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Fool On The Hill
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Default Comparing songs on albums by EMI and Capitol

I thought Forum viewers would be interested in the differences between the same songs that are on the EMI and Capitol albums. To that end, I will post an album comparison (mono and stereo) by song on those issued lps by EMI and Capitol. Will also include the VeeJay lp and the United Artists soundtrack of "A Hard Days Night". (Many other countries issued Beatles albums but such inclusions is more than I want to undertake).

I did not know there were some many differences (in some cases almost no difference) until I recently made an ACCESS database of the information in "The Usersnet Guide To Beatles Recordings Variations", by Joseph Brennan. I made the ACCESS database for I love the Beatles music and I wanted to delve into a new aspect of this long-time interest. I am also always comparing an item that I am interested in when made by more than one entity.

With each song will be the master or remix made from. If a remix, who made it. I am not planning on going into the exact difference, such as Capitol stereo version has a different fade in, or the EMI mono has a longer guitar into etc.

Also, no posting by me as to which song or album is better. "Better" is a matter of personal taste. I enjoy the variety

I do not have all of the studio albums of EMI and Capitol. I have all of the Capitol and Apple vinyl but only the stereo. This is why I was glad the Capitol cds also included the mono versions and that EMI goofed and issued the first four 1987 cds in mono instead of George Martin's original instructions for the first two be mono. (I would though like to have the four in stereo also). My Capitol-Apple vinyl is in excellent to mint playing condition, except for "Second Album" and "Help". Prior to the discontinuation of the vinyl lps, I would replace the Capitols and the Apples once in a while, but I did not replace "Second Album" or "Help!". When the 1987 cds came out, the vinyl was rarely played. I have a couple of EMI vinyl, "With The Beatles", "A Hard Day's Night (not in very good condition),"Help!" and "Yellow Submarine". I did purchase the VeeJay lp new in the mid 1970s in a record store (showing some age here) but I did not know it was a bootleg. At the time all I knew was I found a Beatles lp that I did not have and it had songs I did not have.

Just a side note, while in Turkey in 1981, I found a Turkish issue of "Yesterday and Today" but with the title reversed. The songs on the side titled "Today" are post Beatles recordings and "Yesterday" side are Beatles era songs. This is one of only two times that I ever bought a record strictly for the album cover. The other was a pretty wild album cover for "Parable of Arableland" by the Red Crayola (a late 60s Texas psych group), which is still factory sealed.
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