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Default Happy Birthday Liverpool

It appears to have been the 800th Birthday of the city of (our) Liverpool, on the 28th, yesterday, the day Liverpool reached the Champions League in football (for some countries called Soccer for some weird reason) and the Birthday of my eldest daughter:

by Liza Williams, Liverpool Daily Post

ON its 800th birthday Liverpool has received greetings from around the world as Liza Williams reports

FAMOUS names both homegrown and from around the globe have sent birthday greetings to Liverpool as the city celebrates the 800th anniversary of its royal charter today.

Her Majesty the Queen led the tributes as others flowed in from the world of politics, sport and entertainment.

The Queen responding to a message sent to her on behalf of the city said: “Please convey my warm thanks to all the people of Liverpool for their greetings on the occasion of the city’s 800th birthday.

“I much appreciate your kind words and would like to send my warm wishes for a most memorable and enjoyable anniversary.”

Her Majesty’s toast was followed by Prime Minister Gordon Brown who said: “Liverpool is not just one of Britain’s finest cities, but one of the greatest cities in the world.

“It has produced some of Britain’s great figures from statesmen to sportsmen, and its cultural achievements have reached across the world.

“But as Liverpool reaches this historic milestone, we should not just celebrate past achievements.

“Liverpool is a fast-changing and vibrant city, which will be celebrated as the European Capital of Culture next year.

“It is a driving force behind the economic prosperity of the region, with new homes being built, new jobs being created, and improving living standards.

“Liverpool is a true 21st Century city that has a lot for its citizens to be proud about, and a great future to look forward to.”

Conservative leader David Cameron said: “Liverpool is such a fantastic and vibrant city. Happy birthday - and here’s to the next 800 years.”

He was joined by a man once voted the greatest Merseysider ever, Ken Dodd, who said: “I am delighted to wish the city I love a very happy birthday year and many plumptuos and prosperous returns.

“I was born here and have lived here all my life so far and the city has been very good to me.”

The world of sport, which has helped spread the Liverpool name around the world, also joined in the dedications.

Rafael Benitez, Liverpool FC manager, said: “Happy 800 Birthday Liverpool. I have only been here for three years but everyone I have met has gone out of their way to make me and me family feel welcome and at home, have a great birthday.”

His counterpart across Stanley Park, Everton’s David Moyes said: “In the five years I have worked in the city I have been touched by the passion and warmth of its people.

“Long before I was appointed manager of Everton I was told the city of Liverpool was a unique and special place… it most certainly is.

“Happy birthday to a totally great place.”

Huyton-born Steven Gerrard, Liverpool FC captain, added: “I would like to wish everyone in Liverpool a fantastic 800 birthday.

“It is a wonderful city with the most passionate and loyal fans in the world.

“I am proud of coming from Liverpool and I hope to give our fans more to celebrate and cap off the city’s Capital of Culture celebrations with a trophy in 08.”

Another LFC star, Bootle-born Jamie Carragher, said: “Happy Birthday Liverpool, this is my home town, I will never leave.

“The people have a great sense of humour and if I know Liverpool like I do, the party will be funfilled and a great celebration.”

Olympic Swimmer, Steve Parry, from Allerton, added:“Liverpool is a fantastic city in terms of culture, architecture and its rich history but most important of all is Liverpool’s people.

“They are extremely unique and never a dull day goes by in the city. Happy birthday to the great place I grew up.

The world of showbiz also sent messages to the city on its special day.

Gerry Marsden, of Gerry and the Pacemakers, said: “Happy Birthday Liverpool. Great city, great people, great football.

“I would not want to live any where else.”

Yoko Ono said: “On this very special day for Liverpool I would like to send my love to this magical city.

“It is the city John loved and was so proud of. Now I feel the same as John.

“Liverpool is a city close to my heart and will always be so.”

