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View Poll Results: John's masterpiece was...
In My Life 18 25.00%
Nowhere Man 2 2.78%
Help! 1 1.39%
A Day In The Life 19 26.39%
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds 1 1.39%
Strawberry Fields Forever 15 20.83%
I Am The Walrus 4 5.56%
All You Need Is Love 1 1.39%
Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) 2 2.78%
Other (Please specify what this other is) 9 12.50%
Voters: 72. You may not vote on this poll


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Old May 27, 2014, 03:18 AM   #61
Paperback Writer
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Originally Posted by Lobo View Post
Man, John's masterpiece with the Beatles and no "And your bird can sing", no "I'm so tired", no "She said, she said", no "Happiness is a warm gun", no "Julia", no "A hard day's night", no "No reply", no "I'm a looser", no "Revolution Nr. 9"?

So it must be "Strawberry fields", but there are too many masterpieces...
Need I mention Don't let me down? Anyway I voted for other-dlmd
All You Need Is Love is probably the warmest John song.
And then would be the proverbial a day In the Life.

Originally Posted by Bexy_Starkey View Post
I chose In My Life - it's so reflective of the calmer and more peaceful person inside John. I do think that A Day in the Life is the Beatles as a whole's masterpiece, but as others have said, it had too much input by Paul - the whole middle section!

Good poll though

peace n love, bexy x x x
Even the part Paul sings (laaaahh.....was written by John

Originally Posted by Lobo View Post
You guys know, that Paul wrote the music for "In my life" right?
So HE says!

cmon,'s pretty easy to distinguish between john anfd paul, and there's no way IN HELL Paul wrote it all.
Originally Posted by sourmilkpinky View Post
Hmmmmmmm....maybe that's why it has gotten so many votes
What do you mean?
Originally Posted by darkhorse View Post
It's actually still in discussion. John claimed that he had written the whole thing, whilst Paul still remembers to have written the tune. I guess we'll never know.
John claimed he wrote essentially the tune, not the whole thing.

Originally Posted by Frightwolf View Post
Wait, I thought John said Paul helped with the middle-eight.
Originally Posted by Cecilia View Post
Yep. But Paul said he wrote it all.
Originally Posted by darkhorse View Post
Well the lyrics are 100% John anyway... and Paul did help in the song, at least in the middle eight. It would be a John/Paul tune then. But then again there are really 'famous' Paul songs that have one or two lines by John... and vice-versa, of course. Now I'm starting to think it's actually appropiate to label the songs as 'Lennon/McCartney' after all.
Originally Posted by Ana_Lennon View Post
All you need is love is an anthem for me
Originally Posted by J.Winston.L View Post
I voted for Strawberry Fields Forever, but man oh man I love In My Life (btw, written by John) and A Day In The Life.
Super hard choice.
Yes, it's written by JOHN!
Originally Posted by TheEggman View Post
A Day In The Life. I've been listening to this song for 25 yrs and it's only just occurred to me what I like about it. It's poignant! It's a closer call with the John songs than Pauls and also this and another contender Tomorrrow never knows have significant contributions from other people inc. the producer and engineer which makes it a bit less credible to call it a 'John song' esp. Tomorrow Never Knows which without the effects and tapes which John was only partially responsible for would be a very unimpressive song. Obviously A Day In The Life had the Paul bit in the middle but the John verses are his finest songwriting moments and in someways maybe it'd have been better without the Paul bit. It's interesting to wonder what might have become of the song without the Paul bit.
I ABSOLUTELY agree. I find the Paul bit annoying. That crecshend is just painfull and unbearable.
Originally Posted by mariposa View Post
"Across the Universe" does it for me.

At the same time, I don't know how anyone could be faulted for choosing "A Day in the Life" or "Strawberry Fields". Both are incredible pieces of work, and in my opinion John Lennon is the only person on Earth who could have written them.
Across The Universe is getting higher and higher on my list, it's no 4 now.

And I couldn't agree more. He's the only person who ever LIVED who could written them.
Get on with it already

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Old Aug 03, 2014, 09:38 PM   #62
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I would rate "Girl" above a few of the choices.......I voted "A day in the life"......In part because Paul claims to have come up with the melody for "In my life"......Even so imagine how shmaltzy it would sound with Paul on vocal......
"A hard days night" should be a choice as well, along with many others........John is the greatest singer/songwriter who ever lived IMO....I don't blame him for jumping off the merry go round.......
John had a lot of master pieces, and they far from ended with the Beatles.....3 of his albums are good enough to be Beatle albums.......

The contributions on Paul songs always deserves mention...."We can work it out" would be a pretty dumb song without Johns part.
Then there's-"I've got a feeling"-"She's leaving home".......

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Old Oct 31, 2014, 05:28 AM   #63
Apple Scruff
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The real answer is they are mostly all masterpieces...but I went with Strawberry Fields
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Old Dec 29, 2014, 11:43 AM   #64
Jim Colyer
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To me, "In My Life" is a better song than "Yesterday."
Jim Colyer & Annie Bushmeyer
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