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I am the Paulrus
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Default Opening chords' 100,000 notes

Opening chords' 100,000 notes

July 10, 2006

By Graham Davies
Daily Post Staff

Paul McCartney is reunited with his Rex acoustic guitar, the first he ever played.

THE first guitar Sir Paul McCartney ever played is expected to fetch more than £100,000 when it is auctioned this month.

As a schoolboy, the former Beatle learned his first chords on the Rexacoustic guitar belonging to his best friend, Ian James.

Now, salesman Mr James, 64, from Ormskirk, is selling the instrument to fund his retirement.

The lot will include a letter from Sir Paul, stating: "The above guitar belonging to my old school pal Ian James was the first guitar I ever held.

"It was also the guitar on which I learnt my first chords in his house at 43 ElswichStreet, Liverpool 8."

On July 6, 1957, a 15-year-old McCartney attended a summer fete at St Peter's Church Hall in Woolton, Liverpool.

A young John Lennon was playing there with his band, The Quarrymen. McCartney played some songs for them, convincing Lennon to let him join the band.

Recalling the encounter, Sir Paul once said: "I showed him a few more chords he didn't know. Ian James had taught me them, really. Then I left. I felt I'd made a good impression, shown them how good I was."

The guitar will go under the hammer at the Cooper Owen's Music Legends auction on July 28, held in the appropriate location of London's Abbey Road Studios.

Married father-of-two Mr James has stored the instrument in his loft and on top of wardrobes over the years.

He and McCartney were pupils together at the Liverpool Institute High School for Boys.

Mr James said: "I suppose in a way I helped to introduce Paul to playing music.

"My grandparents bought the guitar for me when I was 12 or 13. I don't know exactly how much it cost, but it was definitely shillings rather than pounds.

"Paul and I hung around together and after school we would often go back to my house. We both had an interest in rock and roll and I would show him a few chords and things.

Mr James could have played alongside McCartney that night at the Woolton church fete, but missed his chance.

"Paul had his own guitar by then and I brought mine along. We were supposed to play in the hall, but the vicar told us we couldn't.

"We went off to a local cafe and I got a bit fed up so I left. After I'd gone I believe they went back to the hall and played together. That was the closest I got to being in The Beatles," he said.

The friends did not then see each other again until 1991, when they were reunited before a concert performed by Wings.

They remained in touch and the singer has given James his blessing to auction the guitar.

*The first guitar that Paul McCartney was taught to play on, a REX acoustic circa 1950's*

The actual guitar that Paul McCartney was first taught chords on. This highly significant guitar was owned from new by Ian James, McCartney's good friend from the Liverpool Institute grammar school, where they met in the second year. Ian, an avid guitar player from a very musical family, taught Paul, on many occasions, his first set of chords and how to run the first riffs in the latter part of the 1950's, when Rock and Roll first hit the shores of Liverpool.
Mr James recalls that This is how Paul and I formed a friendship - through music. More so with the arrival of Rock 'n' Roll when we would visit all the travelling fairgrounds around Liverpool to listen to all the latest records being played, he recalls further Paul would come to my house after school and sometimes I would go to Forthlin Road. We would sometimes have a session, with his brother Mike on his set of drums, Paul on piano and me on the guitar. Ian hung out with Paul long before the Quarrymen were even an idea, and recalls he was present, with this guitar on the historical day that McCartney first met Lennon at the Woolton Church fete, he explains I had it on the evening of the Woolton Fete when Paul met John earlier that day and he phoned me to suggest I go to the church that night as they (the 'Quarrymen') were planning to play there. I arrived there and was introduced to John (Lennon). We all practised for a while deciding who should sing what. It was an easy decision. Whoever knew the words would sing the song. But to no avail, the vicar walked in and said the gig was off. I can't remember why. The others decided to go to a local coffee bar and play a few numbers, I think the owner was a relative or friend of John's. But by this time I'd had enough of show-business and decided to go home. Interestingly Mr James also elaborates on the significance of this guitar It's possible John may have handled the guitar that night and it's also more than possible that George (Harrison) may have played it as I went to his house on a couple of occasions to teach him a few chords. He had more of an interest in playing melodies but felt he needed to know some chords. Ian went on to form his own group, The Mateys, in which he continued to use this guitar.

The guitar is a Rex acoustic, of foreign manufacture, serial no. 459 7124, in sunburst finish, laminated wood body with single round cutaway, laminate top with f-holes, twenty fret fingerboard with dot inlays; wooden bridge, metal tailpiece; and a beige soft guitar cover.

