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Old Dec 24, 2005, 11:18 AM   #1
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A thread for all of us lyricists out here, here are a few of the songs I have written for my band Painful Passion:


Flailing in and out of place and time,
Lost in the ocean that is your eyes I'm,
Trying to breathe,
And as you read this poem,
I feel I will suffocate,
Fall and stall,
To answer you when you finish it,
Oh shit,
I can't even get through it,
Fumbling around,
When you enter the room,
I sink in my chair,
Its so unfair,
I'll never get a chance with you,
Which may be a good thing 'cause I know how I am,
And I may not treat you fair,
And how dare me make a move on you when your with Ryan and Ryan and I walked down the halls and hangout,
Gimmee a second to stop,
Take it all in,
My pain is a sin,
Gimmee a second to stop,
And sigh,
Just sigh,
Forget it,
it wouldn't work out,
Bye bye,
Bye bye


Floating through the sounds of clouds,
There the platglass sea,
Is awaiting me,
Riding on a bumblebee,
The sky of green,
The giant vine,
All that I sea in awe of,
It is mine,
Unable to grasp the,
Unlimited possibilities,
Out the minds doors,
The flying boars,
Go so high,
In this machine,
I hold the key,
Nothing is wrong with me,
The clouds are fish in this crystal sea,
The key,
Is you and me,
That is all we need,
Floating away from this world,
This savage little planet that thinks its huge,
We'll be seeing all,
In our hot air balloon,
Very, very soon,
Eating cheese off the moon,
The stars twinkle oh, so blue
Taking off at full speed,
Dangerous reactions of heat,
The thrill of the rush,
The clouds flush,
Don't gush,
We are bearly out of the sky,


Tell me of Jesus life
Tell me of his sacrifice
Tell me of God's other son
The one forgotten by all nuns
Tell me of the man behind the cross
Tell me this earth is almost done
Tell me of the heat of the sun
Tell me of the man behind the cross
Tell me of the boy who saw
Tell me these feelings
Emotions raw
Tell me what happened which I do not know
Tell me the revelations and where they go
Tell me how I survive
When all other men will die
Tell me of the fallen one
Tell me of His other son
Tell me he's not the only one
Tell me what it is you see
Tell me please that its not me


I'm in love,
Like a dove,
From the sky,
She flew to my,

I can't feel myself breathing,
I'm sick of moving around her,
I'm sick of stepping to the side for the sake of a friend,
Time to stop it all,
Time for it to end,

I'm gonna walk up,
And I'm gonna start,
A conversation,
I'm ready for the pain,
If I can get that sensation,
Time for me to tell her,
How I feel,
I always thought I had,
A heart of steel,

I can't feel myself breathing,
I'm sick of moving around her,
I'm sick of stepping to the side for the sake of a friend,
Time to stop it all,
Time for it to end,

She rejected me,
Which is fine,
I would have hurt her anyways,
What do I have to do,
To please her every whim,
I swear I will try my best not to drag her into sin,

I can't feel myself breathing,
I'm sick of moving around her,
I'm sick of stepping to the side for the sake of a friend,
Time to stop it all,
Time for it to end,


