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Old Mar 06, 2009, 12:04 PM   #1
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Default Beatles Rock Band Game Due 09/09/09


5th March 2009

New York, NY - March 5, 2009 - Apple Corps, Ltd., Harmonix and MTV Games, a part of Viacom's MTV Networks (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B), today announced the 9/9/09 worldwide release of The Beatles: Rock Band ( The music-based video game, an unprecedented, experiential progression through and celebration of the music and artistry of The Beatles, will be available simultaneously worldwide in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and other territories for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PLAYSTATION 3 computer entertainment system and Wii home videogame console from Nintendo.

The Beatles: Rock Band will allow fans to pick up the guitar, bass, mic or drums and experience The Beatles extraordinary catalogue of music through gameplay that takes players on a journey through the legacy and evolution of the band's legendary career. In addition, The Beatles: Rock Band will offer a limited number of new hardware offerings modeled after instruments used by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr throughout their career.

The Beatles: Rock Band will be offered as standalone software and hardware as well as a limited edition bundle. The game will be compatible with all Rock Band instrument controllers and other current music-based video game peripherals.

* Available on 9/9/09: The Beatles: Rock Band Software - Xbox 360, PLAYSTATION 3, Wii: $59.99 MSRP
* The Beatles: Rock Band Standalone Guitars - Xbox 360, PLAYSTATION 3, Wii: $99.99 MSRP
* The Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition Premium Bundle: Xbox 360, PLAYSTATION 3, Wii: $249.99 MSRP

Please note: Pricing outside of the US to be announced at a later date.

The Beatles: Rock Band marks the first time that Apple Corps, along with EMI Music, Harrisongs Ltd, and Sony/ATV Music Publishing, has agreed to present The Beatles music in an interactive video game format. The Beatles: Rock Band will be published by MTV Games and developed by Harmonix, the world's premier music video game company and creators of the best-selling Rock Band. Electronic Arts will serve as distribution partner for the game. In addition, Giles Martin, co-producer of The Beatles innovative LOVE album project, is providing his expertise and serving as Music Producer for this groundbreaking Beatles project.

Exclusive content created by Apple Corps, MTV Games and Harmonix will be made available to fans over the next few months who participate in a pre-order campaign through major retailers. More details on The Beatles: Rock Band game and pre-order will be revealed in the coming months.

Please visit
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Old Mar 07, 2009, 01:39 PM   #2
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I'm tempted to buy a game console.

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Old Mar 07, 2009, 09:10 PM   #3
Apple Scruff
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I will standing in line to get mine.
I'm looking through you
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Old Mar 08, 2009, 12:17 PM   #4
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Number nine number nine number nine! Love it!
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Old Mar 09, 2009, 05:27 AM   #5
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*sigh* It's times like these when I wish i had a gaming system!
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Old Mar 10, 2009, 09:14 AM   #6
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Great news! I know my son will be VERY interested in this. He has all of those Rock Band and Guitar Hero games. He's been waiting to hear about this Beatles Rock Band.. now I can give him a definite date. (actually this will make a good b-day gift, since his birthday is 9/30.)
Even I may try to play this one!
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Old Mar 10, 2009, 01:54 PM   #7
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Oooh can't wait! I just got a Wii 2 weeks ago, and now I'm doubly glad!
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Old Mar 10, 2009, 05:37 PM   #8
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I'm not one to pre-order a video game, but I've put my name in to be informed of when I can pre-ordered.

I'm going to trade in my Aerosmith Guitar Hero game for credit towards this one. Very exciting!
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Old Mar 10, 2009, 07:21 PM   #9
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We've got a Wii and I like this cuz the kids and I will play it together!
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Old Mar 11, 2009, 09:52 AM   #10
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My kid is soooo excited.
He's so cute saying, "Do we have to get 2, Mom?" One to play and one to keep mint in the box?"
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Old Mar 11, 2009, 10:04 PM   #11
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Dhani Harrison tells about his involvement in this project here
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Old Mar 12, 2009, 03:14 PM   #12
Zimmerman The Gnome
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I have played guitar hero...ok, when VERY drunk and its bloody hard ( although my partners kids can do it no bother) so I dont hold out much hope for this game!
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Old Mar 14, 2009, 05:09 PM   #13
Ivan P
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Originally Posted by Zimmerman The Gnome View Post
I have played guitar hero...ok, when VERY drunk and its bloody hard ( although my partners kids can do it no bother) so I dont hold out much hope for this game!
Rock Band is ten times better than Guitar Hero IMO (that's comparing the latest Rock Band game (RB 2) to the latest Guitar Hero (GH: World Tour)), so that gives me hope that Harmonix and MTV Games will handle this very well.

