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Default The Capitol Record Albums !!!

I was reading an interesting article about the story of the Capitol Record albums released in the States and why they differ from the British it started when I want to hold your hand topped the U.S. charts and at the time when With The Beatles was charting the British charts Capitol records decided to release a similiar version in the U.S. called Meet The Beatles ,adding I want to hold your hand and the B side I saw her standing there on the album which I want to hold your hand was only on a single in Britian !! Capitol also decided to have only 11 to 12 songs on an album because of them paying royaltys for each song so 11 to 12 songs instead of 14 or 15 like the British albums would keep the cost down so the remaining of the With the Beatles along with some E.P. songs off of British tracks made enough room to release another album quickly The Beatles Second Album !!When Meet the beatles was released V.J. who was the first label in America to release Beatle material on the album Introducing the Beatles earlier in the year and the album failed to sell, now decided to re release the album this time ommitting Love me Do and P.S. I Love you with Please please Me and Ask Me why now that the Beatles were a hot item Capitol tried to legally stop them from releasing it but a Judge allowed V. J. to release the album . In 1965 though Capitol did finally were given the rights to the songs off of Introducing The Beatles and releasing the album The Early Beatles , but then again left off 3 songs Misery , From me to you and Theres a place to make The album with 12 songs. In fact the Early Beatles was the least selling Beatles album in America only charting at 45 on the Billboard Charts and not going Gold until 1977 probably because Beatle fans bought the Import Please Please Me and the V. J album?Then in 1966 Capitol still had eight Beatles songs left 2 from the British album Help , Act Naturally and Yesterday , four from Rubber Soul ,Drive my Car , What goes on , If I Needed Someone , and Nowhere man plus the single Day Tripper and We Can work it out so again Capitol requested to E.M.I to get three new songs so they could release another album right away so E.M.I. gave them three songs that were just recorded on there so to be released Album Relvolver , Im Only Sleeping ,Dr Roberts and And your bird can sing !! Many believed that this outraged John Lennon because these three songs of Johns were going to be released on Capitols New Album Yesterday and today a few months before the Revolver album so John made a comment the Capitol Butchered The Beatles Album this is why maybe the Original Album was The Beatles dressed like Butchers . So in 1967 when Sgt. Pepper was released John Lennon made sure that the Album and future albums by the Beatles were released exactly the same as the British Albums , although the Magical Mystery tour was made into an Album in America instead of EP like the British or Capitol released The Beatles Again ( later re titled Hey Jude Album )


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Default Re: The Capitol Record Albums !!!

A few things I found that are IMO incorrect:

1) The 11 or 12 songs per album due to royalties is correct,but it was not Capitol who imposed it,as all US LPs irregardless of label did that. It was ASCAP and BMI (the publishers and broadcasters groups) who decided o split the ryalties no less the 8.5% (12 songs) or more than 10% (10 songs) per LP,whereas Britain had it out of a pot and the publisher got (say for NS on BFS) 8/14 of the pot.

2) The VJ album went off the market in October 1964 by the court order.
The Early Beatles did not "go gold" until 1974 because Capitol had never submitted it for a Gold Record Award until then. (They have never submitted the Ticket To Ride 45 either).

3)The Butcher Photo was never intended as a record sleeve,but was to be a photo montage by Robert Whitaker,and somehow Capitol got a hold of the picture. Nothing of a commentary about Capitol.


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Default Re: The Capitol Record Albums !!!

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Tahoma, Arial, Sans-Serif">Quote:</font><HR>Originally Posted By Tim:
The Butcher Photo was never intended as a record sleeve,but was to be a photo montage by Robert Whitaker,and somehow Capitol got a hold of the picture. Nothing of a commentary about Capitol.


I'm afraid that I'm going to have to disagree here. The photo session came about because the Beatles were bored at doing 'another Beatles thing' and so Bob Whittaker decided to make the shoot interesting with a couple of controversial props. I don't think it was ever intended as a possible album cover - just a boredom reliever.

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Default Re: The Capitol Record Albums !!!

Thanks for the info everyone!

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