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Old Apr 16, 2003, 01:30 PM   #1
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Default Meet with other Beatle Fans

I received a very intersting email today from There is an organizational database called Meetup, that helps to gather fans who live nearby to meetup with each other. It can be found at It is totally free and no spam or bs will be sent to you. I went in and did a search for Beatles and found that there are 206 Beatle fans signed up already in the database. The group meets the first Tuesday of each month at a location determined by the Host. Unfortunately there were not enough people for the area I live in to do a meetup. But give it a try for yourself! Maybe some of those 206 people live near you! In addition, perhaps there is some other group you would like to meetup with. Well, simply type in the name and see what comes up. I hope everyone can meet some new friends. Sadly, I have only one Beatle pal I email with every now and then, but email can take you only so far. To actually get together with fellow Beatle fans and experience songs, video, stories together is where it is at. I envy those of you who have physical pals to share Beatle stories with and can only hope the future will bring me the same. God Bless and Happy Easter.
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Default Re: Meet with other Beatle Fans

I think Webring is also doing something with Meetup; I've heard about Meetup through them. Haven't actually looked into it, though.

I'm going to move this topic to Come Together; it seems like a more suitable place for it.
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