Elton John, said: “I am delighted to wish the great city of Liverpool a happy 800th birthday. “Liverpool has always been one of my favourite cities, both as a place to perform and as a city that has produced so much lively talent in so many different fields.”

Cliff Richard said: “It’s been a privilege to have played a part in your 800 years of history.

“Have a great birthday and ‘Congratulations’.”

Mike McCartney, former member of the Scaffold, photographer and brother of Beatles legend Paul, said: “Following on from my son Josh’s birthday on August 18 and my wife Ro’s birthday on August 22 Liverpool is 800 years old.

“Liverpool is where I was born and grew up. Liverpool is the basis of what I am, it produces quick witted, honest, funny people and invented surrealism.

“Liverpool is an island within an island. Liverpool won’t say two words when one will do. Liverpool is the centre of existence itself. Happy Birthday Liverpool.”

Heidi Range, singer with the Sugarbabes, said: “Although I don’t live in Liverpool anymore it will always be my home and I’m very proud of the city I come from.

“I love coming back and when on tour we always get such a warm response. Happy Birthday Liverpool!”

Peter Hooton, of the Farm, added: “Happy Birthday Liverpool. And here’s to another great 800 years.”

Paul Heathcote, restauranteur, added: “Liverpool is a hot pot of ingredients, a unique dish which has taken 800 years of seasoning, flavours and influence to creative the perfect recipe

Happy birthday.”

Comedians who have helped put Liverpool on the map added their voices.

Tom O’Connor said: “Liverpool at 800 and still as vibrant, young and enthusiastic as it has always been.

“I have been working all over the world and Liverpool is always a talking point.

“The humour, football, music: you name it we’ve been there and done it and are still doing it. My birthday message is this - the best is yet to come.

Les Dennis added: “Liverpool is seldom from my thoughts and will be there again on this momentous day when my home town celebrates a staggering 800 years.

“This is like saying Happy Birthday to an old friend or member of the family.”

And Stan Boardman concluded the comic tributes, he said: “Happy birthday Liverpool. 800 years is a long time, it’s going to have to be a big cake- invite me to the party but don’t make me blow the candles out.

“Here’s to another 800.”

Liverpool’s proud world of literature also paid tribute to our great city.

Author Ramsey Campbell, said: “I was born in Liverpool, and in more than 60 years I’ve never moved from Merseyside.

“I’ve seen the city rise again from the grave of the Blitz. I’ve lived through the great blossoming of talent that Liverpool produced: the Beatles and a multitude of bands besides, poets and painters and playwrights and novelists too, including two fine writers of horror fiction (Clive Barker and Peter Atkins).

“I was there as well. Of course it isn’t over, and I predict it never will be.

“Just now we’re seeing the city renew itself again, overseen by the pair of phoenixes on our renowned skyline, and I look forward to more excitement in the future.

“Happy birthday, Liverpool! Lively imaginative vital energetic remarkable phenomenal openhearted optimistic Liverpool!”

Poet Levi Tafari said: “Liverpudlians are called Scousers after Scouse- a stew - a melting pot of ingredients.

“This represents the city, because it has an eclectic mix of people.

“It has has continued to produce artists, musicians and sports personalities who have contributed and the made the great city that it is.

“I am glad Liverpool has reached its 800th birthday and I am in a position to celebrate it.”

Author Beryl Bainbridge added: “My Liverpool has gone, the Lyceum Tea Rooms, the Overhead railway, the picture palaces flashing lights along Lime Street, Reece’s Ballroom where I celebrated my 13th birthday, the Mary Ellen’s on the cobblestones of Williamson Square, and that man, stripped to the waist, who encouraged people on the bomb site in Lord Street to break lumps of concrete on his chest.

“Never mind. Liverpool is still beautiful, if only in memory. Happy birthday, beloved city of my youth.”
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Writer Gladys Mary Coles said: “Happy birthday and congratulations on continuing growth, a great heart and creative atmosphere.

“Well done King John- it is the best thing you ever did.”

