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Old Feb 20, 2002, 11:22 PM   #1
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Default Anothe Sound Alike Beatle Album ?

Heres a very interesting album that came out in 1976 it was by a Canandian group called Klaatu actually a year before the album Ringo came out with a the Album called
Goodnight Veinna which actually was a picture of him with a Mechanical spaceman
it was from the Classic Film called the Day The Earth Stood Still in which the Characters name was Klaatu so the band took the name and were signed to Capitol Records
didnt put there names on the albums and rumours started flying it was in fact the Beatles back together again !! One song in paticular does sound like The Beatles its called Sub Rosa and it does sound like Paul
singing another song called Calling Occcupants of Interplanetary which was a hit for the Carpenters in the late 70s its still
not available on C.D. only on L.P they also
have a few other albums and another song
off one of there albums is called Were off you Know which sounds a little like Penny Lane , I think there stuffs only available on CD in Cananda so check them out!!!!

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Default Re: Anothe Sound Alike Beatle Album ?

We posted about this way back in the past, but here's the main 'evidence' that said Klaatu was the Beatles...

Rumours emerged in 1973 that the Beatles had reformed under an assumed name, Klaatu. On August 3 1976, Capitol released an anonymous album by the group 'Klaatu'. (Daffodil Records marketed the album in the UK).

Track listing was as follows:

Calling Ocupants Of Interplanetary Craft
California Jam
Anus Of Uranus
Sub Rosa Speedway
True Life Hero
Doctor Marvello
Sir Bodsworth Rugglesby III
Little Mevtrino

Their music was pleasant, layered pop, with self-conscious psychadelic references to the Sgt Pepper era, resembling other artists in this period, such as Pink Floyd, ELO, Yes and Queen. They remained an obscure group until 1977, when Charlie Parker, a DJ on WDRC in Providence, Rhode Island, played one of the tracks on his show. Hundreds of listeners phoned, convinced he had played a new Beatle record.

An article by Steve Smith in the 'Providence Journal' soon followed claiming that Klaatu was the Beatles. He suggested there were some 150 clues and pieces of evidence which pointed to a 'Klaatu Konspiracy'. These included...

- A University of Miami voice print test on Klaatu and McCartney recordings which proved the lead vocalist was the same.

- Australian disc jockey with evidence to show that the 'Klaatu' album was an unreleased Beatles album called 'Sun' (the cover for 'Klaatu' depicts a smiling sun)

- Playing 'Sub Rosa Subway' backwards, using a low speed frequency ocillator and filters revealed the message 'Its us, its the Beeeeetles!'

- On the cover of his 'Goodnight Vienna' album, Ringo Starr's head was shown superimposed on the body of a character from the film 'The Day The Earth Stood Still'. The character's name? Klaatu. The connection was strenthened by Apple promotional material for 'Goodnight Vienna', which said 'Don't Forget - Klaatu Barada Nikto'

There was no biographical info on the cover, while the group's manager, Frank Davis, when asked directly if Klaatu were the Beatles, refused to confirm or deny the rumour

Likewise, Capitol, far from denying the allegations, went so far as to circulate the 'Providence Journal' article, and within 8 weeks, the album had sold 300,000 copies.

Later, the group's members were identified as Canadian session musicians John Woloschuk (also known as L.M.Carpenter and Chip Dale), Terry Draper, David Long and Dino Tome, but despite this, the Klaatu Kraze continued, especially in Australia, where Beatle fan John Squires issued a 34 page booklet called 'Under An Assumed Name: The Beatles Secret Reunion'. Their most well-known song, 'Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft' was even covered by 'The Carpenters', becaming a Top 40 hit.

Klaatu went on to release 5 more albums. Their follow up was called 'Hope' and was released in 1977 The track listing was as follows:

We're Off You Know
Around The Universe In Eighty Days
Long Live Politzania
The Lonliest Of Creatures
So Said The Lighthouse Keeper

'Hope' was followed by 'Sir Army Suit' ('78), 'Endangered Species' ('80) and 'Magenta Lane' ('81). However, lack of public interest and chart success saw the group split up in 1981. A compilation album, 'Klassic Klaatu' followed the break-up in 1982. Capitol rereleased 'Klaatu' and 'Hope' as a Special Double Play CD (CDP 7978002) in 1992.

The only clear connection between Klaatu and George Martin was that David Long became head programmer in a computer room at Martin's AIR Studios. As the group had hidden behind the name 'Klaatu', no details on producers or writers is available.

Paul is Dead - The Conclusive Evidence - "The biggest and most informative website on the internet about the biggest rock 'n' roll conspiracy of the 20th century."
The Definitive Introducing the Beatles Authentification Guide - "Fantastic site. One of a kind in this subject and a site that all collectors can refer too."
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Default Re: Anothe Sound Alike Beatle Album ?

Klaatu has their own website, if you or anyone else is interested in what they are up to these days. Most recently, they have remastered their debut album and released it about a month ago. Plans are in the works to release the entire Klaatu catalogue. Their website is

Check them out.


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