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Old Nov 24, 2003, 02:54 PM   #1
Sgt. Pepper
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Default "Halbut Returb" (Or...BeatleChick comes back--from the fires!!!)

Hello all!!! Oh---I have missed this place SO much!!!

Where have I been, and why was I away....?

Well....things got a little busy with school and family, so I hadn't able to post all that often for that reason, and then....right before Halloween....


I live in the area that was the hardest hit by the Cedar Fire out here in California. I live in little old Harbison Canyon (that "funky hippy community", as we call ourselves). I have lived in "Harbo" for the passed 18 years. the evacuation warning early in the morning (right in the middle of the Sunday morning Beatles radio show), and left immediatly (we went to my grandfather's and stayed there for a few days). A few days after the fire swept through Harbo, we got news from a neighbor about the status of our home. She said that everything on our street was gone! Totally destoyed! That is...except for our home! It is one of 2 still standing on our street! Just amazing! Especially considering that there are only about 100 homes out of 400 and some, remaining in Harbo. We are so lucky, but the sad thing is that all of my close friends (including the one that let us know that our house was alright) have lost their homes. Just about everything that I have known since the age of 4 is gone! It's really sad. Anyway....we have been very busy helping friends and neighbors out, and working down at the relief center that was set up (by my older brother--who has given all of his time and energy to helping people get what they need and getting outside assistance for our little area--he is one of few--if not the only--person who spends every moment of his time there--day and night--helping out...he's a real hero) in the park just down the street. Things have been so busy (helping people get their lives started up again, trying to deal with everything emotionally ourselves, oh yes--and must not forget having all those politicians "gracing us with their presence" for about a week there) that I just haven't been able to be on the board for a while (please forgive me!) things are settling down a bit, so I can start hanging out here again (yea!!!) So...that is the reason for my LONG absecne! If you guys want to see some photos of "Harbo" (there's also a place to donate on the site, if you wish--but no pressure), there's a website set up:
Check it out! (BTW, the guy in the red shirt and army slacks in many of the photos--such as "food break", and "break time"--those oh so rare breaks he has--is my older brother--who not so long ago got out of the army and came home! Oh, and "burned auto" is right across the street from our house.)

Anyway...that's where I was, but now I've "returbed"!!!! Yea!!!!

Oh--and I'd like to say a big Hello to all who have joined the board during my abscence, and happy birthday to all who had one that I missed!!!!
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