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Old Dec 13, 2013, 08:19 AM   #1
John from Liverpool
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Default London's buffoon mayor..again...

Mayor Wars! Joe Anderson hits back after Boris Johnson's Beatles gaffe
11 Dec 2013 08:46

London Mayor insults Liverpool...again

Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson hit back at Boris Johnson’s claim that The Beatles owed their worldwide fame to London rather than their home city of Liverpool.

The London Mayor’s comments were made in a speech he gave at the London School of Economics (LSE), called “London, the gateway to Britain.”

In it he said: “The greatest band in the world came from Liverpool, but in the end they recorded their stuff in London and it was London that helped propel them around the world.”

His remarks were widely ridiculed on social media with Mayor Anderson joining in on Twitter.

He said: “See Boris or the "Fool on the hill" at it again claiming London made the Beatles nothing to do with the talent or songs of Lennon+McCartney.”

In response to a question about The Beatles he added: “The biggest and best ever pop group who shook the world other Beetles are what inhabit Boris's brain.”

David Bedford, an expert on The Beatles’ Liverpool roots who has written books on the subject, said: “It’s typical nonsense from Boris. Liverpool is the only city that could have created The Beatles and made them what they were.

“If you wanted to say a second city that was important to them you would say it was Hamburg, where they played for hundreds of hours in nightclubs. John Lennon said ‘we were born in Liverpool but we grew up in Hamburg.’

“They had to be in London because that was where the media was centred and happened to be the place where they made their records.”

It is not the first time the Mayor has incurred the wrath of people in Liverpool.

In 2004, before he became Mayor, Boris Johnson had to apologise for comments made in a 2004 Spectator article about Liverpool FC fans involved in the Hillsborough disaster.

He caused outrage on Merseyside when the magazine he edited claimed “drunken fans” had played a part in the disaster.

The same article claimed locals “wallow” in their “victim status”, following the murder of contractor Ken Bigley in Iraq.

The former MP was forced to go to Liverpool by the then Tory party leader, Michael Howard, to apologise in person for the remarks.

But he appeared to have settled his differences with Hillsborough campaigners after the publication last year of the independent report into the disaster, saying the eight million people of the city he runs “stood alongside” the people of Liverpool in their pursuit for justice for the 96 fans who died on April 15, 1989.

The Mayor was invited to address the LSE as part of a series of talks about the future of the United Kingdom. is what the buffoon looks like. He is half Russian and half Turkish and born in New York...inspiring figure isn't he!

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John from Liverpool
Little Child
Join Date: Jul 01, 2013
Posts: 67

Bill Harry, the founder of the UKs first local music paper, Merseybeat, in the early 1960s wrote letters to the over-centralised UK media based in London. He requested they to go to Liverpool and report on the music scene there. He told them that what was happening in New Orleans in the early 1900s with jazz was happening in Liverpool with rock and roll. Of course they ignored him.

The London music scene at the time was appalling with Liverpudlians generally ignoring London looking to the inspirational USA. The massive USA justifiably generally ignored anything that came out of London. Being a massive port, and the port for America, thousands of Liverpool seamen would constantly stream back from the USA with the latest US records, clothes and styles. The small British music industry based in London had nothing to offer - only studio recording facilities, which were far from state of the art. The Beatles found out that they could not get a loud sounding bass as the London based British music industry did not cut the grooves in the vinyl records deep enough, as the Americans did. This curtailed The Beatles sound. The Abbey Rd studios only bought an 8 track tape recorder in the final few years of The Beatles, way after US studios were using 8 track recordings. When they did eventually buy an 8 track recorder they forgot to buy the leads, so left it for months on end too mean to buy the leads. Imagine what Sgt Peppers would have been like using an 8 track. George Harrison was no big fan of London recording facilities, rarely using the drab Abbey Rd studios after The Beatles split. George openly criticised EMI for being mean; EMI even put locks on refrigerator doors.

If cheap and plentiful airline travel had arrived 5 years earlier than it did, you may have found The Beatles and the many Liverpool bands may have chosen New York to record in, not London. The mixed cosmopolitan background Liverpudlians would have felt more culturally at home amongst New Yorkers than anyone from London or the Home counties.

London did nothing artistically to create the root of 1960s British music scene that took over the world, that was mainly down to the Liverpudlians. It is clear it would not have happened without the Liverpudlians. Even the biggest London based band that rolled along with the 1960s British music scene, a Kent band called The Rolling Stones had their first number one hit with a Lennon/McCartney song. Liverpudlians were directly responsible, artistically, for the subsequent expansion and dominance of the British music scene in the world - of which London greatly benefitted financially. London made a lot of money out of Liverpudlians for sure, a point not mentioned by mayor Johnson.

Only Paul McCartney had a house in London. John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison lived outside not wanting to know the rigid class structured stuffy city too much, only using the city for business reasons. They looked to the vibrant USA, where Liverpudlians originally gazed, with the three of them spending a lot of time there.

I live yards from the Abbey Rd studios and see 365 days a year a procession of Beatles fans from all over the world make the pilgrimage - yet it is pushing 45 years since The Beatles last recorded there, the pull of these Liverpudlians is so strong. More visit The Beatles sites in Liverpool than go to Abbey Road. They would go anywhere the studios are, being in London is just incidental. The words The Beatles and Liverpool are synonymous, not The Beatles and London.

Liverpool has had a vibrant music and arts scene for decades attracting many from all over the UK and the world, complete with its own studios and no longer needs London. London was just a vehicle for the Liverpudlians at the time. No more than that.

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John from Liverpool
Little Child
Join Date: Jul 01, 2013
Posts: 67

To be successful on the world stage, The Beatles could have gone to the USA, where Liverpudlians looked to anyhow, not London. In hindsight they probably should have. The USA had superior recording facilities, producers and a vastly larger and more professional record publishing and advertising industry. The whole country was littered with radio stations playing only pop music while the UK had none.

Initially London didn't want to know The Beatles. DECCA turned them down in favour of Brian Poole and the Tremolos. That is how much the out of touch the London music industry recognised talent. Their manager Brian Epstein personally went to all the London based record companies, with tapes in hand, and no one wanted to know. Only when Epstein threatened not to sell EMI records in his shops did they give The Beatles a recording contract to shut him up and keep the record sales. The unknown producer EMI gave The Beatles had little experience in popular music, mainly cutting classical and comedy records. EMI even put them on a small low grade label few had heard of, Parlophone.

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