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Default George Harrison Mystery Book Report

Here is an interesting Press Story from England, concerning a book George Harrison liked and may have helped to write.

Beatle Fans Search to Unlock Reality

George Harrison Press Story

Added: (Fri May 12 2006)

The saga of the Unlock Reality manuscript took an interesting twist this week when reports from a Jack Landon Lane had former Beatle George Harrison reading a fairytale from the book in 1990.

Mr Lane who claims to have been working at George's home, Friar Park, Henley on Thames, has posted messages on Beatle forums to try and confirm the identity of a book it is claimed Harrison said would be bigger than the Beatles.

Here is what Mr Lane says:

"I think I may have some interesting information possibly connected
with this book Unlock Reality everyone is talking about, which needs confirmation.

During the summer 1976, I was working with a band called Badfinger,
who were being mentored by George Harrison, and were staying in a
house on the grounds of Friar Park at Henley-On-Thames where George
lived. It was one of the hottest summers on record.

On one particular day a gentleman visited him. I cannot remember
exactly how long their meeting lasted for, but everything else was
put on hold for the time being. When it ended, I was curious enough
to ask George what it was all about. He just laughed and replied
something about, “having his brains picked for wisdom”.

I didn't give it much thought until about 1990, some 14 years later,
on another visit to see George, I found him deeply engrossed in a
document which was bound in plastic. Incidentally, I ought to mention
that it did not visually resemble what I have read of the
Bookcrossing Unlock Reality manuscripts. Rather, the size was about
half an A4, approximately one inch thick, with a grey cover that had
been hand-decorated with those coloured adhesive dots you can buy. I
do not recall any name on the cover, although there may have been.

George was obviously enjoying this enough to almost miss my arrival.
Being curious as I sometimes am, I asked what it was. He said it was
a spiritual book. Being well aware of George’s involvement with the
Hare Krishna, I asked if it was from them. He said no, "this is what
happens when you let someone pick your brains for wisdom". Not saying
anything, my mind instantly went back to when George had said these
exact words to me some 14 years before. Anyone who has had dealings
with a mega famous person will know, you tend to remember in detail
what they say, while they probably forget it the moment it is said.

Anyway, he flipped through the pages and read aloud a passage
explaining there was no specific club or religion that was connected
to the work. The exact words escape me, but I do recall that this did
impress George.

Then he read me a little story from it, which involved a Prince and
an Archer. I thought it so ‘cute’ that I have actually told it to
my children. However, just in case it transpires that George was
reading from Unlock Reality, I must be careful not to break the
‘tradition’, which I gather is to refrain from disclosing the
book's contents. I think I can say though that it was a lovely sort
of fairy-tale, and I'll never forget the moral of it.

I asked George if I could borrow the little book and he said sorry
no, and explained this was one of just five copies, which existed in
the world. I said something about how five copies would mean it would
have a very limited readership. He laughed and said, “when this
comes out, it will be bigger than the Beatles".

Since then, I have naturally been keeping an eye out, and this Unlock
Reality book sounds as though it might be the same book that George
so carefully replaced on his bookcase, especially considering what is
being said about it. Without giving anything away, can someone who
has read it tell me please? Does it include a fairy-tale story
involving a Prince and a young Archer? I would dearly love to know."

Some readers of the text, which is currently being passed from hand to hand, have confirmed that the chracters Mr Lane mentions, are in fact part of the story.

This has prompted a search by Beatle fans which includes a special request being made to the Harrison Estate in a bid to locate the actual text in question, which some suspect may still be part of George's library.
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Welcome to Beatlelinks, Robin. Since this is a press release, I think it would fit best in Beatles for Sale. I'll move it there.
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Whatever you feel is best. It is just a story I first heard on the radio in London. I've tried to buy the book but it is not for sale anywhere.

Good forum you have here. The more I read the more I like. Much Respect to you.
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