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Default Forum Guidelines

This post should hopefully answer most of the common questions that come up from time to time. Other questions and answers appear in the Forum F.A.Q.. I'm sure I left out a few things, so send me a message and I'll add it if it belongs.

Administrators & Moderators
Each moderator is in charge of one or more specific forums. In addition, there are currently three administrators. They are basically moderators, but they can perform a few additional functions on the forum. The moderators are here for a reason - to moderate. Their main job is to move, edit, close, and delete topics when they choose to do so. They may also intervene when they feel the discussion is going too far off-topic, or if the topic is headed towards a personal attack (see below) on another member.

The most important thing to remember is that all of the moderators and administrators (and hopefully you too) are here for one reason - love of The Beatles and their music. The moderators don't get paid for all of their work and time, they do it because they want to.

I Wanna Be A Moderator!
Becoming a moderator has nothing to do with how long you have been a member, how many posts you have on the forum, or how many times you ask us if you can become one. From time to time, a moderator will leave the forum or just give up their post. And at other times, we feel a new moderator is needed in a specific forum. So we all nominate new candidates for a moderator and just choose one.

General Posting Guidelines
We realize there are a lot of forums to sort through, but there are a few things you can do to help us all out. Please make an effort to post topics in the correct forum. Moderators will move and/or close topics placed incorrectly. Also, if a topic on a particular subject has already been started, please don't start another one. Moderators will simply close it. And finally, please don't start a topic complaining about a particular forum member or moderator. If you have a problem with someone's conduct, bring it up in a private message to a moderator who will look into it. Topics bashing or defaming another member will be immediately closed and deleted. If you continue to attack another member on the forum, you are subjecting yourself to a temporary or permanent ban (see below) from the site. Please respect the administrators, moderators, and other members of the forum. Remember that, if nothing else, we are all Beatles fans.

Second Opinions
If you think that a topic has been closed or moved incorrectly, or you (or another member) have been treated unfairly by a moderator, send a private message to the moderator concerned, and politely let them know why you want the issue reconsidered. Usually there is a pretty good reason behind anything we do, but we also make mistakes. If you are not satisfied with the moderator's response, you can contact an administrator for a second opinion. Keep in mind however our first question is probably going to be "Well what did (insert moderator here) say?"

Banning A Member
Examples of behavior that can lead to a warning or banning are: abusing or bashing another member, trolling or spamming, disregarding the requests of an administrator or moderator, etc. The number one reason a forum member gets banned is because they just can't seem to get along with another member. This is a worldwide discussion forum, and we realize that your opinions are of course wide and varied. Anybody is free to have their own opinion, but at no point should you insult or bash another member. If you have something to say directly to another member that you think might be considered insulting, do it OFF the forum either in an e-mail or in a private message.

Generally you will get some kind of warning before a permanent ban is enforced, although in extreme cases we will ban a member without a warning. A warning can come in a variety of forms - a private message from an administrator, a verbal warning on the forum, or even a temporary ban. If you're banned from the forum, it basically means that you can't post anymore. Registering again won't change anything, and that name will be banned and deleted as well.

Pictures Pictures Pictures
Everybody loves to post their favorite pictures of The Beatles or of themselves. However, please keep in mind that many of our forum members don't have lightning speed internet connections with huge monitors. Posting huge pictures slows down the load time of topic pages, and it can be very frustrating to some. So be aware that there are topics specifically devoted to pictures, where some of our more zealous members post pictures day and night. In addition, try to keep the size of any picture you post UNDER 300 pixels wide. To learn how to add images to your posts, read the Forum F.A.Q..

Sign Here Please
You can edit your profile to include a signature that will appear below your posts on the forum. Some members like to include their first name, or even a line or two of their favorite quote or lyrics. Others like to display a link to the own site, or maybe their favorite site of the moment. In any case, it's preferred that your signature is only a few lines long. Keep in mind that having an extra long signature does not help anybody.

For a variety of reasons, we DO NOT allow images in your signatures. The main reason being that images greatly slow down the load time of topics. However, you can display ONE smilie from our huge list of available smilies. Just use the usual smilie code, and it will appear.

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