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Default Paul and Linda Play Act 2

Act Ė Dinner and a movie and a surprise
ScŤne 1
(Linda is a home and the phone rings, Heather answers it and calls to Linda who is fixing a snack in the kitchen)
(Phone rings)
Heather: Hello,
Paul: Hi, Heather.
H: Hi
P: Is your mummy there?
H: Yeah
P: Can I talk to her?
H: Yeah
P: Ok
Linda: (calls from other room) Heather whoís on the phone, bring it in here please.
L: (Into phone) Hello?
P: Hey baby.
L: Hi Paul
P: Listen, weíre just finishing up this take and Iíll be home earlier than I thought. Do you wanna go out tonight?
L: Sure
P: Ok, if you look at the address book, youíll find Patti and George listed. They owe me one so they can mind Heather.
L: OK, What time will you be here?
P: Around 5.
L: Ok, Iíll see you then.
P: Ok bye Lin.
L: Bye
(Linda sets down the phone and continues making Heatherís snack)
ScŤne 2
(A car pulls up and Paul comes to the door and enters)
(Patti is already waiting with Linda and Heather)
P: Ok, let me just go change and Iíll be set.
L: Fine
P: Be back in a flash.
L: (To Patti) Thank you again
Patti: Itís fine, I donít mind. Heather sounds like a very well behaved child.
L: (To Heather) Heather, make sure you mind Patti.
H: I will mommy.
P: Ok Linda, Iím ready, letís go
L: Ok, bye, bye Heather, Iíll see you later
(Linda and Paul leave for the car)
Scene 3
(Linda and Paul are in Paulís Aston martin)
P: So where do you want to go?
L: I donít know, you know the area better.
P: Well, we could go to the Italian restaurant down near Apple and then I donít know whatís showing but we could go to a picture.
L: That sounds great.
(Paul continues driving and then shortly after they arrive at the restaurant)
(Paul gets out and walks around to the passenger side and opens the door for Linda)
L: (exaggerated) Why thank you sir
P: (Exaggerated also) Milady
(The two advance to the restaurant and are seated.)
ScŤne 4
(Waiter is standing by table ready to take an order)
Waiter: Would you like to start with drinks?
P: Yes, Iíll be fine with water.
L: Water is fine for me also.
W: And to eat?
P: Iíll take the spaghetti
W: And for you maíam?
L: Iíll have the pasta primavera.
(Waiter leaves)
P: Which movie do you want to see?
L: Which ones are showing?
P: Well I believe that thereís a new Jane Fonda movie out, Barefoot in the Park, and then thereís Yellow Submarine
L: Then which one do you want to see?
P: Iíve already seen Yellow Submarine but itís your choice.
L: So letís go see Barefoot in the Park
P: (Looks at his watch) Itís playing in about an hour so if we eat fast we can catch it.
L: Sounds great, oh hereís the food.
(Waiter enters with plates)
(Waiter sets down plates and Paul and Linda begin to eat)
P: Howís yours baby?
L: Fabulous and yours?
P: Super
(The pair continues to eat)
(Waiter passes by)
P: (To waiter) The cheque please.
(The waiter brings the bill and Paul pays it.)
P: Thank you
(Paul and Linda get up and leave for the car.)
ScŤne 5
(Movie theatre as the lights go low)
(Barefoot in the Park theme playing)
(Movie in the background and audience murmuring and responding to the movie)
P: I love you baby
L: I love you too.
(Paul puts his arm around Linda and she places her head on Paulís shoulder)
P: Would you marry me?
L: (Surprised she lifts her head) Huh?
P: Would you marry me?
L: Weíll talk about it later, watch the movie.
(Linda and Paul kiss, Linda replaces her head on Paulís shoulder. Paul takes Lindaís hand and holds it.) (Movie Ends)
ScŤne 6
(Paul and Linda get up and leave the theatre to the car. Paul opens Lindaí s door and she gets in then Paul goes around to the other side and enters the car.) (Paul drives the car out of the parking lot.)
P: So Lin, do you fancy getting married?
L: Iíd love to get married. I love you and Heather loves having you around. Plus youíre a great father figure, which is important.
P: True but thatís not why I want to get married.
L: Oh, is that so?
P: No, well yes, I mean just because youíre pregnant by me doesnít mean that we have to get married, itís the proper thing to do. Thatís what happened to you with Mel. You were thrown into something.
L: Yeah but so why do you?
P: Most importantly I love you with all my heart and soul.
L: Sounds worthy ok then, ďYesĒ.
(Paul rummages around in the console and presents Linda with a ring)
P: Then I suppose you should wear this.
L: Oh, Paul itís beautiful! You shouldnít have!
P: But I wanted to
(Paul pulls up to the house)
L: Oh, here we are, hope Heatherís asleep.
(Paul and Linda get out and walk to the house)
P: Patti, weíre back!
Patti: Oh hi, Linda, Paul. Heather has been asleep since nine.
L: Thanks so much for keeping an eye on her.
Patti: Youíre welcome, bye.
(Patti leaves)
P: We should catch some shut-eye too.
(Paul and Linda exit)

It Takes one to know one ~Linda McCartney
Listen to her daddy's song, making love is wrong~ Back Seat of My Car
Venus and Mars are alright tonight!!!
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