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Wild Honey Pie
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Default Which Beatles Image Best Represents YOUR username? You in general?

Which Beatles image was the inspiration for or is best represents your username? Let's see it! Crop it, zoom, or post the whole thing and tell us about it.

IF your username does not directly relate to a Beatles photo, then post a different Beatles photo that represents your work here on Beatlelinks. A photo of a special smile? A certain look? An event in Beatles history, etc? Which photo speaks to you and why?

I selected this photo for many reasons....

LMW28IF is the license plate on the Volkswagon famously parked on the left side of the Abbey Road Album cover, as seen here.

John is my favorite Beatle. I'm not a conspiracy theorist - LMW28IF is directly related to the "Paul is Dead" and all that, but I find the theories amusing/entertaining sometimes. Nothing wrong with provoking a few thoughts. The photo is obviously an outtake, the image not used for the album cover... The Beatles are walking the opposite way, from left to right, with John closest to the car this time not George. I'm also a history buff, so picking out outtake photo fits me well. I cropped it, as I am a bit of a photo tinkerer, wallpaper maker, etc. and have started threads on the forum for sharing similar work.

-- If you are not sure how to post a photo, PM me, it's not hard. There are also some tips on how to post photos found on various parts of the forum.
"And they's no ree-shee bobbly blue gee goo...."

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