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Default Paul and Linda play Part 4

Act- Linda, Heather and Hate February 1969
ScŤne 1
(Heather is just about to ask to go outside and Linda has to tell her no and why.)(Linda is lying on the sofa and Heather walks in.)
Heather: Mommy, can I go outside?
Linda: Not right now Heather, maybe later.
H:(Whining) Why not mommy?
L: Because of all of those people outside.
H: Why are they there? Why do they yell at you?
L: Because Iím here. They hate me because Iím staying with Paul.
H: Whatís hate?
L: Hate is when you donít like something. Like when you say ďI donít like this foodĒ and then you throw it down.
H: Oh, do they hate me too?
L: No baby! And what they think doesnít matter because I love you. (Linda brings Heather close to her and gives her a hug.) (Linda lies back down on the couch and sighs.)
H: Are you ok mommy?
L: Yeah Iím alright. Why donít you go play with your blocks. OK?
(Heather leaves)
L: (Thinking) If you only knew, this has been a whirlwind last few months, Iím here living with a Beatle and I donít know if itís permanent or not and then because of that Iím hated and seen as an American divorcee with a child and even worse. Iíve got a daughter that is hated just because sheís here and she canít go anywhere with out an escort because of those Apple Scruffs and to top it all off, this relation which Iím not even sure will last has got me three months pregnant. What a fine mess Iíve gotten myself in.
(Heather returns with her blocks and starts to build a tower. It falls and she starts to rebuild.)
H: Will you play with me?
L: Sure what do you want me to do?
H: BUILD!!! (Laughs)
L: Ok.
(The two continue to build blocks.)
(Doorbell rings)
L: Stay here Heather, Iím gonna go see who that is.
ScŤne Two
(Linda gets up and walks over to the front room and the door. She looks in the peek hole and unlocks the door. Paul walks in with flowers and kisses Linda.)
P: Hello baby. These are for you. (Paul presents her with a bouquet of flowers.)
L: Oh, theyíre beautiful. Iíve got dinner ready in the kitchen.
L: (Calling into the room where Heather is) Dinner is ready Heather, come eat!
(Heather appears and they all go into the kitchen. Heather and Paul sit down while Linda starts to dish up macaroni and cheese.) (Paul takes a bite.)
P: Yum, this is great Lin.
L: Thanks. Careful Heather itís hot.
(The family finishes dinner and Paul and Linda start to clean the kitchen.)
L: Heather, itís time for bed.
H: (Whining again) No, I donít want to.
L: Now Heather, come on.
(Heather and Linda walk away while Paul finishes in the kitchen.)
(Linda returns)
P: So how was your day?
L: Tiring, long and difficult. Yours?
P: About the same, these recording sessions are awful. Weíre not the Beatles anymore but John and his band, George and his band, me and my band and Ringo and his band.
L: Aww
P: Then John has that bed in there for Yoko and theyíre always off in a corner whispering.
(Paul and Linda start to walk off towards the bedroom.)
ScŤne 3
L: I promised Heather that youíd come in a read her a bedtime story, she said that she wanted the teddy bear picnic one again.
P: Ok.
(Paul exits to Heathers room)
P: Ok Heather whereís the book?
H:(Excited) Right here! (Showing the book)
P: OK here we go.
(Paul reads book making the different voices.)(Heather giggles)
P: Ok squirt, time for bed.
(Heather climbs under the covers and reaches up to hug Paul.) (Paul tucks her in and then leaves.)
P: Goodnight Heather.
H: Night-night
(Paul leaves, closing the door slightly and turning off the light.)
ScŤne 4
(Paul enters the bedroom where Linda is already lying down, changed into her pajamas.)
(Paul turns on the television and gets into bed next to Linda.)
T.V.: Now breaking news, will Beatle Paul marry his American divorcee and will Beatle John marry his Japanese divorcee?
P: Oh gee, here we go again.
L: Leave it, I want to see what other bogus stuff they can come up with.
P: As you wish.
T.V.: John and Yoko have officially made their love clear. John Lennon has divorced his wife Cynthia Powell. We here at the BBC believe that Yoko Ono needs to go back home to Japan. Moving on to Paul and his new girlfriend Linda Eastman. Linda is a part of the Eastman-Kodak family. This American divorcee already has a child. Does she think that sheís good enough for our hard-working English Paul? Who does she think she is?
L: Ok, you can turn it off now, thatís enough.
P: Iíll go down to the BBC and box their ears for you. (Laughs)
L: (Smiles) No thatís alright. It just adds to my problems. Today I had to explain to Heather why all of those Apple Scruffs hate me and then I had to explain hate and then she wanted to know if they hated her too because she lived here. I had to lie to her. They really wish that both of us were dead, or at least never born.
P: But all of thatís irrelevant because I love you. (Kiss)
(Paul turns back on the T.V. and they watch for a while, holding hands.)
(Crying is heard from Heatherís bedroom)
L: Is that Heather?
P: Iím not sure.
L: Iím gonna go check.
(Linda gets up and goes into Heatherís room where Heather is crying still kind of asleep.)
L: You ok?
H: Iím scared.
L: Whatís the matter, did you have a bad dream?
(Heather nods her head.)
L: Do you wanna come sleep with mommy for a while?
(Heather nods her head again)
L: Come on.
(Linda picks Heather up and they walk into the master bedroom again.)
L: Paul, Heather had a bad dream. She is gonna sleep in here for a while.
P: All right, are you OK Heather?
H: Uh huh.
(Linda sets Heather on the bed and scoots her over. Linda lies down again with Heather in the middle.) (Paul turns off the lamp on the night table.)

It Takes one to know one ~Linda McCartney
Listen to her daddy's song, making love is wrong~ Back Seat of My Car
Venus and Mars are alright tonight!!!
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Default Re: Paul and Linda play Part 4

Hello MaccaGirl!

I just read your play, and I found it quite interesting. So interesting, in fact, that I came out of lurkerdom to register and tell you so!

I'm a little confused about something, though. In Act Three, you imply that Paul and Linda are already married when they visit Linda's dad, but in Act Four, they're not. Was the bit in Act Three a mistake, or did I misinterpret it?

Anyway, I liked it, so write on!



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Default Re: Paul and Linda play Part 4

Welcome to Beatlelinks, SF4-EVER/Sandra. You'll really like visiting and posting here.

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Default Re: Paul and Linda play Part 4

Thanks to both of you, KatMan and Nowhere Man, for the welcome!


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