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Originally Posted by Blackguard View Post
I disagree. Instead of using the Capitol masters for the 2014 box. The 2009 remasters were used to recreate to Capitol mixes. What I mean is this: if a song had a double tracked vocal in England and not in the US, then you hear that song on the new CD with one vocal track.

I played the US mono Vinyl of A Hard Days Night against the CD. I could not tell the mixes apart. The pops on the record were the only clue to the source of the sound. Same thing Yesterday And Today. Play the record against the CD and you will hear the songs the same way. Play a song in the British mix and again in the American mix and you will hear the differences.

The 2009 remasters are not just repackaged for the new box. I think of the new US box as the American mixes resurrected and far less muted. The songs have a little more room to breathe.
Cool, this is the first I've heard of single voice track mentioned Blackguard, but I do know they "do not" sound anything like the Original Capital CD releases of 2004-06 which were based on the Original Capital US Albums.

My suggestion is for people to give those CD's a try!

And of course like the new 2014 set, these too have mono included on each CD.
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