Heroin Whores pave the doorways of place
And there's cum on the floor and there's cum on the bedspread and there's cum on the dreser at the bed's end
So come on ol' girl from the side o' the road and we'll get all comfy
Girl can you not see we were meant to be
And there's whore's in the beds and there's pimps in the bath and there's coke in the dresser and there's gold in the bed
And a junkie lays at the doorsteps not movin' a bit, lyin' in his own shitt 'cause for the last three weeks he's been dead
So come on ol' girl from the side o' the road and we'll get all comfy
Girl can't you see we were meant to be
And there's pervs in the back who crawled outta the theater with wet paints and sticky fingers
And there's leatherbound men whipping naked women and there's a vet in the third floor with a shotgun to his head
So come on ol' girl from the side o' the road and we'll get all comfy
Girl can you not see we were meant to be
And the owner is in the storage room on a chair with a noose round his neck and upstanding hair
And his daughters on the street 'cause he pushed her out in the cold and she needs to make a buck and her money's two-fold
'Cause she'll do anything for any amount o' money so she has no standards she'll do jocks or middle-aged, or nerds
And she don't know it yet but she's 2 months pregnant from a night at a party where she was gagged with drapes and then gangraped
And she where's too much make-up and she's headed down the path back to that motel where the Heroin Whores pave the doorways of the place,
And thats why I'm hear ol' girl from the side of the road 'cause until then we only knew rumors and its worse then I ever coulda knew,
And what're ya gonna do?
I'm goin' to the motel,
Give that doorbell a ring,
Ya may be mad now girl but I guarantee
I just saved your life
This is a sting!
The owner stepped out and he pulled out his gun,
Not gonna have this,
Not at all,
And he looked at his daugter and smoothly said
So come on my princess from the side of the road,
Find your room and get cozy,
Don't look at me like that,
You know me,
C'mon baby,
Daddy'll bye you a pony,
But she knew he would just make here a whore and make more money off of her,
She wasn't his daughter,
Just a skank with his namesake,
And she refused so he slipped back his wrist and could hear you a snap as her jaw popped and her head cracked back and she hit the floor,
No longer a whore,
But a deformed little girl,
Who'd forgotten her world,
On the tile floor bleeding,
Comfort needing and getting only obscenities spat at her face,
By the man meant to love her,
And she sat and she cried and she cried and she cried and she cried and she cried and she cried
And she cried right up to the moment she died


Why won't you take my e-mail?
I'm feeling ignored.
Oh, you might like to here this,
Y'know that picture you posted on the board?
I changed it to make background,
Printed it up and pasted it all over my wall,
All thats left is to win your heart,
Come to me,
Come to me,
Thou art...
Please please explain,
What made you stop?
We had so much in common,
We both liked Lennon,
We both have cats,
Were both vegetarians,
I am so entranced by your smile,
If only I could see you for a while,
Gimmee your number and I promise I'll dial,
Come to me,
Come to me,
Thou art...
You can cry on my shoulder,
I will be your boulder,
I will never let you go,
You will never leave my heart,
You will never leave my mind,
And someday before you know it,
You'll be in my eye Do not be afraid,
Do not fear a thing,
I will hold you and I will sing like your pretty bird,
Haven't you heard,
I love you,
I love you so,
Come to me,
Come to me,
Thou art,
Be mine,
Be mine please,
Be mine,
My mind is plagued by a disease,
Only you can cure,
You my love,
Are the remedy,
Save me,
Cure me,
I know I'm insane but,
I know you love me deep inside,
Even though I am mad just a bit,
Is it that your afraid,
Its okay,
You can trust me honey,
Baby maybe one day we'll get married,
Share a house with 8 kids,
And I can work and you can cook,
And late at night we'll each read books,
Well lying in bed,
Come with me,
Without you my soul is dead
Please be mine,
I can't take it without you,
Will end it without you,
Sometimes I want to shout at you,
I feel ignored,
Sometimes I think your just some internet whore,
But ahh thats just foolishness,
Is it not?
I love you and you I too,
And the two of us shall do the things all things two lovers do,
I found your boyfriend's e-mail,
Don't worry he won't get in the way,
Through hacking I've found him to be gay,
Blackmailed him and let him know,
She's got a new guy now,
In me,
Can't you see?
We were meant to be...
Be mine
Be mine
Be mine
Be mine
Be mine
Be mine
Be mine so
Be mine please,
I feel it all slipping away,
I'm going insane,
The more I long for you,
The more I need you.
You may be flattered to know,
I've stopped looking at porn,
Your beautiful enough,
Drop dead gorgeous,
That I don't need that smut,
Those fake breasts,
Those greasy butts,
'Cause I've got you,
A Modern Munroe,
I'll die without you,
Die inside,
And when dead inside,
Who is really alive?
So without you,
I hope yo know,
I'll blow myself out in the snow,
Be mine
Be mine
Be mine
Be mine
Be mine
Come to me
Come to me
Come to me
Come to me
Come to me
Come to me
Come to me
Come to me
Come to me
Come to me
Come to me
Come to me
Come to me
Thou art...
Oh how I need you,
I breathe, see, and eat you,
Your always on my mind,
Not sexually,
I'm not that kind of guy,
Why would you ignore me so?
We have so much in common,
Come to me
Come to me
Come to me
Thou art...
Come to me,
Come to me,
Come to me,
Thou art...
Come to me,
Come to me,
Come to me,
Thou art...
I'm almost there...
Please be my mate...
I just crossed into the state...
I'm in your county...
I'm in your town...
I'm on your lane...
I'm in your house....
I'm on your bed...
With you beneath me...
Why'd it have to be this way...
Why would you do this to me?
Look what you went and made me do, hon...
Its okay, I still love you...
They won't bury you...
I won't let them...
You'll stay in my house...
You'll sleep in my bed...
We never had what we could have before...
Maybe now it will be easier...
Now that your dead...
Everywhere there's lots of piggies living piggy lives.
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Old Dec 29, 2005, 01:01 PM   #2
Dr. Robert
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That's a lot of lyrics! Just watch out for copyrights....I'm sure no-one would, but if someone nicked them and you didn't have any legal protection you'd be a bit ticked off!

