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Post George Martin on American Idol? Not in his life

George Martin on American Idol? Not in his life
Alex Strachan, Canwest News Services
Published: Monday, July 14, 2008
The Vancouver Sun

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - The man sometimes referred to as "the Fifth Beatle" acknowledges he was once considered as a mentor on American Idol.

Sir George Martin, the host of an upcoming PBS music series On Record: The Soundtrack of Our Lives, told reporters at the summer gathering of the Television Critics Association that he was only too well aware of American Idol, in part because it was spun off from the wildly successful U.K. series, Pop Idol.

"I know American Idol is enormously popular, but it's not my cup of tea," Martin said. "I would never dream of being on it. In spite of the money that's being made. My God, that man (Simon Cowell) is walking around like Croesus. But I'd rather be poor."

Martin said the world will never again see the likes of the Beatles - not because the talent isn't there, but because the music industry, and the world, has changed.

"We will probably see something different," Martin said, "but not as successful. The Beatles are like George Gershwin or Cole Porter; they're gone forever. You'll still be hearing Beatles music in 2050. Most of the groups coming along today don't get the chance to build up that longevity. There will be great acts, of course, but nothing quite like Beatlemania."

The veteran record producer, arranger and composer says he isn't enamoured of today's pop-music scene.

"I've listened to quite a few records," Martin said, "but I'm not terribly happy with the current pop music. I like Coldplay. Chris Martin is excellent, you know. He has to be with a name like that. I like Radiohead. So I'm pretty provincial, and English, in my taste, I guess."

Martin's favourite Beatles song?

"In My Life," he said, without missing a beat.

"I loved John's lyric. I loved the simplicity of the song. And it was personal to me. There was a certain note in the song that had to be filled in, and while they went out and had their cup of tea, I devised something and played it myself, and the little interlude is something I wrote and performed. So In My Life is personal to me. The words are personal, too, because it's about friends and lovers that I've known and I miss. Look at the words. They're beautiful."
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