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Default 279 - October 5

October 5


UK single release: "Love Me Do"/"P.S. I Love You" (Parlophone R 4949).

First radio broadcast of a Beatles record (Radio Luxemburg).


Please Please Me LP number 1, 22nd week (UK Record Retailer).

10:00-12:00am. BBC's "Saturday Club" broadcast (recorded September 7, 1963).

Concert at the Concert Hall, Glasgow.


"Eleanor Rigby", 9th week in the Top 30 (UK Record Retailer).
"Yellow Submarine", 9th week in the Top 30 (UK Record Retailer).

First issue of the "International Times", first British underground newspaper.


"Hey Jude", number 1, 2nd week, 6th week in the Top 30 (US Billboard).
"Hey Jude" number 1, 3rd week (US Cashbox).
"Hey Jude" number 1 (German Media Control Top 100).
"Hey Jude" number 1, 3rd and last week (Irish Singles Chart).
"Hey Jude" number 1, 4th week (Dutch Top 40).

"Hey Jude"/"Revolution" number 1 (Australia Kent Music Report).

"Those were The Days" number 1, 3rd week (French Singles & Airplay Chart Reviews).
"Those Were The Days" number 2, 2nd week (Dutch Top 40).

Trident Studios. 6:00pm-1:00am. Recording: "Savoy Truffle" (overdub onto take 1); "Martha My Dear" (overdub onto take 1). Mono mixing: "Honey Pie" (remix 1, from take 1); "Martha My Dear" (remix 1, from take 1); "Dear Prudence" (remix 1, from take 1). Stereo mixing: "Honey Pie" (remix 1, from take 1); "Martha My Dear" (remix 1, from take 1). Producer: George Martin; Engineer: Barry Sheffield; 2nd Engineer: unknown.


US single release: "Beaucoups Of Blues"/"Coochy Coo" (Apple 2969).

George make a statement to the press on the bootleg copies of the "Concert For Bangla Desh", currently appearing in New York. Plans are set to release the triple-album The Concert For Bangla Desh one month early.

UK album release: McGear (Warner Bros K 56051), by Paul's brother Michael. Paul produces and Wings plays on the backing tracks.

BBC Radio One transmits the "Insight" documentary series, featuring the show "Wings - The Birth Of A Band".

In Holland, Ringo makes a live appearance on the AVRO NED2 program "Voor De Vuist Weg", featuring the promo clip of "You Don't Know Me At All".

Filming ends on "The Rutles" movie.

Paul gives an interview, with DJ Tony Price, on Radio Luxembourg.

In Los Alamos, Paul, Linda and Michael Jackson film the promo video for "Say, Say, Say".


US single release: "Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him"/"It's Alright" (Polydor 881-378-7).

US single release: "No More Lonely Nights" (ballad version)/"No More Lonely Nights" (playout version) (Columbia 38-04581).

In the US, a three-hour program on Paul, produced for the series "Rock Watch", is syndicated across various radio stations.

In the US, as part of the series "Rock Today", a one-hour show on Paul is syndicated across various radio stations.

In London, the Handmade Films production of "Mona Lisa" premieres at the Odeon, Haymarket.


UK album releases:Wild Life (EMI CDM 7 52017 2); Red Rose Speedway (EMI CDM 7 52026 2); McCartney II (EMI CDM 7 52024 2) on CD.

The "Beatle City" exhibition runs at the West End marketplace in Dallas, Texas.

In the US, George records a promo interview on his new album Cloud Nine.

In the US, NBC Radio syndicates the program "Legends Of Rock", featuring the career of John Lennon.

At the NFT (National Film Theatre) in London, a celebration honoring Handmade Films. All of Handmade films are shown from "Monty Python's Meaning Of Life" to the current release, "Track 29".

In the US, NBC TV's morning show "Toady" broadcasts a three-part feature on the film "Imagine: John Lennon".

The first screening of "Imagine: John Lennon" is held at the Paramount Theater in New York.

A pre-recorded interview with Yoko is broadcast on the Channel 4 music series "The Word".

In the UK, BBC Radio Two airs the entire fifth anniversary edition of "Saturday Club", featuring the Beatles' performance on the songs "I Saw Her Standing There", "Memphis, Tennessee", Happy Birthday Saturday Club", "I'll Get You", "She Loves" You" and "Lucille".

George attended Gary Moore's concert at the Royal Albert Hall and joined Moore onstage for the encore.

In the UK, PMI home video releases the compilation "The John Lennon Video Collection".

Celebrations are held in both the UK and US for the 30th anniversary of the Beatles' first single "Love Me Do"/"P.S. I Love You".

UK album release: The Bunbury Tails (Polydor 515784-2), by Barry Gibb. George is featured on the track "Ride Rajbun".

In the "Guardian" newspaper, a letter from Olivia Harrison is published denouncing the claims made by Geoffrey Giuliano. Her letter reads:

"The sight of Geoffrey Giuliano's face is enough to make anyone a recluse. My husband once made the remark: 'That guy knows more about my life than I do'. Mr Giuliano missed the joke and used it to endorse his book. To rate himself as the world's greatest rock'n'roll biographer is nothing but delusion. He has only ever been in the vicinity of my husband for about ten minutes and considers himself an expert. He parades as a spiritual person while condemning the famous, yet without them his achievements in this life wouldn't rate one line in any newspaper. To judge Paul McCartney as 'vacuous and shallow' after all Paul has written and offered to the world is surely the judgement of an arrogant mind, especially as Giuliano's own recognition is not because he is creative, but because, like a starving dog, he scavenges from the heroes, picking up bits of gristle and sinew along the way, repackaging them for consumption by a gullible public. His life is a 'curse' to himself, and perhaps his admitted 300 acid trips by the age of 19 have something to do with it. I'm sick of this guy."
Olivia Harrison (Mrs. George)

Paul performs in concert at H.M. Schleyer-Halle, Stuttgart, Germany ("The New World Tour").

US album releases: The Beatles 1962-1966 and The Beatles 1967-1970 on CD.

The American web site Hollywood & Vine previews four tracks from the upcoming CD box set John Lennon Anthology.

Beatles' fans across the world rushed out to buy copies of the Fab Four's autobiography "Anthology". Stores in Japan and Britain opened at midnight to satisfy demand for the book, the first written by the band members. Publishers said has already attracted more than 1.5m orders worldwide.

UK TV show "Top Of The Pops" issued a Top 40 chart based on singles that had spent the longest time on the UK chart. The Beatles' "She Loves You" came in at #2 and John's "Imagine" ranked #16.

In SoHo, “The Artwork of John Lennon” is presented by Yoko Ono, Bag One Arts and Legacy Productions and will benefit Citymeals-on-Wheels, a nonprofit organization that delivers meals to the homebound elderly. The exhibition features artwork that Lennon created from 1964 to 1980.

In Los Angeles, the exhibition "The Early Beatles Collection," featuring images taken by Astrid Kirchherr, runs at the Leica Gallery. Images include pictures taken during the filming of "A Hard Day's Night" in 1964 for Stern Magazine, as well as some of the images she took of the musicians during their Hamburg, Germany, period in 1960.

The exhibit Linda McCartney retrospective is displayed at the Kunst Haus Wien in Vienna, Austria. The new exhibition is the first comprehensive retrospective of Linda McCartney’s work featuring 190 of her iconic photographs.

Ringo & his All-Starr Band perform in concert at CenturyLink Center, Omaha, NE (2014 Tour).

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