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Old Oct 25, 2006, 09:10 PM   #1
I am the Paulrus
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Default McCartney to tour to pay for millions in alimony

McCartney to tour to pay for millions in alimony

The Daily Mail

24th October 2006

Even with the best divorce lawyers in the land, Heather Mills is never going to leave Paul McCartney on his uppers.

But it seems Sir Paul - who is worth some £800 million - clearly doesn't feel his financial future is all that secure.

The former Beatle has revealed to friends that he plans to spend half of next year on an extended world tour which could gross as much as £60 million.

Estimates of the share of McCartney's fortune Heather may come away with have ranged from £30 million to as much as £200 million.

"Paul is going on a five-month world tour at the end of next year to get over Heather. But it is also rather a convenient way of recouping the losses he will accrue in the divorce courts", said a friend last night.

As part of the divorce arrangement McCartney is also hoping to take the couple's baby Beatrice on tour with him.

Heather is said to be angered by his decision to tour, not least because the tour will ostensibly be used to promote his new album of chamber music Ecce Cor Meum (Behold My Heart), which he has dedicated to his late wife Linda.

The tour will set off during the last five months of 2007. Sir Paul and his band will head to the States, Japan and Australia and will also do some dates in Europe.

McCartney is understood to have made plans for the new tour only in recent weeks when it became more evident that the split was heading further into acrimony. McCartney only finished his last major tour in October of last year in the US.

A friend of Sir Paul's said: "Paul is going on a five-month world tour at the end of next year to get over Heather. But it is also rather a convenient way of recouping the losses he will make in the divorce courts.

"He'll take in the USA, Australia, Japan and some of Europe as well. He plans to take Beatrice with him for some of the shows, which Heather has agreed to.

"The one thing Paul uses that helps him through the bad times is his music. His tour will put a line under Heather and signify his new start in life."

Speaking publicly of how he felt for the first time since the split in recent weeks, Sir Paul said: "I'm doing fine. I am enjoying music. Itís something I love to do. It's something that sustains me."

He has spoken of how the new album was dedicated to the memory of his beloved wife Linda, who died of breast cancer in 1998.

He said he poured his pain into the new album and used it as a way to overcome his sadness. "It started when Linda was alive. It has a lot of my feelings for her in it," he said.

Since his break-up with Heather in May of this year, Sir Paul has found time to complete the project which proved too painful to complete after Linda's death.

In recent months, Sir Paul has also, say friends, rediscovered his love of live music Asked about the prospect of a new world tour, McCartney's spokesman said: "No comment".

Readers comments:

Glad we fans will see more of Paul. His band is wonderful to hear. If touring and music making are his solace then we are all lucky to be the beneficiaries!
Good luck to Paul. See you soon in Texas.

- Daniel Schein, houston texas

Rock on Macca!

- Keith Patrick, Florida, USA

A lustful fool and his money are soon parted and he never stops worrying about it.

- D.C., houston, texas

I'm there, I haven't missed a tour by Paul yet. This has nothing to do with Mills. He's moved on, but sadly, she can't accept that. You go Paul.

- Tede C, NJ USA

The sun shines again!

- Teresa, Soquel, CA, USA

I am glad he is touring.

- Donna, Atlanta

I'm there, I haven't missed a tour by Paul yet. This has nothing to do with Mills. He's moved on, but sadly, she can't accept that. You go Paul.

- Tede C, NJ, USA

Divorce is a very difficult thing and if touring helps him then I say why not. I support Paul, always have, always will..

- Marie, Jacksonville, Florida USA

I have read some of the Heather Mills/Paul McCartney divorce story. I must say that I support Sir Paul 100%.

- Doug Bartko, Palmer, Alaska, USA

And how does this extended tour fit in with Paul's obligations to his daughter?

- Ian E Robson, Hong Kong

I am absolutely thrilled to learn that Paul is coming back to the States next year. My son and I saw him twice during the 2005 US tour and we will be there again for him. His music means so much to us.

- Karen Arndt, Berkeley, California USA

800 million isn't enough to live on? He has to do a tour to make ends meet? The poor man. If only I had those money problems.

- Faith Allan, Atlantic Highlands, NJ

This sounds just what Paul needs, something to look forward to once the unpleasantness of the divorce proceedings are over.

- Anna, nz

This is something Paul needs to do. He's a musician! and he still has the brightest future ahead of him. I'm sure Heather will be a thing of the past very fast.

- Pedro Bossio, Sunland, CA

Fantasic! I've seen him in concert and he's absolutely wonderful! I will most certainly attend one of his concerts in the States! That's it, Paul! Go back to the fans who love your music!

- Lindsey, USA

Can't think of a better way for a creative musician to begin moving forward with his life after going through such a horribly public divorce. Good for him! I saw him on his last US tour and he was amazingly great . . . hopefully, I'll see him this time too.

- Doreen, Jacksonville,FL USA

I'm glad that Paul is going on tour! I will be first in line for tickets so let me know when he's coming to Southern California!

