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Old Nov 19, 2011, 12:44 PM   #1
Hari's Chick
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Default George's passing: ten years ago, where were you?

We're approaching the 10th anniversary of George's passing. Some of us have shared where we were at the time and how it affected us. As we face remembering on this 10th anniversary, this is a place to share... or share again. Where were you in life, or geogrpahically, mentally, emotionally, when George passed and how did it impact you?

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Old Nov 20, 2011, 08:36 PM   #2
Wild Honey Pie
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I was at home when i got the news..Of course we were all well aware of the situation, but i was hopefull the new treatments George was having and the fact he'd flown to LA was a good move..

I wasnt expecting the news to come when it did, maybe i was in denial

A news bulletin flashed through and i was told of the news..i couldnt believe it. It was about 10.30 at night and raining outside, even though it was summer. I went outside and stood in the pouring rain and cried until i was soaking wet. It seemed fitting and somewhat theraputic.. Think i spend the next day in bed was a bad time like i was losing a family member or best friend..

The new doco especially the last 10-15 minutes brings all these emotions up again and it is more the grieving for oneself and our loss which is maybe somewhat selfish i think that is the emotional response.. George is well looked after and in a good place now, but its still painful for us hes not around physically here with us.

i still cant watch the last part of LITMW without crying..both tears of sadness and of Joy..Olivia's last words are so beautiful and exactly as i'd expect, but its affirming and nice to hear..

Hare Krsna
Team HC: Clyde

"take me to the river, drop me in the water..."
- David Byrne

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Old Nov 21, 2011, 04:11 AM   #3
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I was getting ready for work in the morning and the radio station I used to listen to (which was very eclectic and played solo Beatles frequently) was playing "Wah Wah" when I got out of the shower. I was kinda rockin' out to it while I was getting dressed and after the song ended, they went directly into "Here Comes the Sun" and I thought "Oh NO." Spent the rest of the day at work in a bit of a fog and when the day was done, stayed late and spent a lot of time on the internet, on here, actually, listening and talking with other fans. Sad day.
I go back so far, I'm in front of me...
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Old Nov 21, 2011, 06:42 AM   #4
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I was getting ready for work and had CNN on. Just as I was walking into the room with the news on, I heard "My Sweet Lord." Somehow I knew. Why else would that song be playing on CNN?

What I dreaded was confirmed on the screen. "George Harrison 1943-2001" was displayed in a tragic banner across the screen. The first thing I did was go into the bedroom and put on "I Want to Tell You" on my CD player.

Getting through work was a hard because people I knew were offering condolences. I was afraid I might embarrass myself and actually at work and prayed this would not happen. At the time I had a car with dark windows and I was glad for that because "that way nobody can see in."

*added in* My oldest uncle was visiting that week and came to visit on 11/30/01, the day George's passing was announced to the world at large. That visit was the last time I saw my oldest uncle alive. The first thing he said was to offer his condolences about George. My uncle, who was in such ill health who had so little then and gave so much. It was all I could do to keep dry eyed. *end of edit*

I was at that time fairly new to Beatle Links and was so glad that Beatle Links was available as there were others to talk to about this who "got" it. I also watched the news where people gathered in Central Park and sang Beatle and George Harrison songs.
With a love like that, you know you should be glad, yeah, yeah, yeah!-- Beatles, 1963

If I seem to act unkind, it's only me, it's not my mind. -- George Harrison, 1966

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Old Nov 21, 2011, 07:31 AM   #5
Webmaster Of BeatleLinks
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I found out on the way to work. I always listen to the news (it's LA, gotta find out which freeways are doing what), and I think they started the 6:00 broadcast with "Here Comes The Sun." I knew what had happened in half a second. The announcer didn't need to say anything else, we all knew he was pretty sick, it was obvious.

The strange thing for me was that people called me throughout the day, asking if I heard the news, asking how I felt, etc. Like a lot of people. It was like a close family member died, everybody wanted to see if I was doing ok.
Webmaster - BeatleLinks

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Old Nov 21, 2011, 07:45 AM   #6
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Another person who found out by hearing George's music played on the morning news; for me, it was "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." I still remember my thought process; it was something like, "Oh cool, a Beatles of George's...OH NO!" I was actually in the middle of reading a George biography and had hoped to finish it before he passed, but that wasn't to be.
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Old Nov 21, 2011, 09:03 AM   #7
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SF4-EVER, you wrote a beautiful tribute to George on RS and I was so impressed with that.
With a love like that, you know you should be glad, yeah, yeah, yeah!-- Beatles, 1963

If I seem to act unkind, it's only me, it's not my mind. -- George Harrison, 1966
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Old Nov 21, 2011, 05:44 PM   #8
Hari's Chick
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A day or so before, a friend of mine had called to tell me George had arrived at UCLA medical center. I'd studied heaps- read books upon books from the library, and also read everything there was to read about George's type of cancer and Gil Lederman's methods of treatment. By my best guess, I was convinced George had at least two years, which gave us time for medical advancements and miracles.

