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instant karla
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Default Did the Beatles like football: the official verdict,00.html

Did the Beatles like football: the official verdict

Barry Glendenning, Sean Ingle and James Dart
Wednesday August 16, 2006
Guardian Unlimited

Let it be? Not if we can work it out, we won't. Many moons ago, it all kicked off in the Knowledge over whether or not any of the Beatles were football fans. Furthermore, legions of readers wanted to know in particular whether they were Everton or Liverpool fans, or steered a wide berth of this touchy subject for fear of alienating fans. After much bickering, it was finally established that nobody seemed sure whether Paul and John were Reds or Blues, while it seemed that if George and Ringo had any interest whatsoever in football, they hid it well. Thankfully, author and chronicler of all things Scouse, Andy Thompson, has finally emerged from the woodwork and claims to have the definitive answer.

"I'm three years late, but I'm replying to the question 'Did the Beatles like football?' which appeared on December 11 2003" he says. "I interviewed Ringo a couple of years ago for a book on Liverpool FC - only to find he was an Arsenal fan! His stepfather was from London apparently and would take Starkey Jr to Anfield or Goodison whenever the Gunners were in town. Having said that, he's pretty knowledgeable on the Reds these days and both his sons have season tickets at Anfield.
"Paul was (and maybe still is) definitely an Evertonian, as was his dad. He attended the 1968 FA Cup final - there is a photo of him outside Wembley. His brother Mike is a massive Red - and part of his band The Scaffold's promo film for Thank You Very Much was filmed in front of a packed Spion Kop at his behest (fellow band member Roger McGough, a Blue, refused to attend and is missing from the clip). George and John were not keen football fans, although George's son Dhani is a big Liverpool fan. But the biggest fan of all the Beatles' extended family is Neil Aspinall, the former Beatles road manager who attended Anfield regularly before the band left Liverpool for London and has attended games when possible ever since."

So now you know. Let this be an end to the matter ... unless you know better, of course.
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Originally Posted by instant karla
... John were not keen football fans...
That's kinda surprising; I always thought that he liked football, especially because of the cover of Walls & Bridges, and someone shouting "It's a goal!", at the end of the Anthology Glass Onion version.
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I know for a fact that Ringo likes American football...Mark Hudson talked about it last weekend at the 'fest.
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