Hmm, my PS3 is going to get SUCH a workout this September :)
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Old Apr 05, 2009, 09:04 PM   #14
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Dhani Harrison talks up the Beatles’ “Rock Band”

Posted by Will Harris (04/02/2009 @ 11:05 pm)

Dhani Harrison…yes, you may know him as George’s son…has been making the press rounds, talking up You Are Here, the album by his band, thenewno2. While doing so, however, it hasn’t exactly required a great deal of arm-twisting to get him to chat about how he had more than a little bit to do with the folks at Apple Corps agreeing to license the Beatles’ music for their very own volume of “Rock Band.” But that’s fair enough, since “Yomp,” a song by thenewno2, was released as downloadable content for “Rock Band” on July 29, 2008, and another track, “Crazy Tuesday,” was released as one of 20 free songs for “Rock Band 2.”

“I basically did that for Apple,” admitted Harrison, “so that they could see it and say, ‘Oh, look, there’s Dhani, he’s a new media kind of person, and this is how he’s selling his stuff. Maybe we should consider doing that with the Beatles, seeing as we don’t have any digital deal or anything.’”

The Beatles’ “Rock Band” evolved out of several meetings Harrison had with Alex Rigopulos, co-founder of Harmonix Music Systems, the developers of “Rock Band.”

“He’s a genius,” said Harrison, “just the loveliest, loveliest guy. We were sitting around one day, and he just said to me, ‘Do you think they would ever go for a Beatle game?’ And I was thinking the same thing to talk to him about! ‘It would be amazing, wouldn’t it?’ I said to him. Actually, I think I said, ‘It would be amazing because I could kick your ass at ‘I Am the Walrus’ while dressed as a wizard in Shea Stadium.’

“Do you know what I mean? Or I could put on the ice skating outfit from ‘Help!’ and then beat you at ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ in the universe somewhere. I don’t know. Just make up whatever you can; ‘I Am the Walrus’ at the Cavern Club, even. Wouldn’t that be fun? And we both just started riffing on that kind of stuff until we both just were in hysterics, and it was obviously a brilliant idea, but I said, ‘Well, that’s never going to happen, is it?’ And he said, ‘No, it’s never going to happen.’ I said, ‘But I should talk to the guys from Apple, anyway. Because it is actually a no-brainer. It is the biggest no-brainer that I’ve ever, ever thought about, and if Apple don’t go for it, then they are shooting themselves in the foot, because someone else is going to do it. Someone else is going to get their own game.

“In the way the media works these days, in the way that music delivery systems work these days, I find it quite often best to be first,” Harrison explained. “If you were the first person ever to design an application for the iPhone and you patented it, you would be very, very better off than we are right now, you know? But you’ve got to be the first one to do it. So I figured that Led Zeppelin or The Stones were going to do it unless we just got on to it. So I got cracking with the guys from Apple. I kind of almost bullied them into believing how amazing it was. They really didn’t need much convincing if you looked to the fourth quarter, the month of December 2007, I think they sold something like 10,000,000 units of ‘Guitar Hero 2′ in just one month, and they are $50.00 each. I said, ‘If you do the math, if you go 50/50 with ‘Rock Band’ and you sell a Beatles ‘Rock Band’ game, that’s a big deal’ you know. And not to mention that, once the game is made, you can just keep adding songs to it. You could do the Bangladesh pack, you could do the ‘Live and Let Die’ pack, you could do the ‘Imagine’ pack…”

Are you salivating yet? Better clean yourself up. You’ve got ’til September 9th until the Beatles’ “Rock Band” hits stores.
"Everyone should have themselves regularly overwhelmed by Nature"
- George Harrison

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Old Apr 16, 2009, 05:14 AM   #15
I am the Paulrus
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Default Beatles Rock Band gets artwork, two-singer rumor

Beatles Rock Band gets artwork, two-singer rumor

By Dave Rudden

April 15, 2009

Looks cool. But is it $250 cool?

GoNintendo has culled a rumor from the May issue of Game Informer that may mark a major shift in Rock Band song possibilities. According to the "Loose Talk" gossip section of the magazine, The Beatles: Rock Band will allow multiple singers on songs, in order to better replicate the harmonies brought forth by the Fab Four. The rumor bit also mentions the possibility of user-created downloads in future Rock Band titles.

