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Default The story behind 'Her Majesty'

The song 'Her Majesty' was originally going to be placed in the final medley on Abbey Road. It was originally going to be placed between Mean Mr. Mustard and Polythene Pam (which is why the final note is missing. It was embedded in the beginning of PP). However, when it was felt that it didn't fit it was requested that the song was cut from the mix and destroyed. At the time there was an unwritten policy in EMI that absolutely nothing that had been recorded by the Beatles was to be destroyed, so the tape editor affixed the recording of Her Majesty from the mix and taped it to the end of the reel. However, this clip was not removed when the final tape was sent out to be pressed onto vinyl, and it was only after it had been pressed up and covers designed that it was discovered that this song was still on the album. As it was this song had not been copyrighted and so was completely open to anyone claiming it as their own, or claim royalties from it, and so it was very hastily added to the label and given a full credit.

Before I initially thought that it was a little hidden secret track easter egg, and only discovered recently that it was there purely due to EMIs policy of not destroying anything recorded by the Beatles. If they didn't have that then we would probably never have known about its existence.
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I wonder if anyone has created an edit placing it back in its original position. Can't be too difficult I imagine?
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I have a bootleg CD called Abbey Road Anthology, that has it placed back after Mean Mr. Mustard and before Polythene Pam. When you hear it in it's place there, the missing chord at the end of Her Majesty is no longer missing.
The booters did a decent job of making it look legit using an official Capitol logo and copyright.
All of the photo outtakes are also include in the booklet. It has a 1995 copyright date.
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Yeah, there are bootlegs of alternative takes which put Her Majesty back in her place. I think they re-worded Mean Mr. Mustard to include the name Pam "His sister Pam..." so that it fit in and sounded more connected.
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