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El Gos Coix
Wild Honey Pie
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Originally Posted by Lefty Bass View Post
Brice violin bass(LH)the black “Hofner”
Danelectro Longhorn bass the Dano
Danelectro Longhorn bass the blue Dano
Davison Hollowbody bass(LH)the lefty hollowbody
Dean Pace electric upright the upright
Douglas EB-2 bass the black hollowbody
Eastwood EEB-1 bass(LH)Danko
Epiphone EB-O bass(LH)The Fly
Epiphone Flying V bass the V
Epiphone Rivoli bass the Rivoli
Fender Jazz Bass(LH) the white Jazz
Fender Jazz Bass(LH) the blue Jazz
Fender Jazz Bass(LH) the sunburst Jazz
Fender Jazz Bass FSR(LH) the natural-finish Jazz
Fender P-Bass(LH) the P-bass
Gibson EB-2 bass(Stereo) the Gibson
Gretsch Synchromatic BassVI(modded to LH) 6-string bass the Gretsch 6
Hamer B12S 12-string bass the 12
Hofner 500/1 V63 reissue Beatle Bass(LH) the Hofner
Ibanez ASB140 bass the big Ibanez
Ibanez GSR200L bass(LH) the red Ibanez
Ibanez Jazz Bass(LH) the psychedelic one
Jerry Jones Longhorn Bass the Longhorn
Jerry Jones Longhorn BassVI 6-string bass the Longhorn 6
Kona acoustic bass guitar the acoustic
Peavey Millennium BXP bass(LH) the Peavey
Phantom "Nigel Special" bass(LH) the Nigel Phantom
Phantom BW Teardrop Hollowbody Bass the teardrop
Rickenbacker 4001CS bass(LH) the Chris Squire Ric
Rickenbacker 4001S bass(LH) the Eggmen Ric
Rickenbacker 4003 bass(LH) the red Ric
Squier P-Bass Special(LH) the Squier
Steinberger L2 bass(Previously Owned by Dee Murray) Dee’s bass
SX Jazz Bass(LH) the Abbey Road bass
SX Jazz Bass-Fretless(LH) the fretless
SX P-Bass(LH) the Roger Waters bass
SX P-Bass short-scale(LH) the SX Mustang
SX P/J-Bass(LH) the Pompeii bass
SX Scorpion Bass(LH) the Scorpion
Yamaha BB300(LH) the red Yamaha
Yamaha BB614L bass(LH) the black Yamaha
I do want to see a pic of all those bass guitars! I cannot imagine that superabundance! Since most of them are left-handed models, I want to assume you're left-handed. Do you use the few right-handed models? Do you play them right-handed, or are they adapted?
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