But then I felt it the night before. I just knew.

Each morning for months I would check right away online to make sure George was not in the news. But that morning, I knew, and I didn't check for the first time. I was in active denial.

Mom was over, and when I came out of the shower she told me an old friend had called. He was the friend who had told me about UCLA medical center. It was really early, and he never calls.

So I turned on the tv and computer at the same time, my hands were shaking so badly I could barely push the buttons. The news came on with the picture...

I just turned to my Mom, who was crying and very upset. Mom loves George so much, too.

I couldn't say a word and the tears just fell. I called my husband but couldn't say anything. He knew, and said "I'll be right there..." He left work and came home.
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Old Nov 23, 2011, 08:38 AM   #9
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Hari's Chick, what a moving account. You and your mother shared a love for George. That moved me. I'm glad you were not alone.

I had, since May of 2001 been reading the news on line about any updates on George. As you know, the morning of November 30, 2001 the sad news hit the world at large. I heard it on CNN.

I can't say I had any real prescient dreams or instincts, but I am sad to say that as early as May 2001, I found myself thinking that given the severity of George's illness, it was just a question of time. I foolishly thought I was preparing myself. Even so, the news was no less sad and somewhat of a jolt when it hit the world.
With a love like that, you know you should be glad, yeah, yeah, yeah!-- Beatles, 1963

If I seem to act unkind, it's only me, it's not my mind. -- George Harrison, 1966
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Old Nov 23, 2011, 10:45 AM   #10
Miss O'Dell
Dr. Robert
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I was at university in Wales. I'd been checking all the newspapers every day for any news on George, but like CWW above I wasn't really expecting it. I think the seriousness of it had been down played a bit - or at least we knew he was ill, but not that he was so close to dying.

I had had an argument with my housemate and best friend the night before but it was he who came into my room and said something like 'how are you?' and so I said, 'fine, why? What?'

Then I tried to go and edit this film (I was a film student) but I couldn't do it so I just said, 'I'm going!' which confused other work people who didn't know what it was about. Then for the rest of the day the BBC was showing all Beatles stuff so I sat watching that with tissues to hand.

I wish I had just got on the train and gone to Liverpool. I did do the Liverpool pilgrimage a few days later. I'll be in Liverpool for the 10th anniversary too. Can't believe its been that long - it feels like yesterday.
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Old Nov 24, 2011, 03:16 PM   #11
Dr. Robert
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I was a manager of a very quiet health food store and I heard the news as I drove to work that morning. I was stunned. I hadn't heard anything about George's cancer since it was stated he was getting treatment in Switzerland. I had enough friends who were Beatles fans that I hadn't sought them out on the net yet.

I lost someone I cared deeply about and had been very obsessed with at one point and even had the pleasure of meeting in a surprise encounter where I wasn't wearing any clothing. I kept remeniscing about the 80s and early 90s when I was learning about George and Friar park pre internet. I had always wanted to see Friar Park just once. I still do.

I got to work all moody and depressed. I didn't want to take any shenanigans from my head manager or my mentally challenged employees. I just told them that George had died and I had just found out and was very upset and wanted to work alone in the office or a while. (I usually worked in the front of the store where the customers could see me and interact with me).
I was back there taking care of some monthly reports and brooding when the head honchos came in. I heard the head manager mumble something to them and then I heard George's music play on the radio. a local station WCSX (where I am now friends with one of the DJs and he says hello to me on the air) was playing all of George's music all day and the boss turned it on for me.
He came in to tell me that he understood how sad I was and we both talked about how George was taken from us too soon and how frightened I felt when George was assaulted on the last day of 1999.

