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Default LIB DVD inside info

This was posted by someone in the Beatleg group, but was originally poste din the google group:

Subject: Let It Be DVD rough details
From: (Simony2)
Date: Sun, May 30, 2004 3:14 AM
Message-id: < m>

Hi all,

I was lucky enough last week to accompany my brother to a special
editing session for a new Let It Be promo DVD he was assembling in a
editing suite last week (he didn't actually work on the forthcoming DVD
Anyway, I was lucky enough to be able to spend several hours watching
final product and combing through a bunch of production notes.

The film and features I watched were on a hard drive so I have no idea
what the actual discs or the DVD packaging will look like, sorry. Some
of the
footage was still silent and not all of the options I clicked on
worked, but
here's a
very rough preview. It's apparently not due until March 2005 so it may

Let It Be DVD

"3 disc 5.1 special edition" with extra features to be followed by a
single "plain vanilla" disc 6 months later.

The special edition features all the original film footage that was
used in the original 1970 theatrical release of Let It Be spread over
first 2 discs (Disc 1
is entitled Twickenham and Disc 2 Apple). Over 79 minutes in total of
previously unseen
footage has been added into both discs. An optional on-screen apple
logo is
available that
pops up in the screen corner whenever "new" material appears, but there
is no
option that allows you to either select the new footage or the original

I didn't have time to watch the entire 2 discs but from what I did see
the Octopuses Garden sequence has been almost doubled. Entirely new
sequences have been added for Something, I Lost My Little Girl, All
Must Pass, She
Came In Thru The Bathroom Window, Plain Yoko Jam, Fancy My Chances With
Rock'n'Roll Music, Blues Aren't For Ringo, Isn't It A Pity and more.
seems to be
heaps more footage of George Harrison.

Both discs apparently feature an audio commentary by The Beatles with
Michael Lindsay Hogg, Yoko Ono and Linda Eastman (all culled from audio
made during the sessions). This didn't work yet on the demo I watched.

The third disc features even more bonus material including:

AS NATURE INTENDED: 34 minute documentary on the Let It Be sessions,
includes new interviews with George Martin, Billy Preston and Michael
Hogg, as well as archive interviews with John Lennon and George, Paul
interviews from the Anthology series (including a few snippets not seen

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: A collection of rare footage of The Beatles
recording in the studio (none of this is "Let It Be" era material). The
footage listed
includes And I Love Her, Paperback Writer, Rain, All You Need Is Love,
Bulldog, Lady
Madonna, Helter Skelter, Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da, Blackbird, Tutti Frutti,
Hey Jude
track alone went for 20 minutes), St Louis Blues.

ACROSS TO ABBEY ROAD: The Abbey Road album tracks of Oh Darling, She
Came In Through The Bathroom Window, Something and Maxwell's Silver
all matched up to footage from the Let It Be rehearsals to create brand
new "video clips".

CHIMNEY SWEEP: Option didn't work - no details on notes.

BEHIND THE SHUTTERS: Option didn't work - no details on notes.

THE NAKED TRUTH: A featurette on the production of the Naked album
including footage of Paul McCartney at a playback session. Ends with a
created for Across The Universe using Let It Be footage.

TRAILERS: Let It Be, The Beatles Anthology, Yellow Submarine, The
First US Visit.

THE BALLAD OF JOHN AND YOKO: Option didn't work - no details on notes.
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Default Re: LIB DVD inside info

There's a similar topic here in the news forum.
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Default Re: LIB DVD inside info

Sounds Interesting....
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