On the confirmed front, Kotaku debuted the box art for the standalone and bundled versions of The Beatles: Rock Band. You can get a nice look at a pastiche of all the covers on Kotaku, or hit up the Amazon pages for each version to get a higher resolution image of each game separately.

The Beatles: Rock Band will release on September 9th on the Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
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Old Apr 22, 2009, 04:24 AM   #16
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Retail Listings Confirm The Beatles: Rock Band 3-Part Harmonies

Looks like the "loose talk" surrounding vocal harmonizing in The Beatles: Rock Band is spot on, according to retailer listings forwarded to Kotaku. According to retail game descriptions, the game supports three part harmonies.

That means support for three microphones at once, a new addition to the established Rock Band vocal gameplay style. Good thing the "limited edition" premium bundle comes standard with a mic stand. Now all you'll need are two more, plus a beefy USB hub to support all those inputs.

The official description, as forwarded to us, defines The Beatles: Rock Band as...

The Beatles: Rock Band is the music game experience that allows players to follow the legendary career of The Beatles from Liverpool, to Shea Stadium to Abbey Road. Featuring the ability to play drums, lead guitar, bass guitar or sing three part harmony with up to three microphones, The Beatles: Rock Band will focus on authentically recreating the feeling of performing The Beatles music on stage and in the studio.

We've contacted representatives from MTV Games to confirm the news, but have not yet heard back on the matter.
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Old Apr 22, 2009, 04:29 AM   #17
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Looks Like Beatles Rock Band Footage From Here ... [Update]

At 1:30 or so of this clip, what looks like footage from The Beatles: Rock Band goes up on the screen behind Sir Paul McCartney, performing at Coachella on Friday.

The clip is 9 minutes long, but of the ones circulating out there, it offers the longest and clearest look at Rock Band's animations. Which it has to be, the face texturing and the cuts have that RB feel.

Update: This has been confirmed on McCartney's Web site:

it was a night of firsts and was the unexpected, unannounced world premiere of the images from the coming Beatle Rock Band game

Destructoid was tipped to another clip here, which is shorter, but is of the same set - "Got to Get You Into My Life." Tons (sigh tonnes) of people have camcorders up in the air filming the screen, making this, what, a GDC presentation or something?

You know, if this game doesn't have unlockable Pete Best and Yoko ... oh forget it, like it ever would ...

Paul McCartney Coachella 2009 Front and Center 1st Beatles Rockband Footage [YouTube, thanks Adam K. Lee N. and Nick C.]
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Old Apr 22, 2009, 04:46 AM   #18
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does anybody know if the Ps3 can also work for PS2?? I bought rock band recently & I really look forward to the game but I don't have a PS3.
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Old Apr 22, 2009, 06:10 AM   #19
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I have an XBOX 360 so I'll be getting this. But, I already have Rockband and instruments for it so I don't know if I should get the instruments for the Beatles Rockband since that will be like $300. I think I might just get the game for $60 and 2 new microphones for the harmonies. The remasters come out that day too so that's another reason I can't spend the 200 bucks. I want those remasters badly!!

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Partial Track List for The Beatles Rock Band Coming

Harmonix is still hoping to build up more hype around The Beatles: Rock Band by not revealing the complete tracklist for the game until very close to the actual release date, which is set for September 9.

Some hoped that a complete reveal might come as close as the E3 trade show, which takes place next month, but those hopes were crushed by the community manager of the company.

Alex Navarro spoke to Eurogamer and revealed that “You're looking at E3. It's not going to be the full tracklist that we announce, but we'll have some info at that point. We're gonna tease it a little bit.” So, expect to hear some self evident truths, like the fact that we will be able to play tracks such as “Let it be” or “Hey Jude,” which are essential to experiencing the music of The Beatles.

The most recent rumor related to the new Rock Band game is that Harmonix plans to offer back up microphone support, which should enable three players to provide vocal harmonies for some tracks. Navarro did not say whether the rumors were true or not - “Can't talk about that right now!” This can be taken in two ways: either the feature is there and Harmonix will unveil it later or the feature will not be introduced and the developer is not ready to let potential players down.

There have also been speculations related to the use of the fresh, remastered versions of The Beatles tracks, which will arrive on sales via the One package. It would make sense to use the higher quality tracks for the game but nothing is clear at the moment. There's enough time until September 9 for the developer to talk about The Beatles: Rock Band.
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