dog (twice), Vigotone, Masterdisc... but this issue is guaranteed to have these recordings running at A=440 on every track. Each has been played against the grand piano preset on a Korg M50 workstation, and adjusted to match in Adobe Audition 3. Even if the group were not precisely tuned to concert pitch when they played it, they are now. You can play your instrument with all the songs without having to retune or being even a hair sharp or flat."

Beatles connoisseurs who have heard this version are still arguing whether or not this CD is an improvement on Dr. Ebbetts' de-noised, de-clicked, speed-corrected and re-equalised "The Decca Audition", based on vinyldrops from the original Deccagone 45 rpm singles.

-Okay. Found it from some Podomatic dealio. You can stream it or download or both. Click on the red 'Beatles jumping' icon in upper left for main page/download.

The Decca Audition, January 1. 1962. The EQ'd Definitive Edition.
This is the best source of this material that I have ever heard. Excellent transfer by Masterdisc, good job speed correcting by Remasters Workshop, but the equalization was not to my liking (not even close to the warmth of the Deccagone LP and singles, and even more shrill than the Anthology versions)
So, this has been re-eq'd and the edit pieces that RMW inserted have been replaced by a source much closer in sound to the Masterdisc version. The problem with RMW's replacement was that it used the Vigotone release of this material, which had been de-noised. This caused an extreme drop in high-frequency content which couldn't be eq'd out. It's now fixed with a diferent source.
The ending of September In the Rain also had an extremely annoying edit that has been corrected in this version.
by MasterJedi (MJ1001)

--Me again. Either way, it's fun to listen to these again. Boots are like a box of chocolates...
Trying to shovel smoke with a pitchfork in the wind

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Little Child
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Downloable in mp3 no less...eww.
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Old Nov 06, 2011, 08:58 AM   #3
Fool On The Hill
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Default The Decca Tapes -The Definitive Edition

The Remasters Workshop
The Decca Tapes -The Definitive Edition a remastering of the Masterdisc title, from which the majority of modern Decca Bootlegs have been derived, to my ears sounded marginally better than some other titles but it was not a definative upgrade.

However the 910 guide gave it CORE status which it retained until July 2011 , when Hobs issued Never Mind The Tremeloes ...Here's The Beatles from the tape source, used for the famous Deccagone Singles.

Whilst this significant upgrade , has been copied by a few factory pressing labels such as DAP and Godfatherecords, it is not the definitive release with a NEW source never before published due for release in January 2012.

A preview has been released from this new source and it is a substantial upgrade on previous releases and is better quality quality to the Anthology released tracks.

So do yo need this RMW release anymore ? NO.

If you can't wait until January you will really enjoy Hob's release and will clearly hear the upgrade , after all the price is right. $0

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