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Default Track listing of new Beatles project!!!

Overture: ''BECAUSE'' -- just the vocal track, with bird effects.

Track 1: ''GET BACK'' -- ending with strings from ''Glass Onion,'' with ''Hello Goodbye'' mixed in

Track 2: ''ELEANOR RIGBY'' -- with a newly structured string intro

Track 3: ''I AM THE WALRUS''


Track 5: ''CAN'T BUY ME LOVE''

Track 6: ''A HARD DAY'S NIGHT''

The introduction from ''Sun King,'' played backwards, leads into

Track 7: ''SOMETHING''

Track 8: ''BEING FOR THE BENEFIT OF MR. KITE'' with laughter and screaming from various sessions, accordion from ''Cry Baby Cry,'' lots of "pissing around'' that was on the masters
Also ''Good Morning Good Morning'' sound effects, laughter from ''Piggies,'' noises from ''I Want You (She's So Heavy)'' and ''Helter Skelter''

Track 9: ''HELP''

Track 10: ''YESTERDAY'' ends with ''Blackbird'' intro into

Track 11: ''GIRL'' with a drone from ''Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,'' a drum roll from ''Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite'' under the chorus, and a guitar figure from ''And I Love Her''

Track 12: ''SHE'S LEAVING HOME''

Track 13: ''STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER'' crescendo at end includes ''Penny Lane,'' ''In My Life,'' ''Piggies,'' ''Hello Goodbye'' all weaving in and out over track
Ringo loved this -- he loves anything where I have his drums up. Paul said, 'I'm pleased, you've been so sensitive to what the Beatles are about.' It's the best job in the world to have license to play around with all these masters.''

Track 14: ''WITHIN YOU WITHOUT YOU'' over the drums from ''Tomorrow Never Knows''

''This was the first thing we did. We played it for them, and they said 'we want more like that!' We had to remind them, 'Fellas, you know that on most songs you did actually change chords!'

George Martin: '' 'Within You' is not the most memorable song, but it's much more interesting with that rhythm.''


For the introduction, the organ is ''chopped up to one note at a time, moved up an octave''

Later, horns from ''Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band''

Track 16: ''OCTOPUS'S GARDEN'' starts with the strings from ''Good Night,'' sung over the drums from ''Lovely Rita,'' break from ''Polythene Pam'' in middle

''Ringo would ask every time, what have you done for 'Octopus?' Because these are the Beatles, they want to be crazy. Ringo said, 'Don't mess about -- if you're going to do it, really do it.' So we wanted to take the weird stuff he did and use it as it was meant to be used. The truth is, eighty percent of the people won't even notice. And hopefully the fans won't be too cross with me for the heresy.''

Track 17: ''LADY MADONNA''

Percussion break in the middle from ''Hey Bulldog,'' Eric Clapton's guitar solo from ''While Guitar Gently Weeps''

Track 18: ''HERE COMES THE SUN''

Vocals from ''Oh Darling,'' tabla from ''Within You Without You,'' bass from ''I Want You (She's So Heavy)''

Track 19: ''COME TOGETHER''

''There really was nothing you could do here. Paul and Ringo listened to this, and they both said, 'We were really good. We remember that day, that session, and how good we were.' ''

Track 20: ''REVOLUTION''

Track 21: ''BACK IN THE U.S.S.R.''


George Martin: ''Dominic liked the simplicity of the solo, acoustic version -- that was almost a demo, it was in a different key. But Olivia (Harrison) was uncomfortable using it like that, she thought it was too small and unfinished.

''So they asked me to write a special score. It was a bit petrifying, actually -- Olivia came to the session and it went very well, she loved it. It's pretty significant -- it's the very last score ever to be written for a Beatles song.''

Track 23:''A DAY IN THE LIFE''

''Again, what can you do with something like this? We found four different versions of the strings. But with something like this, the more we separated the tracks, the worse it became, the less impact it had.''

Track 24: ''HEY JUDE''

''We isolated a bass part that comes late in the song, moved that up and brought it out.''


The More I learn, the Less I know, and what I do is all too much! - George Harrison

Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream - John Lennon

A love like ours could never die, as long as I have you near me - Paul McCartney
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