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Sgt. Pepper
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Default Essays from " John Lennon Signature Box Set " 2010

Don't read this thread if you don't have " The John Lennon Signature box set " yet or have not seen it and don't want to read the Essays in it yet by Yoko,Sean and Julian.These are extremely touching and moving of the love and caring his family has for him.

Yoko Ono Lennon
JOHN IS STILL EVERYWHERE. John is still everywhere. I walk through the park on the week-end, and see many guys pushing strollers. They’re doing it, nonchalantly, as if they have been doing it for two thousand years! But actually, I know that before John pushed Sean through the park in a stroller, no guy wanted to be caught dead doing it. It was an unmanly thing to do. But now, nobody thinks it is anything unusual. “John, are you seeing this?” Yes, I still talk to him in my mind.

SOMETIME IN NEW YORK CITY. That was a big one. When we made that album, nobody liked it. So we didn’t feel good. But when I was invited to Moscow after John’s passing, they were all playing the songs from that album! I wanted so much to let John know that. He would have been so happy. “John, can you believe this? You’re everywhere.”

Going to Abbey Road every day and re-mastering the songs from his individual albums and singles- 121 of them for SIGNATURE- was such a privilege. But on a personal level, it was very hard remembering the days when John was making those songs at home- just on a guitar or on the piano- sometimes in the middle of the night.

I knew it would be difficult, but I decided to do the job because it was John. It was for him. So this was the most important thing I could do this year…to bring his voice to the world.

John’s voice is the voice of truth. It speaks to you and shakes your heart. GIMME SOME TRUTH. How ‘NOW’ is that?

As I listened to his voluminous songs for weeks, I found myself in his brain. I felt his heartbeat. And I smiled at his sense of humor which used to make me laugh.

Listening to his incredible words and music, I kept having the urge to tell John in person how much I still loved and respected him as a fellow songwriter. “John, am I doing right?” I kept asking in the middle of the night when I repeated the day’s work in my mind.

I believe strongly that John wanted his voice to come out for the people and for the world at this moment. We are all feeling the depletion of energy on many levels. Depletion starts in our minds, our spirit and our soul. So wake yourself up, my friends. Listen. Enjoy. Dance with it in your heart. Keep John close to you. He loves you.
Love, Yoko
August 9,2010

Julian Lennon's Essay
It’s hard to believe that it’s nearly 40 years since Dad taught me my first guitar chords and did me the great honour of including my drum playing on the recording of ‘Ya Ya’ for his Walls and Bridges album. (Even if it was only with One drumstick!)

I have always been a great admirer of my father’s ingenious creativity and his stance for Peace. I loved his attitude, his style, and his thinking, which was certainly unique! He was a vast and vital presence; a tremendous talent, a remarkable man with a wonderfully rich imagination who has inspired many since.

Dad’s work has naturally been a tremendous influence on my musical life and his reputation made me even more keen to follow the same path, to make positive change in a World full of injustice, greed & troubled times, in whatever creative way possible. I love and respect him for this and I am really proud of the musical, artistic & humanitarian legacy he has left behind, for Sean, myself & the rest of the World.

Obviously there is great sadness, that we didn’t get to spend more time together. As a child this was impossible to quantify, but one think I remember, is that it was always great to see Dad again. As Dad himself write: “I think it’s been a slow process my feeling like a real father” & that’s also why I believe his song ‘Isolation’ rang so true with me, amongst many others…

I think Dad would be very proud of the fact that Sean and I, through out own creative ventures, continue to live, guided by his light and I feel very blessed that Sean is my brother, my blood.

I strongly believe that for us all, healing comes through love, music and creativity.From his earlier work with The Beatles, to his Solo work…
In My Life, I’ve Loved them All…
Julian Lennon
August 9, 2010

Sean Lennon's Essay
ON DAD I must admit I’ve always been slightly jealous of the world for having had more time with my father than I did. Growing up I can’t remember a day without someone telling me a story about him. There were those who knew him well, but the vast majority had never met him. Everyone spoke as if they knew him, and the fact is they did. My father had touched the lives of an entire planet, had shaped the world around me, and had entered into the deepest and most private parts of the human psyche. He didn’t belong to me, he never did, he belonged to everyone.

My only chance of having a relationship with my father was in becoming a musician. I remember the first time I picked out a tune on the piano. It was either ‘Imagine’ or ‘Yellow Submarine.’ I was six years old and for the first time since his passing it was as if he were there with me again. From that moment on with each new chord I learned, each new instrument I played, eventually each new song I wrote, I felt I was coming closer to him somehow. To this day the only reason I play music is to know him. It’s the only means of connection I have.

In my adolescence, as my musical ability improved, I began to grasp the enormity of what my father had achieved as a composer and lyricist, as well as a cultural and political figure. By the time I was fifteen I had learned virtually every Beatles song, note for note, voice by voice, word for word. Studying his compositions intimately was yet another breakthrough towards knowing him, and his repertoire is now an innate part of my musical vocabulary. Learning the Lennon language has allowed me to hold my father close to me at all time, within my ears, within my head, and within my heart.

I realize what I have said is true for the majority of musicians, and non-musicians today. And now that I’m a little older, I find that my experiences in trying to connect to my father have connected me to the entire world. I am part of a global family that reaches far beyond the materials of flesh and blood. The music he created, and the principals he promoted have permeated the fabric of our society. I am very honored to call John Lennon my father, and gladly share him with both past and future generations.
Sean Lennon
August 9,2010
Life is what happens when your busy making other plans. John Lennon

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