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Default The Adventures of Dr. Winston O'Boogie Pre-Sale!

Hey guys! My new book about John Lennon is due out May 1 entitled...

The Adventures of Dr. Winston O'Boogie and His Amazing Friends!

The Unauthorized True Story Behind John Lennon's Death

You can check out the website at....

or read about it below. thanks... Danny Carlson

For the first time the true motives of the Real Killer who financed John Lennon’s Murder that was orchestrated and carried out with the help of organized crime is exposed!

Dr. Winston O’Boogie is a supernatural memoir that brings to life the untold true story behind a young fan’s quest to meet John Lennon, leader of the most famous Rock and Roll band in the world the Beatles. But instead was unknowingly introduced to a disguised John Lennon posing as Winston or Dr. Winston O’Boogie a 1970’s radical complete with his new band of counter culture rebels called the Yippies.

All during a failed Beatles reunion concert originally planned to be held during the 1979 May Day Smoke-In at Washington Square Park. Then follow along as the Author quickly hits it off with Winston as he’s brought into John Lennon’s inner circle and meets his famous friends and ex-partners. All the while as he’s slowly becoming like a son and a personal muse to Lennon. Then discover how for the next eighteen months the young Author unknowingly witnessed first hand the final events leading towards Lennon’s tragic planned assassination.

Dr. Winston O’Boogie is a multi-media 740 page book included with a FREE companion CD, that includes hundreds of newly released and previous declassified FBI and INS files that help take the reader behind the scenes of John Lennon’s secret radical lifestyle. For the first time the Author explains the true motives and exposes the real murderer who financed John Lennon’s assassination that was planned and carried out with the help of organized crime. Plus also divulges how the young Author was also threatened with his own murder if he didn’t keep quite about what he knew and witnessed... until now!

“I was looking for John Lennon the Rock Star as a kid, but he wasn’t there? Dr. Winston O’Boogie the radical was. As a teenager, you look at celebrities in a whole different light than when you you’re an adult and that’s what’s so good about my book. It’s a coming-of-age story witnessed through the eyes of a teenager but now finally told by a 48-year old looking back on what happened in a narrative style.”

Your first print copy will be personally numbered and autographed by the Author and is available for pre-sale
website via paypal purchase for a scheduled May 1st, 2013 ship date.

Many new facts unknown that are finally revealed to the world in “Dr. Winston O’Boogie®,” including:

• John Lennon’s marriage arrangements to Yoko Ono including their financial agreements.

• John Lennon’s many lovers, his drug use and his continued crusade of marijuana activism to his death.

• The real story behind the Beatles White albums secret backwards message “turn me on dead man”.

• The Beatles last failed attempts of reuniting and the problems blocking their reunion.

• Plans for the formation of John Lennon’s last super group, which included musicians Jimmy Page and Cheap Trick.

• How John Lennon purchased High Times Magazine from the Magazines founder Tom Forcade and till this day is still owned by Yoko Ono under the guise
of a trust.

• How the author was introduced to Tom Forcade months after he faked his death because the FBI was following him an unknown fact that the World still
believes to this day.

• How Joey Ramone or Jeffery Hyman lead singer of the Ramones was secretly born as part of a Siamese twin.

Plus the author Danny Carlson also divulges the true story behind this musical genius’s murder that has also never been told to the world before, until now in Dr. Winston O’ Boogie®.

Musicians mentioned and quoted includes, John Lennon or Dr. Winston O’Boogie, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Star of the Beatles, Yoko Ono, Jackie Lennon John Lennon’s Youngest Sister, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Rolling Stones musicians Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Ronnie Wood, Led Zeppelin members Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bohan and John Paul Jones, David Bowie, Elton John, Phil Spector, Members of Kiss, Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley, The Ramones Joey, Johnny, Marky and Dee Dee, Tiny Tim, As well as Film maker D.A. Pennebaker, Actor Peter Boyle, Academy Award winning Director Martin Scorsese, Journalist Geraldo Rivera, World Champion Prizefighter Rocky Graziano, Golden Age of Hollywood Actress Greta Garbo, Counterculture Yippie Icons Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Ruben, AJ Weberman, and Tom Forcade, Publisher of High times Magazine, Comic Book Legends Steve Ditko, true creator of Spider-man, John Romita Sr. Past Marvel Comics Art Director and significant Spider-man Artist and Harvey Kurtzman EC Comics past Editor all are quoted and make appearances in this historical book.

The author Danny Carlson was posthumously honored when he was made the Last 5th Beatle and also won John Lennon’s greatest fan contest.
Dr. Winston O’Boogie will finally prove to the world what really happened to this talented musical genius... John Lennon. Including how he also wore a disguise in public for privacy and out of fear of being deported because of his counter culture activities, as he assumed a secret identity alter ego named... Dr. Winston O’Boogie.

Offered directly from the Author and available for the first time.
The real life true story that no major american literary agency had the courage to represent.
Reserve your copy now of ... Dr. Winston O’Boogie® The Unauthorized True Story.
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