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Old Jun 09, 2005, 11:28 AM   #1
Apple Scruff
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Post A sudden story (a crazy beatle play)

A sudden story (a crazy beatle play)
"This bird has flown"

I like writing stories, but not in English. So it's completely not my story. Almost every word is a quote. I just got interested, what would happen, if i wrote words as they come to me.

It's 5 o'clock in the morning.
Eleanor Rigby (sitting in the sky with diamond, cloud 9) - My love, you've got to hide your love away. I don't mean to hurt you, but... Leave me alone. I feel so insecure...
Sgt. Pepper (in the same place, opening his eyes) - What goes on? Everybody's got something to hide. All i've got to do is thank you, girl. Wasn't it just a bad dream, number 9 ? Tell me what you see!?
E. - I've just seen a face. It's been Rocky Raccoon! I've seen him standing there. You may say i'm a dreamer, but it seemed so real to me... We said our goodbyes one year before. He threatened, he would rather see me dead.
P. - Oh, darling! I know, what it's like to be dead. Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream. It is not dying.
E. - But he's nicknamed Bungalow Bill. He's a jealous guy...
P. - THIS guy won't be happy, till he sees you cry. Tell that Rocky, you're not at home. I get high, when i see you...
E. - Try to see it my way! He'll come in through the bathroom window!
P. - You're making me frantic to sail across the Atlantic to get to you! I'll never leave you alone, and he's a fool on the hill. In a couple of years we'll have built a home, sweet home...
E. - How can i go home, if he knows my name. You know, he can look up the number.
P. - That's why i never give you my number and name (and money too). But there's a place, where we can go: № 9, Strawberry Fields, Nowhereland, where we're all came from.
E. - There're places i remember, but THIS one is a hole in the ocean.
P. - Well, there's another place we can be: 909, Penny Lane, Pepperland.
E. - The farther one travels, the less only knows.
P. - I know, but it's getting better! Roll up! You can drive my car.
E. - Where to?
P. - It's in my ears and in my eyes - only two thousand miles over the ocean.
E. - Happiness isn't measured out in miles. I don't know, which way i'm facing.
P. - Well, we'll follow the sun. We'll fly away somewhere...
E. - In the dead of night? I'm frightened of the dark.
P. - I'll try to make it shine. I'll make a fire.
E. - Nothing is real. You gonna lose me. Let me leave.
P. - Tell me why? We can work it out! Life is very short...
E. - I'll never be the same. He'll always be the only guy for me. And life can be long.
P. - So, now it's time to say goodbuy. Let it be. Why wasting time, if we both know?!
E. - I was only waiting for this moment to be free. (gets up and flies away)
P. - A love, that should have lasted years...
The end

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Old Jun 09, 2005, 01:49 PM   #2
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That's very clever!!! I really enjoyed that!!! Well done!!!
So little time, so much to know!

I do believe the Captain's trodden on my parrot!!!!!
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Old Jun 25, 2005, 12:38 PM   #3
Nowhere Man
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Hehe,itīs realy good!
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Old Jun 27, 2005, 09:52 AM   #4
Apple Scruff
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Location: Russia, Syas'stroy
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Thank you!
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Old Jun 27, 2005, 03:57 PM   #5
Mr. Moonlight
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enjoyed reading it!...very good...
Reporter: "The French have not made up their minds about the Beatles. What do you think of them?"
John: "Oh, we like the Beatles. They're gear."

"I'm not the Beatles. I'm me. Paul isn't the Beatles...The Beatles are the Beatles. Separately, they are separate." -John Lennon


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