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Default Tom Petty about the Wilburys

Here is a nice article I picked up from the Petty Message Board.

So George was the Wilbury manager...

“Whither the Wilburys?”
Entertainment Weekly #853 – December 8th, 2005

In searching for a cool song to cover on her upcoming solo album, Jenny Lewis of L.A. indie-pop band Rino Kiley went for one of her mom’s favorite groups. “I wanted to do a Traveling Wilburys song,” she says. “My mother was into it. It was always on in the house and on the radio.” But tracking down the two albums by the boomer-rock super group collaboration between George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Roby Orbison, Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne – was harder than expected. “I couldn’t find them anywhere,” she says. “Finally, a friend got one in a used-record store bin for $1, so I copied his.” Lewis ended up recording a sweet, twangy version of the Wilbury’s “Handle With Care” with Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard and Bright Eyes’ Conor Oberst for her January 2006 album, Rabbit Fur Coat.
So why have both of these critically acclaimed platinum albums – 1988’s Vol. 1 and 1980’s Vol. 3 – gone out of print? “It’s a simple explanation, really,” says Tom Petty. Originally held by Warner Bros., the albums’ rights reverted back to George Harrison (who acted as the group’s manager) in 1995. “George really wanted to do another Wilburys record, with the idea of bringing them all out on CD at once,” say Petty. “But we just never got around to it.” Thankfully, someone finally has. According to Petty, the Harrison estate is working on reissue for sometime in 2006, which would include some unreleased tracks and a DVD of footage that was recorded in the studio. “I guess people live off their brother’s old copy,” he says. “And I think they’d really like some new ones!” – Michael Endelman
"Everyone should have themselves regularly overwhelmed by Nature"
- George Harrison

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To add on top of that a little part of an old Billboard interview

Q: While you were in limbo with MCA over "Full Moon Fever," you went and worked on the Traveling Wilburys' first album, which came out in 1988. Were those two Wilbury albums as much fun to make as they seemed to be?

A: They absolutely were. That was a really good, good place for me to be at that time in my life. I really kind of felt like friends took me in.

The nicest thing about the Wilburys for all of us was that not any one of us had to carry the load. I think it freed us all a great deal. George had wanted a band for a long time; he hated being a solo artist. It was George's dream. And I'm just glad it got to come true for him. We were proud being Wilburys and it was a lot of fun, but the greatest thing to me was there were some really long-lasting friendships made, and that's a kind of gift that you just don't get all the time.
"Everyone should have themselves regularly overwhelmed by Nature"
- George Harrison

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