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Old Apr 02, 2015, 04:05 AM   #1
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Default Cynthia Lennon Dies at 75

Strangely, no 'proper' tread about Cynthia's passing here on the Lennon forum. Until now. Lots of articles out there. Here's a good one from NY Times:

Cynthia Lennon, the First Beatles Wife, Dies at 75


Cynthia Lennon, the first wife of the Beatles’ John Lennon, who chronicled their troubled marriage in two memoirs, died on Wednesday at her home in Mallorca, Spain. She was 75.

The cause was cancer, according to a memorial on the website of her son, Julian.

Ms. Lennon, then Cynthia Powell, met Lennon when he was a student at the Liverpool College of Art in the late 1950s. She was a studious, proper young lady, in stark contrast to him.

“He was a total rebel, and everybody was amazed by him,” she said in a 2005 interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

She ended her engagement to another man, he broke up with his girlfriend, and they began dating. It was during this period, Ms. Lennon said, that she first dealt with his jealousy and anger. She said that he smacked her in the face for dancing with another man, after which she broke up with him for several months.

She became pregnant in 1962 and married Lennon on Aug. 23, just weeks before the Beatles recorded their first single, “Love Me Do.” She was ill prepared for the fame that engulfed John and his bandmates.

“I didn’t marry a Beatle,” she told the British newspaper The Independent in 1999. “I married a broke student who played the guitar and ponced all my grant money off me.”

Their son was born in April 1963, as Beatlemania was spreading across England. Brian Epstein, the Beatles’ manager, hid the existence of Lennon’s wife and son to make him seem available to the legions of young women obsessed with him. Many fans were distraught when the Beatles appeared on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in 1964 and the words “Sorry, girls, he’s married” appeared with his image on the screen.

As the Beatles’ fame grew, Lennon became more distant, with little time for his wife and their son. Ms. Lennon stayed home with Julian while John toured and traveled. Lennon came to resent his wife’s conventional ways.

It was around this time that Lennon met the artist Yoko Ono. Ms. Lennon discovered their relationship after finding the two of them sitting on the floor of the Lennon home cross-legged, clad only in robes. John and Cynthia Lennon divorced in 1968, and she received a reported settlement of £100,000 (roughly $240,000 at the time).

After the divorce, Lennon cut off contact with her and their son for years, and many accounts of the Beatles’ history minimized them. “We are like walk-on parts in John’s life,” Ms. Lennon said in 2005.

Ms. Lennon told her side of the story in two memoirs: “A Twist of Lennon,” which she also illustrated, and “John.”

Julian Lennon rekindled his relationship with his father before he was murdered by Mark David Chapman in 1980. Ms. Lennon wrote that Ms. Ono asked her not to come to the memorial ceremonies in New York. But the two women grew closer over time.

“I felt proud how we two women stood firm in the Beatles family,” Ms. Ono wrote on her website on Wednesday.

Cynthia Powell was born in Blackpool, Lancashire, on Sept. 10, 1939. She was married four times, most recently to Noel Charles, who died in 2013.

Julian, who is also a singer and songwriter, is her only immediate survivor.

On the last page of “John,” Ms. Lennon wrote that if she had had another chance, she would have lived differently.

“If I’d known as a teenager what falling for John Lennon would lead to,” she said, “I would have turned ’round right then and walked away.”

Link to article

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Default Cynthia Lennon Memorial site

Julian has made a special Cynthia Lennon Memorial page to commemorate his beloved mother. You can visit it here.

Sometimes I dream in colors
It always happens when
I find myself with others
Who don't pretend
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Old Apr 03, 2015, 06:03 AM   #3
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Post Sad news indeed

Thank's hibgal for the interesting article !

Cyn's passing is really sad and I think it's a big loss in the Beatles history, as she was one of the very first witness of the Beatles career to the top. I also believe that she was still quite popular, though she always was a quiet and modest person. It must be hard time for Julian, as he was very close to his mom.

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Old Apr 03, 2015, 11:49 AM   #4
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Wow I did not know her last husband died in 2013, or that she was engaged before becoming involved with John.
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Old Apr 03, 2015, 02:13 PM   #5
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She has 5 Mens but only married with 4 last was Noel died 2013
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Old Apr 04, 2015, 12:07 AM   #6
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Default Cynthia Lennon has passed away

My condolences and prayers on the passing away of Cynthia.I'm sending prayers for her and for Julian and his family.

Los Angeles Times
Cynthia Lennon, John Lennon's ex-wife, dies at 75

The Guardian
Cynthia Lennon obituary

NPR News
In Her Life After John, Cynthia Lennon Didn't Stop Loving Him - audio

Irish Mirror
Cynthia Lennon's final radio interview: 'I was aware of John's jealousy - but not his violence'

Liverpool Echo
Tributes paid to Cynthia Lennon as she dies aged 75 in Spain

San Francisco Chronicle - SF Gate
How John and Cynthia Lennon’s divorce inspired 'Hey Jude’

The Fest
Cynthia Lennon: Shine On

'Cynthia Lennon: Shine On': moving tribute by Jude Southerland Kessler

New flood of tributes to Cynthia Lennon from friends, admirers

Cynthia Lennon has died at the age of 75; here is a tribute

Cynthia Lennon dies: son Julian releases tribute video
Life is what happens when your busy making other plans. John Lennon
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Old Apr 06, 2015, 09:53 PM   #7
Apple Scruff
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Aww, I meant to post earlier in here. I'm so sad over Cyn's passing. I always respected the way she carried on with her life and was such a great mother to Julian. She was a lovely lady and, as Snoopy said, YES she was a huge part of the Beatles story. My heart and sympathy to Julian during this very difficult time.
"Let me live in you..." ~ John Lennon
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Old Apr 07, 2015, 10:13 AM   #8
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Thanks to hibgal and our falconine friend, we have learned a lot about the tragic passing of Cynthia. She was a good mother to Julian. He grew up to be a kind and responsible person and a perfectly ordinary guy, like his lovely mother Cynthia.
With a love like that, you know you should be glad, yeah, yeah, yeah!-- Beatles, 1963

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Old Apr 15, 2015, 06:40 PM   #9
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I just found this out here-now......

All the best to Julian and all her loved ones........
Sad news....
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