One thing I was certain of as I listened to George's music for hours and hours that day. I knew he died in the Krishna manner he wanted and wasn't going to be coming back. (That still disturbs me even if it's what he wanted and yes, it is all for selfish reasons).
I made a committment. In witchcraft and my husband's religion of Anthroposophy, we believe the soul of a deceased doesn't leave the earth until the following November 2nd after their death. On Halloween, we light a candle and say a certain prayer to help guide them on their way.
That Halloween I did such for George (and for Linda when she died). He said to me during the ritual, "I never believed in this but I'm glad someone did it for me. Thank you."
I've done a ritual on Halloween for George every Halloween since but I still am haunted by that day.
I couldn't watch concert or GEorge for a long time without crying and turning it off. The movie stirred up my feelings of missing him again.
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Dr. Robert
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I also wanted to mention that my best friend had died just six months prior to George after a long battle with an illness and little resources to get help for it. So, I was still reeling from that.
Also, they say celebrity deaths happen in threes. When George died, the trio was George Harrison, Richard Harris and Johnathon Harris. Weird, huh?
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Old Nov 24, 2011, 05:21 PM   #13
Apple Scruff
Sun King
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I was driving home from undergrad, as I only had one class in the morning. It came on NPR and I was devastated and shocked. I broke down right there, I didn't care. They played "Here Comes The Sun" and "Something" and went on and on. I switched it all off and just tried to recollect for myself all the beautiful memories I had of George and his music and influence in my life. It was absolutely a tragic year, in many ways...or a fairly sad couple of months right then after 9/11. So I was fairly upset and I believe I painted and wrote a ton of stuff. I still have it all somewhere. I loved him SO much, and still do.
"Let me live in you..." ~ John Lennon
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Fool On The Hill
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I was 16 and that meant my dance class and I had to rehearse a little more for the the annual charity dance show my teacher holds (in 2001 the proceeds went to the Red Cross and I think for the people affected by 9/11)

By lunch, I was starving and I bought some Chinese food. Once I finished eating, I felt something didn't agree with me mixed with "Something is wrong. I feel like I'm missing something. Or someone."

I made it through my final classes. I walked home (which I usually did) and the feeling wouldn't go away. Once I got home, I had to study for my algebra test.

After studying, I went online but I got bored so I watched some TV. I don't remember what I watched but I heard "George Harrison has died after a long battle with cancer..." I didn't cry (BTW, I'm not heartless. I deal with loss differently.) but I was in shock.

"My feeling was right. I was missing someone. That someone is my favorite Beatle," I told myself. I printed some pictures of him and made a little shrine to him along with "REST IN PEACE GEORGE!" I created on Word in my room and I brought along with a (scented) candle I took from my mom's room.

My nephew was only 4 and asked me "Are you okay?" and I just had to be honest with him. "No, Justin. George Harrison went to heaven today." I'll never forget what he asked me: "Is George watching us?" I nodded and said "Yup. You, me and his fans."

I really didn't want to go to school but I didn't want to miss dance class. My teachers (all six) asked me if I was okay. Since I feared that they wouldn't care that a Beatle passed away, I just said "Yeah. I just lost someone close to me."

Sadly, ten years later I don't have the shrine anymore. I had to take the pictures out since I had to repaint my room. I wanted to put them back but my mom said no

I wish I had it but I'll remember the shrine forever. I also can't wait for the candlelight memorial in Hollywood on Tuesday. I'll be taking pictures :)
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Hari's Chick
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there is so much love in this thread...

Originally Posted by ThingsGoRound View Post
I wish I had it but I'll remember the shrine forever. I also can't wait for the candlelight memorial in Hollywood on Tuesday. I'll be taking pictures :)
i hope you can post them here... i won't be able to go tomorrow..
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El Gos Coix
Wild Honey Pie
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I was at home when I heard the news. But I cannot even say what day it was. For a long time I've assumed it was on a Saturday, because both I and my sister were at home; earlier that month I had lost my job, but my sister was working at the time, and shouldn't be home on a Friday, so I wonder whether it really was on Saturday 1st December. Did they make it public just after he died? If they did, it must have been on Friday 30th, but I cannot tell. I suppose I could go and look it up in my diary, but I've never bothered.

