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Old Nov 23, 2021, 02:56 PM   #1
Fool On The Hill
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Default I'm living in a new house

I moved out of an old house and stepped into a new one. I did this last Thursday. It's a nice house. The downstairs looks pretty big, and the upstairs is pretty small. I mentioned before I moved that it had a hot tub and a swimming pool. I tried the hot tub a number of times, and I simply love it! It's so relaxing. It's big enough to hold around 4 people, maybe 5. Of course it's too cold here in NY State to try the swimming pool yet, unless you are a member of the polar bear club. I won't get to try that out until the summer. It's a pretty good sized one. It's about the size as a good sized living room. It's not too small, nor too big, it's just right. It's an outer ground pool. I am looking forward to the summer, that's for sure. Oh one other thing about this house is that it's got a huge back yard. There are already blue berry bushes in the back, and also some asparagus. I'm not much of an asparagus fan, but there is enough room to have a whole garden back there. The dogs that we have will have plenty of room to run about. They are old though, so they won't run very far. Besides that, it's all fenced in, since there is a pool back there. I wish some of you could visit. It would be nice to be able to have a pool party over the summer. However I'd have to ask my mother since she lives with me too.
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That is quite the hot tub accessories Canada. This mirror is pretty awesome and really differ from ordinary glass. When you struck it with brute force, it breaks into small rounded shards rather than sharply pointed pieces. Apart from this mirror, you had to buy hot tub accessories to double your pleasure. If you want I will leave you the link where you can find 30+ must-have hot tub accessories. Hope that would be useful for you.
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