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Old Oct 08, 2004, 05:17 PM   #1
Mr. Moonlight
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Default Happy Birthday to my HERO and his son!

<font color="green"> **HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JOHN LENNON AND SEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!**

I would sit here for hours typing up a huge tribute tomorrow on October 9th, but instead, I am staying clear of the internet and I am going to throw a huge party. I could sit here all night but I have things to plan for, a party to throw, some rest to get, a personal tribute to write, a letter to write, and much much much more! I went out to the store after work today. I spent $20.69 on a half gallon of ice creme for John and Sean's birthday tomorrow (how that happened, I was ripped off at the store and they refused to give me my money back. I was mad but I mean, all this for John... it sure was worth it in a sense.) Now I have no money for a cake but I might be able to squeeze one of those in, too. I have some cake mix and some icing right here. Besides, it would be more special to make it rather than to buy it. I might not eat it though, if I cannot find some butter or vegetable oil to use so that the cake does not stick to the pan. If not, I am not eating it cos I'd have to use shortening and that is animal fat. *sighs*

Miranda and I are going to celebrate. I cannot wait, we are going to have a blast. I probably should invite Brittany over too, she could probably stay all night and we can watch Beatle movies together. But if not, that is fine too. I will be more than happy to sit alone with the happy presance of John, George, Stu, Alf, Mal, Brian, Mimi, Julia, and all of our lovely Beatle friends as I sit and pay a huge tribute to John Lennon and Sean. Tomorrow is such a happy day.

Don't forget to wear all white for peace, love on behalf of John Lennon's happy life on October 9, tomorrow. Don't forget to burn your candles and write your tributes. Please keep John in your mind and think positive thoughts. And please try to do something nice to someone tomorrow. Let everyone you love know that you care. Oh one of the most important things, try to at least have a 1 hour vigil alone in your bedroom... I am. Maybe even read a Beatle book... I will be making birthday cards as well. That I will add to my scrapbook.

Well, that is all for now. Hopefully I get a call from my friend Kalinka (Johnny Lover) who is going down to Strawberry Fields tomorrow for the Vigil. I will have a moment of silence with her and the crowd. She is going to take pictures for me. Once I get them, I might try to post them up if the school will let me use their scanner. I may even try calling Yoko. I probably should write her a letter and send it off as well.

I know that next year (most likely, but not 100% sure), Miranda and I are going to drive up to New York City for John Lennon's birthday next year as well as for December 8th. I will have my driver's lisence so I will drive up there and Miranda can drive back. We are going to have a blast. And maybe this will be the day that I will meet John Lennon for my first time. Call my crazy but it shall happen, if John wants it to.

I hope you all have fun, love you!

Oh yeah, after I finish my tribute, either tonight or sometime tomorrow night, I will post it here. I hope you all will like it. I will be writing some poetry and things as well. I will make sure John gets and sees it.

Tiff Lennon </font>
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Old Oct 08, 2004, 11:33 PM   #3
Sun King
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Default Re: Happy Birthday to my HERO and his son!

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