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Dr. Robert
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Default Mono and Stereo Mixes: The Differences

I know the pain. You think, "What the heck do I know about Pauls hair color". Well, heres a topic us techies can get into hopefully. OK, FIRST, a bit of shameless plugging. If you need some basic info on mono/stereo mixes, please click on my link below, go to 'Reading Room', and read the article "You Cant Do That".End of plug.
Now, some people just cant seem to hear the differences. Indeed, in many tracks, there IS no difference. But in some, its night and day. I'll start with some off the top of my head, you folks add on!
"Help!"- The BIGGIE for me. The mono(single)is almost totally a different recording. After the intro, which is just spliced on from the stereo mix,its complete different vocals. Maybe instruments as well. The complete recording of the mono version, with original intro intact, can be found on original Help filmprints, as well as Masterfractions "Help! Alternate Mixes,Outtakes and Acetates". The mystery is in this: all 12 takes of Help are available. This take isnt among them, and Lewisohn ignores the matter. So where did the mono come from?

"Back In The USSR"- In mono, the differences lay in the guitar in most places. The 3 chords leading into the solo are missing, for instance. Theres a shout just before the first guitar note in the intro. The plane sound effects come in at different times. And it appears to have only ONE drum track, opposed to the stereos two. Which I beleive to have been a 'compromise' track, some of Johns drums, some of Pauls.

"Sgt.Pepper Reprise"- Many mono differences!! The intro beat goes on longer. The crowd noises are done differently. Paul goes NUTS at the end, shouting gibberish not heard in stereo. Theres also an audible drop in volume close to the end, much the same as in "LSD". Several louder spoken things in the intro. The last beat meets the first beat of "A Day in the Life", this isnt done in stereo.

"Got To Get You Into My Life"- George Martin used a trick to double the brass on this track, making it much beefier. Something you'll notice with many mono tracks around 66 and 67, they just sound punchier. Could it be, as with this track, the drums are WAY off on one side, the bass WAY off on the other in stereo, and here, a neat concise mono mix? Also, a different take was used for Pauls ad-libs at the end, resulting in him singing different words into the fade out.

OK, thats all I can think of right now...I'm very tired! And...Beatles Bootleg Reviews WILL return next week! Think of this as a 'special' in its place!

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