Minister for Culture, Margaret Hodge, brought more dedications from the world of politics.

She said: “Liverpool is one of the great cities of the world, with an incredible past, a buzzing present and a fantastic future.

“It is also one of those cities where the people and the place are inextricably linked: a vibrant mix that draws in visitors from every corner of the world. Happy Birthday Liverpool, and here’s to the next 800!”

Council leader, Cllr Warren Bradley, said: “Liverpool is a city with a remarkable history and has the most creative, diverse and talented population.

“In our 800th year we should all celebrate our great city.

“As well as looking back on our unique heritage we can also look forward to a future of rich promise starting as the European Capital of Culture.

“Here’s to the next 800 years.”

Labour leader, Cllr Joe Anderson, said: “I would like to wish the great city of Liverpool a very happy 800th birthday, it is a momentous time for the city that I am proud to call my birth place.

“I hope the regeneration work I can see taking place within the city can now weld together all the communities and neighbourhoods of Liverpool over the next year or two and the citizens can join together and celebrate this birthday.”

Lord Mayor, Cllr Paul Clark, added: “Happy 800 birthday and I hope you all have a wonderful year.

“On our birthday year and Capital of Culture I would like everyone in Liverpool to join in the support of our celebrations and show the rest of the world that Liverpool is already a fantastic place to live.

“Over the next couple of years is going to get even better.”

Cllr Paddy Bourke, Mayor of Dublin, said: “It is my great pleasure on behalf of the citizens of Dublin to firmly wish Liverpool a very happy 800th birthday.”

Leif Sevland, Mayor of Stavanger, Norway which also celebrates being Capital of Culture next year, said: “On behalf of the people of Stavanger I would like to congratulate you on your 800th anniversary.

“I wish you all the best with your birthday, with European Capital of Culture and the future.”

Peter Copland, consul of Norway in Liverpool, said: I’ve been Consul of Norway here in the city of Liverpool since 1983 so I’ve seen a great deal of change and a great deal of improvement over those years.

“The connections between Liverpool and Norway go back a long time to Viking days and more recently to the Second World War and we have a large Norwegian community living here in this city.

“I want to wish, on behalf of the Norwegian people, the city of Liverpool a very Happy 800th Birthday..”

Herbie Higgins, president of the Liverpool Afro-Caribbean Community, said: “I’ve lived in Liverpool for over 50 years and I want to say a very Happy 800th Birthday to Liverpool. Thanks.”

Religious leaders praised the city for its warmth and caring attitude.

The Most Rev Patrick Kelly, Roman Catholic Bishop of Liverpool, said: “In the Metropolitan Cathedral we have an exhibition on the past 800 years that shows how Liverpool has become the city it is today.

“The 800 birthday only makes sense if it is told through controlled reflection on the past, that can make this celebration the foundation for the future.”

The Rt Rev James Jones, Anglican Bishop of Liverpool, said: “My prayer for the city is that we shall always be known for the warmth of our welcome to others and for the way we care for our own. “May we carry on showing this love.”

Dr Akbar Ali, chairman of the Liverpool Mosque and Islamic Institute, said: “This is a very important occasion and as a community and individuals we are very proud to celebrate Liverpool’s 800th birthday.

“The Muslim community within Liverpool is British and although we originate from different counties that is what Britishness is about.

“We continue to make our contribution to this city and the diversity it holds.”
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I would add my congratulations to Liverpool, it is a fab city with great people who are friendly, approachable and such a laugh, they make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. When we stay I always feel a little sad when it's time to leave especially as the aircraft banks over the Mersey and I get my last look at this beautiful city and her wonderful people!!
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Happy Birthday... I should have worn my kids Liverpool soccer hoodie.
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So that's how they determined Liverpool's birthday...

Anyway, yay, Liverpool! Happy 800th birthday! Here's to 800 more!
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Aww, only 800? Still a wee thing!

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