The guitar is accompanied by a signed letter from Paul McCartney dated 24 March 2006 on his personal headed paper which reads The above guitar belonging to my old school pal Ian James was the first guitar I ever held. It was also the guitar on which I learnt my first chords in his house at 43 Elswick Street Liverpool 8; a black and white photograph of Ian James with this guitar, taken by Paul McCartney at James' house in Liverpool in 1957 and a colour photograph taken at McCartney's MPL offices in London by Ian James on 24 March 2006 of Paul McCartney with this guitar and the aforementioned photograph of Ian James.

Estimate £ 100,000-150,000
It is well documented in the annals of Beatles history that Ian James was a good school friend of the young McCartney, and that he can be held responsible for being one of the select persons who turned McCartney on to the wonders of music and most notably 'Rock n Roll'. He is mentioned in the Beatles official biography by Hunter Davies, and in fact McCartney himself was quoted in press releases for his 1999 album 'Run Devil Run', when discussing the cover of 'All Shook Up', that featured on the album.

"I have the loveliest memory of All Shook Up. We were mad Elvis fans before he went into the Army. We thought the Army made him a little too grown up, but he was fantastic. Anyway, back in Liverpool me and my best mate, Ian James, who I still know, we used to go around in these draped flecked jackets. We thought they were really cool, that you could not have a more cool item of clothing, and we would wander around the fairgrounds in Liverpool trying to pick up girls. We thought the girls would come flooding to us, us being in these jackets. But of course they never took any notice of us'.

It is telling that McCartney has remained a friend after all these years and is also willing to acknowledge the significance of this particular guitar in being a catalyst to the development of one of the leading musicians of the 20th century. A truly significant instrument and probably the best authenticated Beatles' instrument, or indeed Beatle related item, to ever appear on the auction block - having a signed letter from one of the Fab Four themselves is the ultimate provenance and a rare piece in its own right.
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Thanks for the article, Paulrus! It's nice to see a picture of Paul and the guitar.

Just to let everyone know, there's a similar topic here in the news forum. I left it there because of the John/Woolton fete references.
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One of the articles states he played it at a house in Elswich Street, Liverpool 8. I know the area and assume this is a typo. It should read Elswick Street, which if Iím not mistaken is the street where the UK sit-com Bread was filmed? The show was written by Lindaís good friend Carla Lane and Paul himself appeared in the show along with Linda in the late 80ís. I wonder if he realised his first chords were strummed here when he was on the set?
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Dr. Robert
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Great article. Thanks I am the Paulrus for posting the picture of Paul with his guitar.
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instant karla
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Default McCartney guitar fetches £330,000

McCartney guitar fetches £330,000

The guitar on which Sir Paul McCartney learned his first chords has sold for £330,000 at an auction at London's Abbey Road Studios.
The instrument, which fetched more than three times its estimate, was sold by Sir Paul's school friend Ian James, who will use the money for his retirement.

The Rex acoustic guitar helped Sir Paul persuade John Lennon to let him join his band, The Quarrymen, in 1957.

He impressed Lennon by playing songs and chords on it at a Liverpool fete.

Sir Paul has provided a letter of authenticity that will be given to American buyer Craig Jackson, a spokesman for the Cooper Owen's Music Legends auction said.

"The above guitar, belonging to my old school pal Ian James, was the first guitar I ever held," Sir Paul wrote.

"It was also the guitar on which I learned my first chords in his house at 43 Elswich Street, Liverpool 8."

Sir Paul remembered Mr James, a father-of-three from Ormskirk, Lancashire, in a Beatles biography written by Hunter Davies.

At the fete, he showed Lennon "a few more chords he didn't know", he told the author.

"Ian James had taught me them, really. Then I left. I felt I'd made a good impression, shown them how good I was."

The guitar Lennon was playing on the day - an acoustic Gallotone Champion - was auctioned for £155,500 in 1999.

In 2004, a Gibson SG guitar played by George Harrison and Lennon sold for £294,000 at auction in New York.

The Rex guitar also features in two photographs included in the sale.

In one, Sir Paul is seen playing the guitar in his office earlier this year.

The other was taken by Sir Paul 49 years ago, showing a young Mr James with the instrument.

The guitar's buyer, Mr Jackson, himself the president of an auction company, said: "This is such an important piece of rock history and I am an extremely happy man tonight.

"Without this guitar The Beatles may never have existed and it is a fantastic acquisition."

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2006/07/28 22:07:01 GMT

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instant karla
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the buyer, craig jackson, is president (or ceo or something) of barrett jackson, an automobile auction house which has auctioned beatle cars in the past. makes me wonder if he's bought any of the beatlemobiles his company was auctioning.

and please...$600,000+ for a guitar paul played but didn't own?
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