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Default Night Ranger's Jack Blades talks Ringo

The State of Rock in America: An Interview with Night Ranger's Jack Blades

by Brett Milano
January 25

BM: I gotta ask. I assume you must've grown up being a Beatles fan. So what was it like doing the VH1 show with Ringo?

JB: Oh, man. That was like somebody going, "Okay, dude. You win. You've been a good boy. I'm gonna throw you a bone, kid."

BM: [laughs]

JB: I mean, that was like a dream come true. I would've done that for nothing. [laughs] I mean, it was just…It was unbelievable. After Ringo got used to us after a while, you know after the first two or three days, it was like he started telling us Beatles stories. [Starts Ringo voice] "Oh, one day John Lennon, John walked into rehearsals and said we should drill a hole in the middle of our foreheads to get in touch with our third eye. I said, 'you first, you bastard [13:53].'" [end Ringo voice] I mean things like that. It was like, okay, yeah. You're talking about John Lennon, right? And you are Ringo Starr? [laughs] This is amazing. And I think the most, the best experience, one of the most amazing moments for me was when we were rehearsing in London and we were going over the stuff. Who was up on stage? It was me and Mark Hudson, Simon Kirk who plays drums with us also and it was Joe Walsh, that's who it was. Joe was sitting with us because he did the show with us. And so Joe and we were all jammin' and we started "I've Got a Ticket to Ride," right? And so we're like [sings the melody], and I'm up there singing, "I think I'm gonna be…" and Ringo and Barbara Boch come walkin' in the back room and he's bobbin' his head and he hears us playing this thing, and he runs over to the drums, jumps on his drums and picks up his sticks and starts doing his [sings drum beat]. And I'm looking over my shoulder. I'm singing it, and that's Ringo Starr playing that…I have goosebumps right now just telling you the story.

BM: I would.

JB: It was un-fricking-believable. I went, "That's it. Okay. I win. I'm finished. That's wonderful. Whatever happens from this point on is just gravy." [laughs] There I go. That kind of stuff was all the time with Ringo. It was amazing.

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Thanx for posting.
I get by with a little help from my friends.
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