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Old Jul 12, 2003, 02:41 PM   #21
Fool On The Hill
Join Date: Jul 12, 2003
Location: washington, usa
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Default Re: Has anyone in here, seen Paul in concert?

[img]graemlins/dork2.gif[/img] *I saw Paul in LA in Nov 1989. Twice in Tokyo, March 5th 1990 when I and a friend got to meet him backstage, (won a VH-1 contest to go there and meet him)and March 9th also in Tokyo. That tour I also saw him in Berkeley on March 31.

Got to see him in London filming some songs for European television in late 1990. Which was like a mini concert.

Then in 93 got to see him in a rehearsal concert at the Docklands in London and later that year in Sept at Earls Court in concert.

Didn't bother last tour... Not willing to pay those prices for seats that aren't that great.

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Old Jul 12, 2003, 03:55 PM   #22
Sun King
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Join Date: May 29, 2002
Location: North Carolina
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Default Re: Has anyone in here, seen Paul in concert?

I saw Paul in Raleigh on October 7th, 2002. I was great. I was basically speechless on how great it was. I was way high up but I didn't care. The music was loud and rockin! It was a great experience surely not to be forgotten.

Oh and I still have the concert stub, two of them.

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Old Jul 12, 2003, 06:21 PM   #23
Dr. Robert
EnchantingLennon's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 07, 2003
Location: USA
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Default Re: Has anyone in here, seen Paul in concert?

I saw Paul in concert in May of 2002 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I took two classes off just for him in college. My grandmother and a friend came over to pick me up and while we were driving down Alligator Alley (if you live in Southern Florida, you'll know what I'm talking about) and we decided to take a break to stretch and do bathroom business. Anyway, we noticed that there was some commotion going around and my grandmother asked what was up and one of the guys said something about Paul McCartney...well, any word regarding the Beatles has my undivided attention! Apparently I had just missed the band's tour bus! But I got to see the crew trucks with all equipment! That's my closest encounter with a Beatle.

Anyway, the next day, my mom and I went and I was just in awe. I danced, I screamed, I sang, I cheered...WOW! I thought Rusty looked like George Harrison, Jimmy McCulloch, and Jimmy Paige and a great guitar player and everyone else included. Mom thinks that Brian Ray is cute. I was still in heaven's dazed for the rest of the month!
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Old Jul 12, 2003, 11:27 PM   #24
Dr. Robert
Freda_Peeple's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 23, 2003
Location: NC, USA
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Default Re: Has anyone in here, seen Paul in concert?

I too got to see Sir Paul last year at the October 7th show in Raleigh. It was an absolutely incredible experience and I will cherish the memory for as long as I live! [img]graemlins/inlove7.gif[/img]
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Old Jul 13, 2003, 07:54 PM   #25
Dr. Robert
MissusLennon's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 10, 2003
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Default Re: Has anyone in here, seen Paul in concert?

I saw Paul in Sheffield on May 29th of this year, WOW!
It was the best night of my life, definately worth the $100 ticket (even though my seat was pretty far back, the big screen was helpful and the sound was just as great!)

I absolutely have to see him again!
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