I was reading an interview with basketball player Pau Gasol, now in the NBA but then in the Spanish league, when my sister came out of the next room, where she was listening to the radio, and she said "Georgie's died". I'll never know why she called him Georgie, when I've never called him that, but of course I immediately knew whom she was talking of. I had been expecting the news for some time. I switched the radio on, and "My Sweet Lord" came out of the speakers. I think they talked about George's death after that, and maybe play another of his songs, but I cannot remember. It didn't last long, though, so I switched the radio off and started listening to my own CDs. I cannot remember much more, except that I had a dinner with the people of the theatre company to whose orchestra I belonged at that time (which points towards a Saturday, too, rather than a Friday), and that I listened to "All Things Must Pass" on the bus (it's a 75-minute ride, so there's plenty of time for listening). I remember I wasn't very talkative at the dinner, to say the least. I think someone commented a Beatle had died. As if I had been able to think of any other thing during the dinner...
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Wild Honey Pie
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It was November 30, 2001, when I read the news online. 18 years old at the time, I went to check my e-mail account during a break at high school and stared at it in disbelief, thinking it couldn't possibly be true. Dazed, I had to go to my history lesson, sat down and waited for the start of the class, all the while thinking, "It can't be true".
My teacher came in and said to the whole class, "Do you know who died yesterday? George Harrison, one of the Beatles." One of the guys in the class replied, "Now there are only two of them left" - something which echoed in my mind for the remainder of the eighty minute lesson. The whole rest of the day took place in something of a fog - I really have no idea how I made it through the class (I sort of took notes on autopilot) or how I got home. It was like I was in a state of shock and I just felt heartbroken.
It took until the following day for it to sink in. Non-fans think it odd - after all, this is a person I've never met. Nevertheless, December 1 was a long, sad day for me, which I spent crying in front of the televison and the computer. The feeling of being heartbroken just grew stronger and every time I saw footage or a picture of George, it set me off again.
The feeling of devastation, despite knowing that "all things must pass" has never gone away; when I saw Paul in concert for the first time in May 2003, he got to the George tribute of playing "Something" and the screens showing pictures of George - and I burst into tears and spent the whole song sobbing. The radio will be on and unexpectedly, a song like "This Is Love" will come on, putting a smile on my face.
George continues to touch me (and I'm sure I'm not the only one) with his music, wit and wisdom... More than ever, his music is a great comfort and I'll miss & remember him.
"The world is a very serious and, at times, very sad place - but at other times it is all such a joke." - George Harrison

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Maia 66
Sun King
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I was busy at work in a school in Hollywood and getting excited thinking about my upcoming weekend in Vegas. Near the end of the day, my friend came in and told me. Of course, I knew he had been sick, but like most of you I had been hoping against hope that he was going to pull through. "Not only is he a Beatle," I thought (as if that gave him superhuman powers or something), "but he's GEORGE."

George has always been special to me because my favorite cousin--who is 15 years older than me and who used to share his Beatles records with my older siblings--looked like him. In 1970, he had a beard exactly like George's, and I was just a wee pup and was so confused. "Is my cousin one of the Beatles?" I used to think.

And then in the '70s, as a pre-teen and teen, I loved all things Indian because of George. I started taking yoga classes at the Y, and then I began to study meditation. (All of that led me later to studying Buddhist philosophy.) I became a vegetarian, and I knew all of the Indian restaurants in the Hollywood area (Paru's was my favorite).

When George married Olivia, I remember thinking, "Why was I born too late? That could have been me, working at Warner Bros." (Later, I used to do temp. secretary jobs at studios and record companies when I was in my late teens.) But I was proud he married a girl from L.A... and a Mexican! How cool!

My weekend in Vegas wasn't a total bummer, but it definitely wasn't what I had been looking forward to... I kept thinking how much of an adult I had become. TWO of the Beatles were gone now... things were going to be very different from that point on.

My sweet George. How I miss you!

All I want is the truth
Just give me some truth...

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the ninth walrus
Old Brown Shoe
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ten years ago
seeing i was 5 i don't really remember were i was
probably playing video games
if i was older then i would have cried
I long haired guys

there's nothing like an afternoon of drinking homemade butter milk and listing to old music.

sǝɯıʇ ʇɐ ǝɟıl

me i'm part Irish

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Wild Honey Pie
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I was in my 1st semester of college. I was asleep when my mom yelled for me to wake up. She told me to turn on the radio and I heard "Do You Want To Know A Secret." I was slightly annoyed that she woke me up to hear them on the radio. Any time I hear them come on the radio, I screech with excitement, but I didn't understand why she'd wake me up only to hear that they were on. I questioned her decision to wake me up and she told me why it was playing. I was STUNNED. Last I heard, he was improving again, so it really was a shock. Needless to say, I suffered the rest of the semester, especially in music appreciation... :|
Peace, Love, & Beatles
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