- Flo Jones, riverside, ca usa

I'm there, I haven't missed a tour by Paul yet. This has nothing to do with Mills. He's moved on, but sadly, she can't accept that. You go Paul.

- Tede C, NJ USA

Recoup the costs of the divorce? This guy already has £800 million!!

- Anon, England

God bless you Paul McCartney. You are loved by the entire world: now, always, and forever. Whatever happens, our deepest prayers are with you.

- Margaret Gwyn Dunham, New York, NY USA

Obviously his fortune is not what it was imagined by his fans. And it is probably even less, as his fans have also diminished.

- Lil, London UK

Paul should strike a deal with Heather. He should tell here that if she is willing to accept, say, £10 million divorce settlement (which is more than enough for anyone to live on), then he will donate £5 million to a Domestic Violence charity that she is so eager to become involved with - then we will see how charitable she really is...

- Vicky, ex-pat, Paris, France

Well done Sir Paul!

- Bob Roberts, worcester, uk

Good on you Paul, keep on doing what you do best.

It must stick in Mills throat that you are dedicating the new album to dear Linda, who must be spinning in her grave at the moment.

- Abi, Shropshire

I really hope he can incude Israel in his tour. Israel is a beautiful and fascinating country to visit and tickets will surely be sold out in an instant. If I can do anything to help, just let me know.

- Tal.S., Israel

Fantastic news - rock on Paul

- Fiona, Devon

I dont know why this idiot didnt make her sign a pre-nup. She should get about half a mill and that's about it. Married to a guy for 6 years and thinks she should get half his money, get out of here!!

- Apostle Woody, bath, USA

I'm hopping mad with Heathers attitude. Good for you Macca, count me in, would love to see you on tour again!!

- Neil, Rugby, England

There's no fool like an old fool.

- Len Black, London UK

How much money does this man need?

- Thai, Manchester

Good on you Paul, but don't earn too much more until the divorce is settled. Her lawyers will only want some of it.

- Kazz, UK

I think it will do him a lot of good to be on the road again - take his mind off things.

- Don, Cheltenham

Heather is 'angry' because he is dedicating his album to his late wife? Who does she expect him to dedicate it to? Her? After all the muck slinging of late, I don't know why she is surprised that he is doing this.

Sir Paul has kept a dignified silence in the face of some pretty appalling allegations from his previously 'devoted' wife. I admire him for putting his daughter first in the midst of all the accusations and I hope the tour goes well.

- Helen, United Kingdom

I saw Wings in The Hague in 1973 when his beloved Linda was being pilloried by the media for being in the band. He was an experience then; I hope to catch him next tour, after all these years. I don't believe he's touring for the money. He has more money than is needed for a lifetime. He's doing his passion. It's his duty to himself.

- Susan Mckevitt, Ottawa, Canada

I think it is brilliant news that Sir Paul will be touring again. He is a wonderful musician and he needs to start again with his life after all this nastiness with Heather. I am really pleased that he is doing something positive about it. I hope and pray that he will find music a real source of comfort and peace after all he has suffered recently. I say good on you, Paul and I hope you will make hundreds of millions, playing to full house every night. You deserve some success and happiness now and you have my full support. Please do not forget that you have lots of loyal fans who will really love you.

- Carolyn King, Tonbridge, Kent, UK

Add your comments:
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Rocky Raccoon
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Glad to see Macca is touring at the end of 2007!
"Wings IV introduced Jimmy McCulloch, a spunky lead guitarist with grit, able to spur Paul on unlike any previous soloist. His debut track, the magnificent single `Junior's Farm', stands as one of Wings' finest emotional and technical releases."
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Old Oct 25, 2006, 10:49 PM   #3
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This whole thing is just so damn sad...with a little luck, this whole damn mess hopefully will be resolved to their mutual satisfaction. One can only hope.

As for his impending tour, Paul, please play in my city!
With a love like that, you know you should be glad, yeah, yeah, yeah!-- Beatles, 1963

If I seem to act unkind, it's only me, it's not my mind. -- George Harrison, 1966
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Old Oct 26, 2006, 04:22 AM   #4
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Uh-hunh. Until I see an official press release from Paul, I'm not believing a word of it. Call me a skeptic if you must, but if there actually WAS a tour every time one was rumored, I would have seen him fifty times by now.
I go back so far, I'm in front of me...
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Old Oct 26, 2006, 04:42 AM   #5
Wild Honey Pie
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Originally Posted by Rellevart View Post
Uh-hunh. Until I see an official press release from Paul, I'm not believing a word of it. Call me a skeptic if you must, but if there actually WAS a tour every time one was rumored, I would have seen him fifty times by now.
I agree he never did get back out here after the Bali bombings (despite countless rumors) & he hasn't been to my part of Australia since I was about 3, so I'm not going to hold my breath, I'd turn blue & faint anyway!
living is easy with eyes closed,
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it doesn't matter much to me
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