Sorry to bring the mood down, I just wanted to make sure you knew!

The words are great though - you could read the first one like a poem, and the last....well, that just speaks for itself! I'd buy it for deffos!
And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.

Choose Love, dudes!
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Old Dec 29, 2005, 02:05 PM   #3
Co-Admin Geezer
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Yeah, I was going to point that out. If you're going to publicise them like this then I would very strongly recommend that you get 'em covered first. Nothing too big - just enough to prove that you wrote them if the worst should occur.

Because there are some thieving buggers out there.
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Old Dec 29, 2005, 06:16 PM   #4
Sun King
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that's why I'm hesitant to post my own amazing lyrics :)
Why don't you say it in your famous James Mason impersonation?
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Old Dec 29, 2005, 07:17 PM   #5
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Old Mar 05, 2006, 04:31 PM   #7
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Of course, we could set up a PM system of lyric trading.
I'm willing to share some of mine. They're not really good, and I havn't written the actual melody down... but I'll do that next year when my guitar lessons are done.
the sun is up
the sky is blue
it's beautiful
and so are you
Dear Prudence
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Old Mar 05, 2006, 05:29 PM   #8
Beatle Corinne
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Yes - you should at least write "Copyright so and so 2006" underneath the titles of your lyrics .

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Old Mar 06, 2006, 07:04 AM   #9
Clark Kent
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My lyrics are brilliant but I just can't do anything with them.
Dr Livingstone I presume?
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Old Oct 01, 2006, 05:18 PM   #10
Fool On The Hill
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Default a numbing shot for your mind

hey guys. i know this is completely bazarre in an awesum kind of way (i think). Anyways if u understand it at all or like it or hate it please comment. thanks.

A numbing shot for your mind,
A thought to protect the whatís there
Lets pick which disorder we'll have today
It doesnít matter
Say anything you want to
Convince yourself Ė youíre like an actress
Get them to believe anything you want
Your colors change and fade away
Lying beneath an empty truth

Youíre not wrong
Just confused
Fake yourself
Until the point
When fake becomes reality

It feels like lightning outside
Inside and out
What does that feel like?
I wanna get struck by lightning
I wonder how that would make me feel
Id decide it hurts
But then later Iíd think Iím glad
Glad I got hit by lightning
Unless I died maybe

Confuse yourself until the point
When you donít know what confused is
Blinded in a cloud
Cloud of conformity
But you create the weather
Itís all yours
Smile and nod
Till it goes away
That purple-eyed monster
The one with 7 heads

Making no sense at all
Lets go fly a kite over a rainbow somewhere
Because life is just one big ongoing chaos
With little breaks in between
We do what we have to
If we could choose what we did
That would be nice

Fake like you mean it
Really umm try
Lets get schizophrenic
That will be more interesting
Than anything you say
You the actress.
With your non-schizophrenic mom.
Too bad,

Too bad you are a tool
A tool to help build ďtheirĒ ego
Go live your life
You donít get it at all
Guess some people are just meant to not live
Their lives
They would prefer
Someone elseís
And some just need some help
Subliminal messages would make things
So much easier.

copyright 2006

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