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Default 1964-03-18 - BBC Radio - Paul McCartney, John Lennon, & Ringo Starr

March 18, 1964 - 7:00 P.M.
Paul McCartney, John Lennon, & Ringo Starr
Interviewed By George Harrison
Twickenham Film Studios, St. Margaret's, Twickenham, United Kingdom
Broadcast March 22, 1964, 3:00-4:00 P.M. On BBC Light Programme, The Public Ear

Recorded while The Beatles were waiting around on the set at Twickenham to film parts of A Hard Day's Night

GEORGE: Well, we just have been out for dinner at the Dorchester. And, Paul McCartney, would you like to say a few words to the
listeners of Public Ear?

PAUL: Uhh, yes. What about them, George?

GEORGE: How are you enjoying filming? This is your first film, isn't it, Paul?

PAUL: (laughs) Yes. The first film we ever made, and uhh, we're having a good time. We're not very good actors, but we're trying
hard. That's the most important thing, really-- having a try, isn't it?

GEORGE: (mock seriousness) Yes. I suppose it is, Paul. Well, are you having any trouble learning your lines, or anything like

PAUL: Well actually, George, I'm a bit lazy about that. I normally learn them about, uhh, ten minutes before we do the scene,
actually. (jokingly) I feel it gives an air of impromptuity.

GEORGE: I see. How's the director of the film?

PAUL: Well, yes. Dick Lester's directing the film... uhh, what's yer name? George?

GEORGE: George, yeah. BBC! I'm from the BBC, you see. Public Ear.

PAUL: Anyway, his name is Dick Lester. He's a good fella. He's BALD, but don't hold that against him. He's one of the nicest fellas
I've met, and he's a great director. I think he's gonna save the film in the cutting rooms. Great fella, he is.

GEORGE: What do you mean, 'He's gonna save it in the cutting rooms?' What exactly do you mean by that, Paul?

PAUL: (laughs) Well you see, George, umm... The acting may not be very good, but if he can cut it up, and slice it around, and
slop bits in here and slop bits in there, he may make it into a good film, you see.

GEORGE: I see. Well thank you Paul. And, uhh, you'll receive your three-shilling fee at a later date.

PAUL: Don't mention it, George. Thank you.

Segment Two:GEORGE: Well this week, we have a special person for you on our program-- None other than John Lennon of The
Beatles. Well John, I believe you've written a bewk. And this bewk's called 'John Lennon In His Own Write,' folks. W-R-I-T-E, you
see. It's a larf. It's a larf a minute with John Lennon. Some of you might find it a bit difficult to understand-- because you see, it's in a
sort of funny lingo. Well, we get it, you see. It's full of larfs. I don't really know how you could describe it. But, it's sort of rubbish.

JOHN: (laughs)

GEORGE: Maybe that's one way. Well, sitting on my left I have another person of the Beatles called Ringo Starr. What, Ringo, do
you think of this book by John Lennon?

RINGO: Well, I think it's marvelous. I mean, I've never read anything like it.

GEORGE: (jokingly) You've never READ before, though, have you?

RINGO: No. I can't read, you see. That's why I've never... I mean, the stories are so funny, I just... Ha-Ha!! I mean, the titles are so
funny. 'Partly Dave' and what else have we got here? We got many a nice story. 'Sad Michael,' that's a sad story. 'The Famous Five
through Woenow Abbey' that's a well-known place. 'Randolf's Party,' I mean, that's one not to be missed by anybody. We also have
'The Wrestling Dog.' Many little drawings which will make you laugh.

GEORGE: (correcting) Larf.

RINGO: George is trying to lose his accent, you see.

GEORGE: Well thank you, Ringo. So I'd just like to hand you over to John Lennon. And what are you gonna read for us?

JOHN: Well just so happens, George, I've got a copy of me book here, and it's... I'll read a poem what is called 'Alec Speaking.'

(reads)He is putting it lithely when he says
Quobble in the Grass
Strab he down the soddieflays
Amo amat amass
Amonk, amink, a minibus
Amarmylaidie Moon
Amikky mendip multiplus
Amighty midgey spoon
And so I traddled onward
Caring not a care
Onward, Onward, Onward.
(yells loudly) Onward my friends, and glory for the fifty-ninth!!


JOHN: Actually, it's the thirty-ninth, but I goofed.

GEORGE: Well thank you, John, thank you. This is the last program, isn't it, Ringo?

RINGO: Aww. They're awfully...

GEORGE: 'Cuz we like doing 'Public Ear.' We think it's a great program 'cuz when we're on tour, we listen to it. Don't we, Ringo?

RINGO: Yeah, it's a fab show.
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