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Exclamation John Lennon On Yoko Ono - Short story re-discovered

John Lennon On Yoko Ono - Short story re-discovered

A short story written by John Lennon has been re-discovered casting new light on his relationship with Yoko Ono.

John Lennon was married when The Beatles first rose to fame. With his wife Cynthia and young son Julian it seemed as if the young songwriter was at the centre of domestic bliss, yet nothing could be further from the truth.

An essay written by John Lennon in 1978 has been re-discovered. His widow Yoko Ono alerted fans to the short story via her Twitter, and the piece sheds new light on Lennon's feelings about his life.

Beginning with his pre-fame notions of femininity, John Lennon reveals his teenage longing for Brigitte Bardot. "Met the real Brigitte a few years later" he claims. "I was on acid and she was on her way out."

The Beatles voyage to India in 1968 left a lasting impression on the singer, with Lennon revealing that he became fixated with oriental women. "I finally met Yoko and the dream became a reality" he revealed.

"The only woman Id ever met who was my equal in every way imaginable. My better, actually. Although Id had numerous interesting affairs in my previous incarnation, Id never met anyone worth breaking up a happily-married state of boredom for. Escape, at last! Someone to leave home for! Somewhere to go. Id waited an eternity."

The Beatles star also recalled the casual racism flung towards his new bride. "Having been brought up in the genteel poverty of a lower middle-class environment, I should not have been surprised by the outpouring of race-hatred and anti-female malice to which we were subjected in that bastion of democracy, Great Britain."

"It was hard for Yoko to understand, having been recognized all her life as one of the most beautiful and intelligent women in Japan. The racism and sexism were overt. I was ashamed of Britain."
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That is a very interesting essay from John and shows how he felt about Yoko!
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Beatle Corinne
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It really was terrible the racism against Yoko at that time. The UK was particularly bad, but the US wasn't so great either.
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Great article Lucy!

It's interesting though, many of the things the author cites aren't new at all. Last year a picked up a copy of John's book "Skywriting by word of mouth" for ten dollars at a used book store...and those exact words are in one of the short essays/stories in that book. The first half of the book has biographical essays and then it goes into John's almost modernist short stories.

John wrote Skywriting durring his house-husband years...and then after his death the drafts were "stolen" (?) by Fred Seaman (John's assistant). Apparently John had also been had "instructed Fred to give them to Julian, should anything happen". Yoko eventually took it to court and got the drafts back, and had them published posthumously in 1986. (I believe it was '86)..

I wonder if the short story the author cites is the same "re-discovered" short story Yoko is mentioning on twitter?

If it is, it's interesting how sometimes the media bends old information into new stories, lol.

Skywriting is very entertaining though. I also have a copy of "In his own write", and the word plays are a bit easier to understand. I appreciate John's wacky short stories more now though. Last year I took an introduction to Literary Studies course at University and we did a unit on the modernists...(People like James Joyce or TS Eliot) and apparently in a lot of the writing from that style the authors played with words, because they wanted to show off how brilliant they were. My prof said they didn't want their readers to fully understand what they'd written.

It struck me that John's style is kind of like that too!
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