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Old Sep 05, 2002, 12:02 PM   #1
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Default Another album. Red Rose Speedway

Label Apple
Catalogue No. PCTC 251
Release date 4th May 1973
Total time 42:09
U.K. Album Chart Detail : Entry Date : 19th May 1973
Highest Position : 5
Weeks in Chart : 16

Detail :

Paul's fourth "solo" album, credited to "Paul McCartney and Wings"
Wings II - Paul, Linda, Denny Seiwell, Denny Laine and new boy Henry McCullough.
Paul plays bass, piano, moog, mellotron, celeste and guitars.
Linda plays keyboards, harpsichord and dingers.
Denny S. plays drums and bass.
Denny L. plays guitars, harmonica and drums.
Henry plays guitars and some percussion.
The album was produced by Paul.
Engineers were : Alan Parsons, Richard Lush, Dixon Van Winkle, Tim Geeland, Glyn Johns and David Hentschel.

The album title was inspired by Paul's housekeeper, Rose, and this time was credited to "Paul & Wings". This was done because "Wild Life" had sold so badly, and it was felt that that was partly due to some people not being aware that it was a McCartney album.

Most of the tracks for this release were recorded from March 1972 through to October the same year, with a European tour separating the recording sessions. This "Wings Over Europe" tour ran from July 9th to August 24th.
But two tracks had been started on during the "Ram" sessions as can be identified from the playing personnel.
"Get On The Right Thing" was a "Ram" outtake, and "Little Lamb Dragonfly" was also started in early 1971.

In March 1972 the "Red Rose Speedway" sessions started in Los Angeles where Wings recorded, "Big Barn Bed", "My Love", "One More Kiss", "Single Pigeon", "When The Night", "Loup" and the closing medley. At this time, "Little Lamb Dragonfly" was also completed.
"Mama's Little Girl" is recorded but is unreleased at this time, with other unreleased takes being :
"The Mess" (a live recording made in Holland on 21st August is used later instead),
"Night Out",
"Jazz Street" and
"Best Friend".

When returning to England, Paul continues these sessions at the Olympic Studios in Barnes, where he adds Glyn Johns to his list of producers ... but by April Glyn walks out of the sessions after recording disagreements.
The final mixing and overdubs take place in October at Abbey Road.

"Red Rose Speedway" is originally planned to be a double album, and during the rest of 1972 and even into 1973, other recordings are made which either end up as singles, or remain unreleased.
Another outtake at this time is a live radio performance in Holland of "Complain To The Queen" on 20th August.

The album comes in a gatefold sleeve with a 12 page booklet.
The cover photograph and much of the booklet are taken by Linda, with a mention too for "Captain Snap" (?)
On rear album cover there is a braille message which was dedicated to Stevie Wonder, it reads, "We Love You".
The booklet also contains artwork by Alan Jones and Eduardo Paolozzi who taught Stuart Sutcliffe in Hamburg. Interestingly, amongst the song titles listed in the booklet, "Seaside Woman" can be spotted, which was first recorded 14th July 1972 ... and meant to be on the album ?

Side A.

1. Big Barn Bed 3.47
2. My Love 4.05
3. Get On The Right Thing 4:14
4. One More Kiss 2.27
5. Little Lamb Dragonfly 6.18

Side B.
1. Single Pigeon 1.51
2. When The Night 3.34
3. Loup (1st Indian On The Moon) 4.21
4. Medley: 11.15
A Hold Me Tight
B Lazy Dynamite
C Hands Of Love
D Power Cut

The first cd release on the fame label

I Lie Around McCartney 5:01
Country Dreamer McCartney 3:09
The Mess McCartney 4:56

The remastered cd has the following extra songs:

C Moon P.McCartney and L.McCartney 4:33
Hi Hi Hi P.McCartney and L.McCartney 3:07
The Mess McCartney 4:56
I Lie Around McCartney 5:01


Will give my thougths on the album later.

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Old Sep 06, 2002, 01:49 AM   #2
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Default Re: Another album. Red Rose Speedway

Hi Hi Hi is a good reason to buy this re-issue.

Song to listen to;
This Song
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Old Sep 09, 2002, 03:51 AM   #3
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Default Re: Another album. Red Rose Speedway

Country Dreamer is good enough to get the fame label, get Hi Hi Hi on Wings Greatest, IMO.

"We've been calling it love, but it's a dream we're going through. And if I only had one love, yours would be the one I'd choose." --Heaven On A Sunday
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Old Sep 12, 2002, 12:15 AM   #4
Little Child
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Default Re: Another album. Red Rose Speedway

Without Country Dreamer and I Lie Around I wouldn't listen very often to the CD...

Rocky didn't like that!
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Old Sep 12, 2002, 11:21 PM   #5
Sun King
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Default Re: Another album. Red Rose Speedway

Country Dreamer is also ofcourse on the remastered "Band On The Run" but that's for later.
Tho some critics thougth this album was an inprovement over the previous ones, I find "RRS" a let down.
While "Wildlife" for example didn't contain an real clasic song, I can enjoy that album whole the way through, also "Ram" is an more steady album and McCartney ofcourse had the clasic "Maybe I'm Amazed" along with some other worthwhile songs.
"My Love" was an hitsingle, but not my favourite McCartney song, best I can say is that I like "Big Barn Bed" and "Get On The Right Thing" is a great track, and "Little Lamb Dragongfly" is also good, but the rest, the B sides is full of half finished songs put together, it worked on Abbey Road but not here.
Not one of my favourite McCartney albums.
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